Have you heard about the secret lives of strippers? Then do you know about the stripper Gigi Maguire?

Presently, Gigi Maguire has become the podcast speaker in the show” Lips Service” by Angela Yee.

Her journey from a stripper in a small club to a great businesswoman is truly inspiring.

We request all the readers to read this completely to know the pain, embarrassment, harassment, fame, and popularity level faced by Gigi Maguire.

Gigi Maguire Profile Summary
NameGigi Maguire
Birth Date23 May 1979
Birth PlacePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Age43 Years Old
HeightFeet & Inches: 5'8''
Centimeter: 172cm
Meter: 1.72m
WeightKilograms: 60kg
Pounds: 132Lbs
Net Worth$4 million
ProfessionPole dancer, Stripper dancer, and podcast host
SchoolMontessori Genesis I School
FatherKenny Dixon Jr.
MotherBenita. Gigi Maguire
SiblingTama and Shanika
Marital StatusUnknown

Who is Gigi Maguire?

Gigi Maguire
source: Instagram

Gigi Maguire is a certified pole dancer, stripper dancer, and podcast host of the Lips Service program.

Her appearance on WETV’s Beyond the Poles season 2 helped her rise to prominence, as she shared the reality of pole dancers and broke stereotypes by sharing her intimate details with the public.

Currently, Gigi Maguire has been cast in the STARZ show P-Valley.

Everyone abandoned Gigi, and she became a mother at 17 to save her life and her daughter’s life. Gigi was forced to take up this job.

Because life matters, right?

Early Childhood of Gigi Maguire

Gigi Maguire was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on May 23, 1979. Thus, Gigi Maguire is 43 years old as of 2022.

Her birth name was Kafi, and her ethnicity is American. And Gigi’s parents’ names are Kenny Dixon Jr. and Benita. Gigi Maguire has two sisters named Tama and Shanika.

She completed her schooling in 1988 at the Montessori Genesis I School in Philadelphia.

Since childhood, Maguire has had a strong interest in dancing, so she opted to do her dance major at the Franklin Learning Center.

At the age of 16, she met her life partner, and at the age of 17, she became a mother. Capri, her daughter, was born in 1996, and her father was brutally murdered when Capri was two years old. However, she was charged with two felonies.

She decided to go to her mother’s house, but they refused to let her in. And Gigi was forced to take an illegal job.

Why did Gigi Maguire go to Jail?

Gigi Maguire had no money to survive; thus, she involved herself in the drug trade. She trafficked 90 grammes of heroin from Jamaica to New York City.

She swallowed those 90 grammes of heroin in small capsules, which was illegal and would attract severe jail charges.

But Gigi had no choice, and she started transporting 12 pounds of drugs weekly. She once got into the hands of the police, and she ended up in jail.

Gigi Maguire went to jail, but police officials saved her by giving her just a small warning. Because at that time, Gigi was just a 19-year-old girl.

And they saved her life; otherwise, she would have ended up in jail for many years.

Gigi Maguire Early Career


At 20, Gigi Maguire began her career, and all she knew was to dance. Thus, her cousin gave her the idea of becoming a stripper dancer.

And her first strip club was “Delilah.” It was a small club where she started her career and danced well.

Many customers like her performance and shower her with more money. However, due to a disagreement with a fellow dancer, Gigi was let go. Yes, she was fired!

Then she worked at a bikini club named “Cheerleaders.” But that strip club didn’t help her to make more money, so she studied some bartending courses and became a bartender.

Even that wasn’t successful. Thus, Gigi Maguire shifted to Atlanta at the age of 25.

Atlanta gave her lots of hope and made her meet some good people. She joined the Magic City Club in Atlanta by winning the club’s amateur contest.

Within a few years, Magic City Club had made her a popular personality, and Gigi Maguire began touring for her performances. She grew in popularity, and Gigi Maguire resigned from her stripper job in 2011.

Recent Works by Gigi Maguire

After Gigi announced her retirement, she started focusing on opening her own business. And it was a pole dance fitness studio in downtown Atlanta.

But Gigi’s boyfriend decided to move back to New York, so she closed her business and returned to New York.

In 2014, Anglea Lee offered an opportunity to Gigi Maguire to co-host her podcast show, Lip Services. The Lip Services podcast invites celebrities, and they talk about their relationships and sex lives.

In 2019, Gigi ended her 11-year relationship and moved back to Atlanta.

Then she got the chance to participate in the Beyond the Pole show. In that show, she shared her stripper dancing journey and her views.

“Gigi’s job is to do the dancing, and in the meantime, they have to stand naked in front of stranger men,” she explained.

But Gigi boldly explained her difficulties to the media because many mistreat strippers as prostitutes. But she added that even pole dancers have their aspirations, and even they deserve a respectful life.

What is Gigi Maguire’s Net Worth?

Gigi Maguire’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million by 2022. They can make money on their stripping job; in an interview, Gigi Maguire shared that one male customer once gave her $90,000 for a strip show!

She is currently active in her podcast shows, and Gigi has her OnlyFans account.

It is an application where people share their most personal and explicit photos, and their fans have to pay to see their photos.

Even Gigi Maguire earns lots of money from that application because she has more fans and followers.

Her annual salary will be around 500,000 USD.

Personal Life of Gigi Maguire

Gigi Maguire is engaged to a music executive, but Gigi has not revealed his name. There is no information about her fiancée.

Before becoming engaged to a music executive. Gigi dated a guy when she was 16 and welcomed her daughter, Capri, in 2017. Her boyfriend, however, died two years later after being murdered.

Then, while working as a stripper in the dancing clubs, she dated a man, and their relationship lasted for 11 years.

They divorced in 2019 because he was abusive and difficult to live with, and Gigi was subjected to domestic violence.

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Gigi Maguire Kids

Kaiya Capri and Averie are Gigi Maguire’s two daughters. Kaiya was born to Gigi and her first boyfriend on October 15, 1996. But there is no information about Averie.

We don’t know who Averie’s father is. Presently, Capri is the rapper.

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Gigi Maguire Height and Weight

Gigi Maguire’s age is 43 as of 2022, but I bet you won’t believe me because she looks like a woman in her 20s.

Her body looked like a sculpted one with a perfect hourglass shape. Her height measurements are 5 feet 8 inches, 172 cm, or 1.72 meters, and she weighs around 60 kg or 132 lbs.

Gigi has curly black hair and a black pupil, which all add to her beauty.

The end!

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