Giorgia Soleri (born on 3 January 1996) is a famous Italian model well-known for being the ex-girlfriend of Daminano David, a renowned singer from Italy. They were together since 2017 and their relationship lasted for around six years.

However, they got some issues together and they decided to separate ways. Let’s read this biography to learn about their story, including Giorgia’s birthday, net worth, illness, age, height, and a lot more.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Giorgia Soleri
  • Birth Date: 3 January 1996
  • Birth Place: Milan, Italy
  • Age: 27 years old
  • Height: 5 feet 2 inches
  • Net Worth: $1.5 Million
  • Profession: Model, Social influencer
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Ex-Boyfriend: Giorgia Soleri
  • Nationality: Italian
  • Residence: Italy

Who is Giorgia Soleri?

Giorgia Soleri pic

Giorgia Soleri is a popular Italian model who is widely famous for being the ex-girlfriend of Damiano David. The couple were immensely popular across the world for their relationship.

So, can we say that his boyfriend helped to make Giorgia Soleri famous? We cannot, however, ignore the fact that she is a self-made woman.

She already has a large number of fans, and she has received love and support from the audience through her own deeds.

A large number of people admire Giorgia Soleri’s physical appearance. She is not only a model but also a social media influencer.

As a result, she has made good use of social media platforms and has advanced in her career.

Giorgia Soleri Illness

Giorgia Soleri started feeling pain “down there” when she was 16 years old, but it took a long time for doctors to figure out what was wrong.

She had a condition called vulvodynia, which is not very rare and affects many women.

She thought it was a urinary tract infection at first because it hurt when she peed and felt like a burning or pins and needles sensation in her private area.

It wasn’t until she turned 24 that she finally got a proper diagnosis, but by then, her condition had gotten much worse. At first, doctors thought her pain was because of something in her head, like emotional problems.

Unfortunately, other doctors also believed this, and she didn’t get the right diagnosis for a long time. She also had to deal with another condition called endometriosis.

Because of all the difficulties she faced, Giorgia decided to speak out and help other women going through similar problems.

She shares her own experiences to support and guide other women in making good choices about their health.

Early Life of Giorgia Soleri

Giorgia Soleri was born on January 3, 1996. She was born and raised in the Italian city of Milan. She was born in Italy and is of Italian descent.

Capricorn is her Zodiac sign. We don’t know anything about her parents because she hasn’t revealed anything about them, and she hasn’t revealed anything about her educational qualifications either.

But we can tell that she was always a bright and talented student.

We couldn’t find much information about her early life because she prefers a low-key lifestyle.

Giorgia Soleri Age

Giorgia Soleri is 27 years old as of 2023, as she was born on 3 January 1996. Despite her young age, she has achieved significant recognition as a famous Italian model.

Giorgia Soleri Career

In the year 2015, Giorgia rose to prominence as a model. After entering Instagram modeling contests with her photos, several magazines have featured the model, including Hangover Magazine, Digital Camera Magazine, and GQ Italia Magazine.

Soleri has suffered from vulvodynia for over eight years. She made headlines after speaking about her traumatic experience a few days before. Giorgia has also appeared in the music video for Rkomi’s song “Apnea.”

Her modeling work has appeared in a variety of magazines, including Hangover Magazine, Digital Camera Magazine, and GQ Italia Magazine.

She is not only a model but also a social media influencer. As a result, she has made good use of social media platforms and has advanced in her career.

Giorgia Soleri and Damiano David

Giorgia Soleri

Giorgia Soleri was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Damiano David. They first met in 2014 and started dating in 2017, after getting to know each other nicely.

Since 2017, everything has been fine between these couple. But in June 2023, Damiano revealed through his Instagram post that he and his girlfriend had been broken up.

The reasons behind their separation were Damiano David viral video of him kissing a mystery woman. This caused their relationship to come to an end.

Damiano David is the lead singer of the well-known band Maneskin.

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Giorgia Soleri Net Worth

Giorgia Soleri estimated net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. She began her modeling career in 2015 and quickly rose to prominence.

She has a substantial net worth and earns a good living as an eminent model. She is one of Italy’s most well-known and wealthy models. She also makes money as a social media influencer.

If we talk about her annual salary, it would be around $300,000 USD.

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Physical Appearance

Giorgia Soleri has a lovely physical appearance. The majority of people are smitten by her beauty. When it comes to her height, she is tall. Her exact height is 5 feet 3 inches or 1.6 meters.

Further, she is 60 kg in weight which is equal to 132 lbs.

On the other hand, it is clear that she is concerned about her physical appearance and thus keeps her body weight stable. It’s easy to assume from her photos that she has a fit and healthy body.

Physical Appearance
HeightFeet & Inches: 5’3”
Centimeter: 160 cm
Meter: 1.60 m
WeightKilograms: 60 kg
Pounds: 132 lbs

We cannot, however, estimate her weight. Well! This was all about Damiano and her story.

Facts About Giorgia Soleri

  • Giorgia Soleri was born on January 3, 1996, in Milan, Italy.
  • She gained fame for being the ex-girlfriend of Damiano David, a famous Italian singer.
  • They were together for around six years before deciding to separate.
  • Giorgia is a self-made woman and already has a substantial fan base.
  • She is not only a model but also a social media influencer, using platforms to advance her career.
  • Giorgia Soleri’s Zodiac sign is Capricorn, but details about her parents and education are private.
  • As of 2023, Giorgia Soleri is 27 years old, despite her young age, she’s a renowned Italian model.
  • She rose to prominence as a model in 2015 and has been featured in several magazines.
  • Giorgia Soleri has been open about her struggle with vulvodynia, gaining attention for her story.
  • Her estimated net worth is $1.5 million, and she earns a substantial income from modeling and social media influencing.

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