Habiba Abdul Jabbar aka Janice Brown – the reclusive wife of former NBA legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Habiba Abdul Jabbar was born a Christian, why did she convert to Islam, and what all you need to know about her life and marriage with the NBA star!! Continue reading.

Who is Habiba Abdul Jabbar?

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Habiba Abdul Jabbar was the ex-wife of the controversial NBA player Kareem Abdul Jabbar, who reportedly married her while she was still in college.

She is especially known because of her husband, her children, and the incidents that happened after she adopted the Muslim faith.

Early Life Habiba Abdul Jabbar

Habiba known as Janice Brown by birth was born in the United States, most probably New York, to Christian parents. She was a white person whose birthdate is yet unconfirmed.

It is believed that she is around 65-75 years old as of the year 2023. She was just a college girl when she fell in love with the NBA legend.

Her parents were Arabian and they had a very loving family. She grew up with lots of care and got whatever she wanted.

She then started her professional career in the United States before meeting her future husband Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

Habiba Abdul Jabbar Career

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Habiba was known to be a fashion designer but her career did come to an end with her marriage. She was hard working since her early days and cared about her career since childhood.

Though a designer by profession she did not have a very avid work life after her marriage. Her life was spent taking care of her husband and her children.

She however had completed her schooling in the United States.

Habiba Abdul Jabbar Personal Life

Habiba was only in her teens when she got married to quite an older person. She was Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s first and only wife.

They had three children together: Habiba, Sultana, and Kareem jr. It is also speculated that they have a second daughter but her birth is unknown. Both of them were born in Los Angeles, California.

Their marriage, however, did not last long as they divorced after 7 years after marrying on 28 May 1971.

Her conversion to Islam

Much talked about is her conversion to Islam for the sake of marrying Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Despite converting, her parents were not allowed to enter the mosque where the wedding took place.

They traveled from New York but were not allowed to the ceremony which created a serious rift between them.

The ceremony was held in Washington according to Muslim custom. No one had good relations with her and his family.

Due to challenges in his ability to family life, Habiba separated from him in December 1973 but they continued to have children.

Reason for divorce

Two major reasons are responsible for their divorce. One is that Kareem got involved in gang rivalries and to protect herself and her children they had to separate.

Another reason was Kareem’s ex-girlfriend Cheryl Pistono, with whom he also had a son Amir. This girl had a greater impact on the life of Kareem and made him seek a divorce from Habiba who had no knowledge of it.

Habiba made no further contact with her husband after he started staying with Cheryl Pistono.

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Habiba Abdul Jabbar Net Worth

Habiba Abdul Jabbar’s net worth is not yet publicly disclosed. She leads an extremely private life. But, her husband has a net worth of $ 25 million.

She could not take advantage of her husband’s money as they got divorced in 1978. Kareem is said to take care of her and their children.

Habiba still has her own share of money as she worked as a fashion designer. However, she stays away from social media. She does not show off her lifestyle as such.

So it is difficult to understand her net worth but rest assured she lives a good and comfortable lifestyle. She did earn a decent amount of money from her professional career.

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Physical Appearance 

Habiba Abdul Jabbar is a gorgeous lady who has dark coloured short curly brown hair and attractive light brown eyes. She has an oval-type face with a fair complexion.

Though her height and weight are not revealed on social media she seems to be around 5ft 3 inches or 1.61 meters and around 52-55 kg or around 117 lbs in weight.

She looks very healthy with a beautiful smile and looks super cute with her glasses.

A modern Christian girl by birth, she adorns pretty modest clothing which makes her so loveable.

Habiba Abdul Jabbar does not seem to be very active on any social media platforms. No verified user account is found with her name. There are some accounts created by her fans on Instagram and Twitter.

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