Harry Triguboff (born on 3 March 1933) is an Australian billionaire and a businessperson. He is known for his real estate work.

So, in this biography, we will be discussing his life and career age, wife, family, story, and some facts related to Harry. So, without further ado let’s get into the biography of Harry Triguboff.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Harry Oskar Triguboff
  • Nick Name: Harry Triguboff
  • Birth Date: 3 March 1933
  • Birth Place: Dalian, China
  • Age: 91 years old
  • Net Worth: 11.40 billion
  • Profession: Entrepreneur and businesspeople
  • School: The Scots College
  • University: University of Leeds
  • Education: Graduate
  • Father: Moshe Triguboff
  • Mother: Freda Triguboff
  • Brother: Joseph Triguboff
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Spouse: Rhonda Triguboff
  • Children: Two daughters (Orna Triguboff, Sharon Triguboff)

Who is Harry Triguboff?

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Harry Triguboff is an Australian billionaire and a real estate developer. His life journey is very inspiring and interesting. In his first project of building his house, he faced a huge jerk.

But Harry worked hard and as of now, he is a known personality across the world. According to records, once he was the richest person in Australia.

Thousands of people follow him as they also want to earn like him.

Early Life of Harry Triguboff

Harry Triguboff was born on the 3rd of March 1933 in Dalian, China. His father’s name is Freda Triguboff and his mother’s name is Freda Triguboff.

Harry’s parents were Russian Jews and they migrated to northeastern China after the rise of Lenin. His father was a builder. He grew up with his brother Joseph Triguboff.

Harry’s early childhood was spent in the Jewish community in Tianjin. Later, he moved to Australia for his studies.

Harry went to Scots College in Sydney for his secondary education. Further, for his higher studies, he went to the University of Leeds in England for his degree in textiles.

Harry became an Australian citizen in 1961. He tried numerous ways to earn. Afterward, he brought to land in Roseville and hired a builder to begin building his house.

But the builder was not loyal and started letting him down. So, Harry kicked him out.

Harry Triguboff Age

Harry Triguboff is 91 years old as of 2024, as he was born on 3 March 1933.

Being this age, he continues to be actively involved in his real estate business, showcasing his remarkable dedication and expertise in the industry.

His long life has allowed him to accumulate vast experience and knowledge, making him a prominent figure in the Australian business world.

Harry Triguboff Career

In the year 1963, Harry Triguboff bought another block of land which was his second block. That very block of land was in Smith Street, Tempe.

Over there Harry with his partner started building a block of eight units. It was a successful work order for him and his partner, Harry earns well from it.

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Harry’s other project begin in the year 1968 in Gladesville, at Meriton Street, where he built a block of 18 units. Afterward, he pursued it as his career.

He continued to build properties and then sell them with a good margin. Harry is the managing director of Meriton Apartments Pty Ltd.

His company has built more than 55,000 residential townhouses and a quarter as of 2015.

Harry chooses specific areas in Australia like Gold Coast and Brisbane in Queensland and Sydney’s central business district for constructing buildings and Houses.

In 2004, Harry’s company Meriton built Sydney’s tallest residential apartment building namely World Tower.

Meriton’s Court Dispute

Meriton and its owners were charged in a long-running court dispute.

Because most of the buildings were defeated and acknowledged breaches of their contract, the supervision charges were worth more than A$1 million. The original developers were kicked out of the department.

Harry Triguboff Wife and Family

Harry Triguboff has been married twice. With his first wife, Harry has two daughters. Harry’s daughters’ names are Orna Triguboff and Sharon Triguboff.

Further, there is no information available regarding his first wife and their relationship.

Currently, Harry’s wife is Rhonda Triguboff. Both of them share a strong bond.

Presently, they are living in Sydney. Harry has a huge interest in cars. So, he has a collection of expensive cars.

Harry Triguboff Net Worth

Harry Oskar Triguboff’s estimated net worth is $11.40 billion. He is earning extremely well. He is the sixth richest Australian by his net worth.

According to resources, in 2016, Harry was the richest Australian with more than 11 billion net worth. His net worth is growing almost every year.

Harry was the world’s 262nd wealthiest billionaire. Still, he is uplifting his work more.

In 2003, Harry won an award of Australia’s Property Person of the Year award.

He again won this award in 2009, making him the first person to win Australia’s Property Person of the Year award twice.

Harry Triguboff Facts to Know

  • Harry Triguboff is a rich businessman from Australia, mainly known for his work in real estate.
  • He was born on March 3, 1933, in China.
  • Harry is now 91 years old.
  • He’s worth about 11.40 billion, which is a lot of money!
  • He went to a school called The Scots College and then to the University of Leeds in England.
  • Harry’s parents came from Russia and moved to China when he was a kid.
  • He became an Australian citizen in 1961.
  • Harry had a tough time building his first house, but he worked hard and became very successful.
  • He’s been married twice and has two daughters.
  • Harry is super rich, one of the richest people in Australia, and his company has built thousands of houses and apartments.

The Bottom Line

Harry Triguboff’s story is very interesting. His journey was so appreciable that it will definitely help many people to grow in their life.

He has paved the way for young youth to become successful. His first mistake taught him a great lesson and helped him to achieve his goals further in his life.

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