“Hey there, folks! Wondering what’s the deal with Al Roker’s daughter, Courtney Roker, and how old she is?

Well, hold onto your hats because we’ve got the inside scoop for you! Courtney, the offspring of our beloved weather guru Al Roker, is one cool cat in her own right.

With a style that’s as fresh as a slice of apple pie, she’s got the whole country buzzing.

If you’re itching to know the deeds of Courtney’s age, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll give you the lowdown and keep you in the loop on all things Courtney Roker. So, let’s dive right in and find out how old this fabulous girl is!”

Who is Courtney Roker?

Courtney Roker
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Let me introduce you to the talented and fabulous Courtney Roker, the daughter of power couple Alice Bell and Al Roker!

She was born in May 1987, Courtney is a force to be reckoned with in the culinary world.

Similarly, She’s got the skills to pay the bills as a test kitchen manager and recipe developer for big names like Chefman and Ched IQ.

But that’s not all—Courtney takes her culinary expertise to new heights as a trained chef at none other than Google!

Yep, she’s the mastermind behind one of their incredible restaurants. With her passion for food and knack for creating mouthwatering dishes, Courtney is a rising star in the culinary scene. Keep an eye out for this culinary dynamo!

Courtney Roker is, Famous For?

Courtney Roker, daughter of the renowned American celebrity Al Roker, has made a name for herself in her own right.

While being the offspring of a famous father certainly got her noticed, Courtney has carved her path to success.

This talented individual has captured the hearts of many with her unique style and charismatic presence.

As an accomplished celebrity journalist, presenter, television personality, actor, and author, Courtney has proven that she’s got the skills and determination to shine in the spotlight.

With her incredible talent and the support of her legendary father, Courtney Roker is making waves and leaving her mark on the entertainment industry. Keep an eye out for this rising star!

Courteney Roker Age

As of 2023, the celebrity daughter is 36 years old, Courtney Roker was born in the year 1987 and celebrates her birthday on the 14th of May every year.

Likewise, In addition, she was born in the United States of America, Moreover, Courtney belongs to the American nationality and was born under the star sign Taurus.

What does Courtney Roker do for a living?

Courtney Roker images
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Courtney was born in May 1987, she currently works as a test kitchen manager and recipe developer for kitchen appliance brands Chefman and CHEF iQ.

The 35-year-old often posts photos of her creations on Instagram and is a self-proclaimed “sushi lover.”

“He texted me to say, ‘Can we get together? There is something I want to talk to you about,’ ” Roker recalled on the Today show, adding that he had an “inkling” about what Laga wanted to ask him.

“We went to a local restaurant in our neighbourhood that we’ve enjoyed, The Simone, and our friend Tina Vaughn — who is the owner there — gave us a corner table for some privacy. And he asked for my permission there.”

Did Al Roker Adopt Courtney Roker?

the most adored meteorologist Al Roker is unstoppable with his family by his slide!

The Today host is a dad to daughter Courtney, whom he shares with his ex-wife, Alice Bell, and kids Leila and Nicholas with his current wife, Deborah Roberts.

In addition, He’s shared rare photos and sweet shout-outs to his eldest child on Instagram over the years.

Al and Alice, who got married in 1984, adopted Courtney shortly after she was born in 1987.

The television personality and the producer separated in 1992 and were officially divorced in 1994.

Moreover, he tied the knot with Deborah in 1995 and she welcomed Courtney into her life with open arms.

“To me, there is no difference between ‘natural’ and ‘adopted,’” Al wrote in an August 2003 essay for Guideposts.

Moreover, “My childhood showed me that when it comes to loving your kids, concepts like that don’t apply.

Is Courtney Roker Al Roker’s Biological Daughter?

No, Courtney Roker is not Al Roker’s Biological Daughter as Roker​ adopted his daughter Courtney during his previous marriage to Alice Bell, to whom he was married from 1984 to 1994.

Courtney Roker’s Mother Alice Bell

Courtney is the daughter of Al Roker and his second wife, then WNBC-TV producer for Live At Five, Alice Bell.

Alice Bell and Al Roker married in 1984. Roker had previously been married once, but that marriage ended in divorce.

Bell and Roker adopted Courtney as an infant in 1987, three years after they married.

Their marriage, however, also ended in divorce, in 1994 – although by other accounts they separated in 1992.

Is Courtney Roker’s Mother Alice Bell Still Alive?

Yes, presently, Bell lives in Sydney with her husband – actor, writer, and director Leon Ford – and two daughters.

Courtney Roker’s Father Al Roker

Albert Lincoln Roker Jr. is an American weather presenter, journalist, television personality, and author.

He is the current weather anchor on NBC’s Today, and occasionally co-hosts 3rd Hour Today.

Also, He has an inactive American Meteorological Society Television Seal #238.

Courtney Roker Husband

Courtney Roker and Wes Laga announced their engagement on Instagram on April 11, 2020.

In one of the slideshow photos, Courtney showcases her beautiful ring while Laga is pointing at it.

She wrote in the caption that they would’ve been in Paris at that moment if it wasn’t for the pandemic.

However, Laga arranged everything to make Courtney feel like they were there (music, lights, Eiffel Tower videos) before popping the question.

Who is Courtney Roker’s Husband, Wesley Laga?

Apart from being a hopeless romantic, Laga is an entertainer who prefers to live his life away from the spotlight.

According to his IMDB profile, he’s appeared in two short films, “Seekers” in 2007 and “Spit Boys” in 2013.

Laga walked away from his acting career to become a DJ. Nowadays, he’s one of the most requested emcees of the DJ/Band Excel Live due to his energy and “open-format DJ style.”

Does Courtney Roker is Pregnant?

The Today Show weather anchor’s daughter revealed in a March Instagram post that she and husband Wesley Laga are expecting their first baby together, Courtney Roker is showing off her baby bump.

The 36-year-old daughter of Today Show weather anchor Al Roker posted to Instagram on Sunday, sharing her first pregnancy update since revealing last month that she and her husband, Wesley Laga, are expecting their first baby together.

“Baby (& Mama) is growing,” wrote Courtney, alongside a picture of her smiling and dressed in a light-blue dress with cutouts around the waist.

Roker, 68, shares Courtney with ex-wife Alice Bell, whom he was married to from 1984 to 1994. In addition to Courtney, Roker is also dad to son Nick, 20, and daughter Leila, 24, who he shares with his wife, Deborah Roberts.

Deborah, 62, left a sweet comment on Courtney’s baby bump update, writing, “And so beautiful!!”

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