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Coco Bliss, the social media maven, has been taking TikTok by storm with her infectious energy and killer dance moves.

We’ll spill the beans on her age, revealing all the juicy deeds that’ll leave you gobsmacked!

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Who is Coco Bliss?

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source: Instagram

Coco Bliss is a popular American Tik Tok celebrity known because of her lip-syncs on trending songs or dance videos on the popular video streaming app – TikTok.

In addition, the Popular social media star is best known for her @imcocobliss TikTok, account where she posts dance videos. Her content has earned her over 2.9 million followers on the video platform.

Coco Bliss, is Famous For?

Coco Bliss got famous through her dance video on the song WAP which she uploaded on her Heluvcoco TikTok account.

In this video, she got over 30 Million views, and also her number of followers increased.

She is a rising star and in the future, she will become a more successful celebrity due to the current upheaval in her profession.

How Old is Coco Bliss? Her Age

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Coco Bliss, born on July 30, 2001, in Miami, Florida, is currently 22 years old. Despite being at the age of 22, she is still young and has her whole life ahead of her.

As she approaches her 22nd birthday in the coming month of July 2023, Coco is likely filled with anticipation and excitement for the next chapter of her life.

With a bright future ahead, Coco can look forward to new experiences, opportunities, and adventures that come with being in her early twenties.

What’s Coco Bliss’ Real Name?

Cholee Land, nicknamed Coco Bliss, is a young and talented American social media personality and aspiring TikTok star.

She dropped out of high school early to travel and pursue her job. In March 2020, she created her TikTok account.

The actress got to stardom after performing the song WAP on TikTok. Her YouTube material has gained her over 71,500 subscribers

. Her videos are frequently set to popular hip-hop tracks, and feature lip-synchs.

What Ethnicity is Coco Bliss?

As Coco Bliss was born in Miami, Florida the city of the United States of America, So she is an American.

Coco Bliss Education

Well, in her education, Coco completed her graduation from high school in her hometown.

There is not much information available regarding her educational institutes either on the internet or on her social media accounts.

Coco Bliss Family

Coco Bliss pic
source: Instagram

Coming to her family, Her parents adored her so much and she received a lot of care, love, and attention from her parents.

She stated that her parents fulfilled all her desires, needs, and wishes during her childhood period.

We can not tell about her parents and siblings, as there is no such information available on the internet or her social media accounts.

Coco Bliss Boyfriend

Richard Maurice Colbert, famously known as IHeartMemphis, is Coco Bliss’s Boyfriend.

His breakthrough track, Hit The Quan, landed at number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Buck Nasty created his breakout tune, which was released in July 2015. Colbert stated that he paid $35 for the tune. It was influenced by Rich Homie Quan’s Flex album.

iLoveMemphis had two important television appearances in November 2015. The first appearance was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and the second was on the chat show The Real.

iLoveMemphis was featured on rapper Teflon Don’s track “Stop & Go” in 2017.

Coco Bliss Net Worth 2023

Coco Bliss’s net worth as of 2023, is guessed to be around $500,000 USD.

She joined Tiktok in March 2020 and has since wowed her followers with her exceptional material. Her twerking is also well-liked by her admirers.

Coco Bliss Nle Choppa

Coco Bliss and NLE Choppa’s connection is an interesting tale of serendipity in the modern music scene.

It all started when Coco Bliss caught wind of NLE Choppa’s infectious music and energetic persona.

Intrigued by his talent and rising fame, Coco Bliss saw an opportunity to collaborate and bring her unique flavour to the table.

Through social media platforms like TikTok, where both artists had a significant presence, their paths crossed.

Coco Bliss began creating captivating content featuring NLE Choppa’s music, showcasing her passion for his tracks and showcasing her style in the process. Her videos quickly gained traction and caught the attention of NLE Choppa himself.

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Coco Bliss TikTok

Coco Bliss TikTok is a sensational account that has taken the TikTok world by storm!

With a whopping 459.9 million views, Coco Bliss has become a viral sensation that’s capturing the attention of millions.

From the name alone, you can tell this account is all about blissful content and good vibes.

Whether it’s her infectious dance moves, hilarious skits, or relatable moments, Coco knows how to keep her viewers entertained.

Coco Bliss Instagram

Coco Bliss was discovered to be active on Instagram as @heluvcoco. However, her Instagram account is presently unavailable.

The TikTok celebrity joined Instagram for the first time on April 13, 2021.

Despite this, she has amassed 307k followers in a short period with only five posts. She has a backup Instagram account called @bhadlulbin.

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