Are you looking for information on music celebrity Jacob Sartorius? Do you love his songs?

But have you guys heard about the relationship between Jacob and Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things?

If not, stay tuned with us to learn about the interesting details about the musical artist, including Jacob’s age and car accident details.

Moreover, he is known for his list of girlfriends, but eventually, all his talent will overshadow the controversies.

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How Old is Jacob Sartorius?

Jacob Sartorius
source: Instagram

Jacob Sartorius is 21 years old as of the year 2023, as he was born in 2022, on 2 October. With the right calculation, we can say that he aged 21 years currently.

Still, he has 8 months to celebrate his 21st birthday, if you are in February.

Jacob Sartorius is a songwriter, rapper, actor, and producer. He rose to fame through his songs “Sweatshirt” and “Hit or Miss.” 

In 2016, he was one of the most-searched musical artists.

Well, musical artists tend to have more fans, and they will be eager to know about the age of their idols.

Meanwhile, for the Sartorians, we will reveal his birthday and age.

Come on! We hope everyone is familiar with Jacob’s fandom name.


If not, no worries; Jacob’s fandom name is Sartorians.

Jacob Sartorius Car Accident

Jacob Sartorius-image
source: Instagram

Jacob likes to be active on his social media platforms. And he has a different heartwarming habit of entertaining people; as a result, he transformed his social media platforms into engaging platforms.

Where he frequently engages with his followers, thus making them feel good.

 And Jacob was named one of the top five most engaging people in the world, as well as one of the most engaged Instagram accounts globally.”

but the social media backfired on him by trending the Jacob Sartorius death hoax.

On October 20, 2022, one accident story trended on Twitter, claiming Jacob was killed in an accident.

Many people believed the rumors, and “Jacob Sartorius death news” hashtags trended worldwide.

But later on, Jacob Sartorius cleared up the rumors by appearing on Instagram Live.

And he reassured the Sartorians that he hadn’t met with an accident and that he was alive and healthy.

Why Did the Rumors Spread Like That?

Jacob Sartorius-
source: Instagram

During that time, Jacob Sartorius was promoting his new song Halloween; thus, the death hoax might be part of his song promotion.

Is Jacob Sartorius Alive?

Yes, Jacob Sartorius is alive.

His car accident news was just a death hoax; Jacob is very healthy, and he will be successfully turning 21 this year.

Is Jacob Sartorius Adopted?

Yes, Jacob Sartorius is adopted.

In one interview, Jacob stated that he was born into a low-income family and that his biological parents could not provide him with adequate food and shelter.

As a result,

Rolf and Patricia Sartorius adopted him and lavished him with love. And Jacob

shared that he loved his family to the moon and back.

Jacob’s father is a rich person, and he served as president and CEO of Social Impact.

The company worked as a university teacher and for the World Bank.

Jacob Sartorius’s sister’s name is Caroline Sartorius, and Caroline is also a famous personality and she rose to fame by being Jacob’s sister.

Moreover, Caroline is also known for her charity work. Well, Jacob shared a very close relationship with all his family members.

Let’s get into the interesting part of this section.

Who has Jacob Sartorius Dated?

Jacob Sartorius-images
source: Instagram

Jacob Sartorius has dated a few women but is currently single as of 2023.

At 14, Jacob dated American actress Luna Blaise, and the couple later separated. Then, the next year, he started dating Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown.

But their relationship ended after dating for a few months. Then there was talk about Jacob Sartorius dating Jenna Ortega, and she even appeared in his music video.

But the couple confirmed that they were just friends.

Jacob has been the subject of numerous love rumors. The list grows longer by the year, but for the time being, he is single.

Jacob Sartorius and Millie Bobby Brown

Jacob Sartorius and Stranger Things actress Millie were dating in early 2017. He was also at the peak of his career at the time, and Millie’s relationship updates will always be in the news.

However, after a few months of dating, the couple split up due to controversies surrounding Jacob’s request for a nude picture from his female fans.

And it has become a serious issue, which is why Millie Bobby Brown broke up with Jacob. And the controversy was resolved, as it was a bogus account used to catfish Jacob.

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Bottom Line

Thus, we have stated some interesting facts about Jacob Sartorius, and we hope all the Sartorians will eagerly await his next birthday.

21-year-old Jacob Sartorius’ fame and popularity go on daily, as do his talents.

For more information, readers can visit his Instagram ID; Jacob Sartorius’s Instagram handle is @jacobsartorius.

The end!

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