Have you guys seen the musical biography of Elvis? Do you guys like the performance of Austin Butler, who beautifully portrayed the role of Elvis Presley?

If yes, do you guys get the update about the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor? It is Austin butler for the drama category.

The world recognizes his talent, and Austin Butler is getting more popular daily.

However, when a phenomenon becomes extremely popular, it gives rise to numerous rumors and speculations.

This time, Austin Butler has become the scapegoat for his real sexual orientation. Many people are doubting that Autin Butler is gay.

Readers must read the whole article without fail to learn about his real and true identity.

Is Austin Butler Gay?

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Austin Butler is a famous actor who rose to fame by acting in many popular movies, but his acting in the movie “Elvis” gave him global recognition.

But on the other hand, it eventually made his sexual orientation a question mark. Because Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, has a feminine tinge to his features.

Austin Butler appeared gay after donning all of his Elvis parsley makeup because Elvis’ character requires eye makeup and lacks a beard.

Thus, people speculate that Austin Butler is gay. But that is entirely wrong. He is a straight guy who likes women.

In addition, Austin posed for a photo with singer Shawn Mendes earlier this year. As a result, that couple’s photo made everyone feel gay.

But the real story is that Austin is a good friend of Shawn, which is why they clicked a picture together.

Why do People Think Austin Butler as a Gay?

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It is mainly because of his portrayal of Elvis Presley. But in this section, we will be discussing the characteristics of Elvis and how they relate to speculations about Austin’s sexuality.

First and foremost, Elvis’ dance moves contain many female moves, and he also used to sing the female parts of the songs.

Are you not believing us? Play the hound dog on your phone!

Elvis Presley was considered a transgender sexual fantasy by many men at the time.

Moreover, he used to wear eye makeup, like eye shadows, and mostly we can see Elvis in a beardless appearance.

All these points made us speculate about the sexual orientation of the famous singer “Elvis.”

But let’s get back to our topic.

Now that Austin Butler has brilliantly portrayed even the minute details of Elvis, that is the reason that people thought that he might be gay.

We can even cross-check that if we see Austin Butler in Elvis movie, people will get to know that.

Why is Austin Butler Selected as Elvis?

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Most people questioned why Austin Butler portrayed “the legendary singer Elvis.” Some critics shared that Austin Butler has a tint of feminine features, which is why he was selected for that role.

But the reality differs, and here is the proof of that.

The director shared this message regarding his choice of picking up Austin to play the lead role in the movie Elvis.

“I received this videotape of this young man (Austin) in a flood of tears playing “Unchained Melody,” and I thought, “Wow, what is that?” How is that happening?

This demonstrates that Austin Butler got the opportunity to use his talent, and it has nothing to do with his gender.

Who is Austin Butler Married to?

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Austin Butler is not married yet, but he has dated a few women, and here are their details.

Austin Butler is currently dating Kaia Gerber; the couple started dating in 2021, and their first meeting was when they were spotted taking a yoga class in Los Angeles in December 2021.

After that, he appeared with Kaia many times on red carpets, and recently, after winning the Golden Globes, Austin shared an intimate kiss with Kaia.

But before dating Kaia, Austin dated Johnny Depp’s daughter, Lilu Rose Depp. They were caught kissing, but within a few months, the couple got separated.

And he has dated Olivia DeJonge since the year 2020.

But before everyone else, Austin dated high school musical star Vanessa Hudgens.

The couple dated for more than 10 years. But in the year 2020, they broke up, and their busy schedules separated their love lives.

Interesting Facts about Austin Butler

  • This 32-year-old actor began his career in teen dramas on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon Channel.
  • He has taught himself to play the piano and guitar.
  • Austin Butler’s parents, Lori Anne and David Butler divorced when he was young.
  • And his sister Ashley is a Broadway actress, and their mother died of duodenal cancer.
  • Austin Butler’s films and television series including Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Elvis, Dune: Part Two, The Carrie Diaries, and The Shannara Chronicles.

Bottom Line

Austin Butler is a phenomenal actor who has received numerous awards, including,

the Golden Globe, the Atlanta Film Critics Circle, the Florida Film Critics Circle, the New York Film Critics Online Award, the Sunset Circle Award, the Palm Springs International Film Festival, and others.

As a result, some of his detractors are spreading false information about him. Austin Butler is not gay, and the people he has dated were the perfect partners to prove it.

What do you think about Austin? Tell us in the comments.

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