Austin Butler (born on 17 August 1991) is a renowned American actor known for portraying Elvis Presley’s character in the musical biopic Elvis. However, this caused rumors about his sexuality of being gay.

Is Austin Butler gay? No, Austin Butler is not gay as he likes women. People claimed him to be gay because of a few funny reasons which you should know for sure below in this article.

Is Austin Butler Gay?

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No, Austin Butler is not gay as he is in a relationship with a female. The rumor of him being gay started when he portrayed Elvis Presley in the movie Elvis.

After putting on makeup to look like Elvis Presley, Austin Butler appeared to some people as if he might be gay. This is because Elvis wore eye makeup and didn’t have a beard. But that’s not true.

Austin Butler is actually straight and is attracted to women.

Also, there was a photo of Austin Butler with singer Shawn Mendes that made some people think something was going on between them.

But that’s not the case.

Austin and Shawn are just good friends, and that’s why they took a picture together. It’s important not to jump to conclusions about someone’s feelings based on a photo.

Why Do People Think Austin Butler as a Gay?

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Well, it’s mostly because of how Austin Butler acted like Elvis Presley.

First off, Elvis danced in ways that were considered girly by some, and he even sang parts of songs that were meant for girls.

Back in the day, lots of guys thought Elvis was like a fantasy of someone who wanted to change their gender. Also, he sometimes wore makeup on his eyes, like eyeshadow, and he often didn’t have a beard.

All these things made people curious about whether Elvis might have liked guys or not.

But let’s focus on Austin Butler now.

Because Austin acted as Elvis so well, some people started thinking he might be gay. You can even check for yourself. Watch Austin Butler in the Elvis movie, and that might give you an idea.

Why is Austin Butler Selected as Elvis?

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People wondered why Austin Butler was chosen to play the famous singer Elvis. Some people thought he looked a bit like a girl, and that’s why they picked him for the part.

But here’s the truth, and I have proof for it.

The director explained why he chose Austin to be the main actor in the Elvis movie.

He said, “I got a video of this young man, Austin, crying while playing ‘Unchained Melody.’ I was amazed and wondered how he could do that.”

This shows that Austin Butler got the chance to show his talent, and it had nothing to do with whether he was a boy or a girl.

Austin Butler Relationship

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Austin Butler isn’t married yet, but he has been in relationships with a few women. Let’s learn about them:

Currently, Austin is dating Kaia Gerber. They started dating in 2021 after meeting in a yoga class in Los Angeles in December 2021.

They have been seen together on red carpets, and recently, they shared an intimate kiss after Austin won a Golden Globe.

Before Kaia, Austin dated Lilu Rose Depp, who is Johnny Depp’s daughter. They were seen kissing, but they broke up a few months later.

In 2020, Austin was in a relationship with Olivia DeJonge.

But even before these relationships, Austin dated Vanessa Hudgens, who starred in “High School Musical.” They were a couple for more than 10 years.

However, they broke up in 2020 due to their busy schedules keeping them apart.

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Interesting Facts about Austin Butler

  • Austin Butler was born on August 17, 1991, and he’s a famous American actor.
  • He gained recognition for portraying Elvis Presley in a movie called Elvis.
  • Some people thought Austin might be gay, but he’s actually attracted to women.
  • The rumor about his sexuality started because he looked like Elvis, who had a unique style.
  • Austin Butler and singer Shawn Mendes are just friends, despite some people thinking otherwise.
  • Elvis Presley’s dancing and singing made people wonder about his sexuality back in the day.
  • Austin’s selection to play Elvis was based on his impressive acting skills, not his appearance.
  • He is currently dating Kaia Gerber and they met in a yoga class in 2021.
  • Austin previously dated Johnny Depp’s daughters Lily-Rose Depp and Olivia DeJonge.

Final Thought

Well, now we can say that Austin Butler is clearly not gay as he has been in relationships with around four women. And this is enough to prove his sexuality of being straight.

This should be taken as a lesson to not judge someone on his acting roles and appearances. We all know that whatever we see is not the reality, and whatever is the reality, we don’t see.

Hopefully, you loved reading this article and found it helpful. Let us have an idea of your experience through your feedback and opinions.

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