Are you a great fan of Brittney Griner WNBA star player? Are you someone who cheers for her every goal?

Yes! We have identified a basketball fan!

We all know that last year was a lousy year for Brittney. She was sentenced to jail in Russian territory for possessing the hash oil.

Cannabis products are illegal in Russia, but unknowingly, Brittney packed her hash oil, even though she admitted it was an honest mistake.

Russian officials didn’t release her because it was the time of the Russian and Ukrainian wars.

And a big cold war happened between the USA and Russia, so they didn’t release our basketball players.

She was recently released after ten long months, and one person who missed Brittney to hell and back had been fighting the government for the safe return of Brittney.

Do you know who that is?

It is Brittney Griner’s wife, Cherelle Watson.

Yes, you heard it; Brittney Grinner is a transgender basketball player. In this article, we are going to discuss her sexual orientation in a detailed manner.

Is Brittney Grinner Transgender?

Brittney Grinner Transgende-

Brittney Griner is a talented basketball player who plays for the Phoenix Mercury team, and she is a two-time Olympic gold medalist with the U.S. women’s national basketball team.

She is also a six-time All-Star champion. Thus, Brittney Griner has fans all over the world.

She used to be the number one basketball player in the United States.

Brittney Griner came out as transgender during an interview with Sports Illustrated in 2013.

Specifically, Brittney is a lesbian who loves girls.

Brittney Griner was bold enough to come out in high school, but her father didn’t accept her.

Her father, Raymond Griner, forced her to live with an assistant coach for six weeks during her senior year of high school. (How does that help the situation?)

Since childhood, Brittney has faced lots of bullies because of her physical body, and she shared her experience in an interview, and here it is:

“It’s hard. Being picked on for being different: “Just being bigger, my sexuality, everything.”

And in the year 2019, Brittney gave a heartwarming and courageous interview to the ESPN team, in which she mentioned that she is fighting for the rights of the LGBTQ community hard so that the future generation will lead a happy life without any gender bullying, anxieties, etc.

“People tell me I’m going to break the barrier and trailblaze.” I just kind of look at it like, “I’m just trying to help out; I’m just trying to make it not as tough for the next generation.”

Brittney Griner’s strong support for the LGBTQ community was widely encouraged by many activists. Because she is in an influential position to make changes, and she is doing that.

Who is Brittney Griner Wife?

Brittney Grinner Transgende-pic

Because Brittney Griner is a lesbian, she married a woman named Cherelle Watson, or Cherelle Griner.

Cherelle was once a teacher, and she studied law to become an attorney.

Both met in 2018; they fell in love with each other, and the following year Brittney and Cherelle got engaged.

And in the year 2020, both of them will get married.

We want to share Brittney’s message from her wife.

“Every day with you is spectacular, but when I celebrate your life and all that you are, it is just breathtaking.”

Isn’t she romantic?

Brittney and Cherelle were a very lovey-dovey couple who sued to stand for each other, and it was publicly seen when Brittney was in jail.

Cherelle fought against everyone to save her.

Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson

Glory Johnson is a well-known basketball player and Brittney’s first wife.

Both got engaged in 2014 after Brittney and Glory got involved in a fight, and even that matter went to police officials; both were accused of psychological assault.

Still, Brittney and Glory married in 2015, and a few months later, Glory became pregnant through in vitro fertilization.

On October 1, Brittney and Glory became the mothers of twin daughters. But after that, Brittney and Glory filed for divorce and separated.

Who Is the Brittney Griner Twin Daughters?

Ava and Solei are twin daughters, and they were born on October 12, 2015.

Brittney Griner wants to be the “father” of her child.

Thus, she became the proud “father” of two angels.

Bottom Line

Thus, we have discussed the sexual identity of basketball star Brittney Griner. Her life story is indeed inspiring.

She is a person who fights for the rights of the LGBTQ community and black people; being trans doesn’t stop her from doing great things.

Instead, it motivates her to do the most remarkable things for the lives of other people as well.

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  1. Richard Collins Reply

    Being a lesbian is NOT being transgender. Apparently Brittney Griner is a CIS woman who is a lesbian. Not transgender.

    • Brittney is a man acting as a woman! Trans shouldn't be allowed to play in women's sports! Period!! Reply

      A man playing as a woman

  2. I’m confused. Guy wants to be a girl. OK but only likes girls. OK marries women. Plays a women’s sport. College, professional basketball and Olympics. Which your one of the best, because unlike normal transgenders taking testosterone suppressants or estrogen supplements to move forward with your new gender of choice transformation. We decided NO need. I’m sure that keeping a physical and biological edge in a woman’s sport isn’t a thing. But still have plenty of spare for children because lol most women have that-normal. But one has the audacity to request to be the children’s father. Wow! I guess the realization that Courtland birth certificates don’t recognize 2 women being able to make a child. The non carrying “woman” doesnt have birth rights…unless you claim to have sperm and your biologically the other geneticly capable baby maker.

  3. Brittany Griner was not released from Russian prison because of the hard work of the current administration. She was traded for Viktor Bout, a Russian Arms dealer, which was an asymmetrical trade for which Putin couldn’t refuse.

  4. Fake females should be the terminology not tranie, and saying she’s
    a slug and likes females. Also wanting to be the father? Wow senior MENTAL issues. Gardner should give Metals, Championships, and any all money she has ever received from impersonating a female. All fake females should be announced at all sporting events, but the wouldn’t because no one would attend. A U.S. Marine is still in Russia; why wasn’t he returned and Gardner should still ve Ina Russian prison. Do the crime then do the time. THERE’S NO NEED TO MAKE FAKE FEMALES NOT NOW NOT NEVER. ANYONE INVOLVED WITH BRAIN Washing THE YOU KIDS OF THIS COUNTRY SHOULD BE BROUGHT UP ON PONOGRAPHY, CHILD ABOUSE, AND PREMEDITATED MENTAL ABUSE. May God have mercy on their souls. Ala akbar

  5. I’m confused As well, I have never followed Britney’s career. I saw her give an interview and she looked and sounded like a man but went to this website to see if it would confirm that she was a trans but the more I read the more I was confused. If she is a lesbian then so be it but where the confusion lies is she is a man claiming to be a lesbian cuz she likes women then she’s a normal he

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