Chris Motionless is worldwide famous as the lead vocalist of the metal band Motionless in White, formed in 2005 in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Comprising members Chris Motionless, Ryan Sitkowski, Ricky Olson, Vinny Mauro, and Justin Morrow, the band has garnered a dedicated following.

While fans are well-versed in his professional life, curiosity persists about Chris Motionless’s personal life, especially his relationship status.

This article will explore the most awaited question: Is Chris Motionless married, or is he dating a girlfriend? Join us in unraveling the truth about his love life beyond the stage.

Who is Chris Motionless?

Chris Motionless is a famous metal singer, most known as the lead vocalist of Motionless in White.

Similarly, this metal band from Scranton, Pennsylvania, was formed in 2005 and currently comprises Chris Motionless, Ryan Sitkowski, Ricky Olson, Vinny Mauro, and Justin Morrow.

The group has released six studio albums, Scoring the End of the World being the most recent.

Although Cerulli is signed with Roadrunner Records, he goes hand in hand with Fearless Records.

Chris Motionless Real Name

Chris Motionless was born as Chris Thomas Cerulli, this is his real name, he was born on 17 October 1986 in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Later, Chris Motionless has become a household name among his fans as he is the co-founder of Motionless in White.

The band was formed in 2004 and has released multiple projects since then. Chris stands out because of his long hair, gothic dressing sense, and multiple tattoos.

Is Chris Motionless Married?

Gaiapatra, Chris Motionless' Girlfriend

Chris Motionless, MIW’s lead vocalist is still single as he is not married yet.

Furthermore, from 2013 to 2018, he was in a long-term relationship with Gaiapatra, a model and photographer.

Additionally, Chris has been romantically involved with a woman named Callie.

However, his current relationship status indicates that he is not currently married.

Who is Chris Motionless Marry?

Chris Motionless, the lead singer of Motionless in White, is presently unmarried and single.

However, He was in a long-term relationship with Gaiapatra, a model and photographer, between 2013 and 2018.

Furthermore, there are limited details available about their relationship.

Similarly, he dated a woman named Callie, with whom he has a daughter named Riley Cerulli.

While Chris has not walked down the aisle, his romantic history includes significant relationships and the joy of fatherhood with his daughter Riley.

Chris Motionless Kids

Riley Cerulli, Chris Motionless' Daughter Image
Riley Cerulli, Chris Motionless’ Daughter

Chris Motionless is a father to Riley Cerulli, who was born when he was in his twenties.

However, Chris shares parenthood with Riley’s mother, Callie, although limited information is available about her.

While details about Callie’s life remain private, it is known that she lives with their daughter, Riley.

The singer, known for his work with Motionless in White, embraces fatherhood with his child.

Chris Motionless Instagram

Chris Motionless is quite famous on social media as he shares his musical journey on Instagram with 399 posts and 774,000 followers by following 277 accounts.

His pronouns are He/Him, and he embraces the XVX lifestyle.

Check out his vocal prowess with Motionless in White at the shared YouTube Channel link. 

Chris Motionless YouTube

Chris Motionless secured 1.07 million subscribers and hosts 141 videos on his official YouTube channel (@MotionlessInWhiteband).

They recently released the album ‘Scoring The End Of The World,’ and you can explore their latest work and music through the provided link.

Dive into the dark and dynamic world of Motionless In White on YouTube.

Chris Motionless Daughter’s Instagram

Chris Motionless Daughter Image

Chris Motionless’ daughter, Riley Cerulli, maintains a private Instagram account, with 1,445 posts, she has 792 followers while following 3,412 accounts.

Her bio humorously mentions shaving her eyebrows without a clear reason. The account offers a glimpse into Riley’s world, sharing moments with those granted access to her private profile.

Final Thought

In conclusion, Chris Motionless, the lead vocalist of Motionless in White, remains single and dedicated to his music. At the same time, he was previously in a long-term relationship, details about his personal life.

However, Kindly share your thoughts and queries in the comments below. Wishing everyone a thoughtful Thanksgiving!

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