In today’s article, we are gonna talk about, Derek Mathewson, the man behind the wheel of “Mathewson’s Classic Cars” and the star of the hit UK show “Bangers and Cash,” who is not your average car enthusiast.

With his irresistible charm and a passion for all things automotive, he has won over a devoted fanbase and caught the attention of celebrities alike.

Derek’s journey in the automotive industry began back in 1970, selling modern cars and trucks in Bedfordshire before relocating to North Yorkshire in the late 80s.

So, buckle up and get ready to ride alongside Derek Mathewson on his thrilling road to success and factful life’s voyage!

Who is Derek Mathewson?

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Derek Mathewson is a car enthusiast, the proprietor of the family-owned business “Mathewson’s Classic Cars” and a reality television star on the UK-produced program “Bangers and Cash”.

Born in October 1951, Derek Mathewson is the star of Bangers And Cash and the owner of Mathewson’s family car company. 

Over the years he has drawn a legion of fans and celebs with his motor auction house show.

Derek began selling modern cars and trucks in Bedfordshire in 1970, before setting up business in North Yorkshire in the late 80s.

His booming business has also expanded into the car contract rental and leasing market, delivering motors throughout the UK.

What is Derek Mathewson Doing Now?

There’s no denying that Derek Mathewson is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to business and TV stardom.

With each passing day, his star continues to rise, captivating audiences worldwide.

Our extensive research reports reveal that Derek Mathewson is at the helm of a thriving family business.

Moreover, which boasts a massive fan base, specializing in the world of vintage cars.

It’s his unwavering expertise and genuine love for automobiles that have propelled him to the heights of success he enjoys today.

Is Derek Mathewson Married?

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In February 2023, our exclusive report revealed that Derek made the difficult decision to part ways with his wife Sue.

However, for his married work colleague Vicki Ivens, who also appeared in the popular show Bangers And Cash.

According to our sources, Vicki had informed her husband in September of the previous year about her deep affection for Derek.

Initially, she described it as a friendly, fatherly bond. However, things took a different turn last month when Sue unexpectedly arrived at Nicholas’s house armed with a list of phone numbers.

“But last month, Sue turned up at Nicholas’s house with a list of phone numbers.

Is Sarah, Derek Mathewson’s Daughter?

Sarah is not a member of the Matthewson family but she did work for them.

However, she was with the company for four years from 2016. The TV show Bangers and Cash focused on the Mathewson family.

Derek Mathewson’s “Bangers And Cash”

Bangers And Cash, which kicked off in 2019, revolves around Derek’s family auction business nestled in the picturesque village of Thornton Le Dale.

The show beautifully captures their love for all things vintage, particularly classic cars. Airing on UKTV, this series has propelled the family to stardom, with their charisma shining through the screen.

Building on this success, Derek also graced the spin-off series Bangers And Cash in 2022, further cementing their place in the spotlight.

Who is Derek Mathewson’s New Wife?

Rumours swirl and tongues wag as the spotlight turns to Derek Mathewson, the charismatic star of the hit UK TV car auction show, Bangers And Cash.

 However, It seems our boy Derek may have found himself caught up in a whirlwind of emotions and unexpected twists in his personal life. 

Moreover, Word on the street is that he’s bid farewell to his wife of four decades.

 So, taking a leap into the arms of a certain Vicki Ivens, a married colleague who happens to be a sprightly 26 years his junior.

 Talk about turning up the heat! Sparks flew as Derek and Vicki got cosy while working side by side at the family-run business in lovely Yorkshire.

 So, Brace yourselves for an extraordinary tale of love, passion, and the ever-unpredictable journey of the human heart.

 The star of the UK TV car auction series Bangers And Cash ‘grew close’ to Vicki after working together at his family-run business in Yorkshire.

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