Keen to know if our beloved American film legend, Ethan Embry, is still rocking the ball and chain?

Well, chuck a sickie and get ready for some juicy goss! Ethan, known for his ripper performances in flicks like “Empire Records” and “Can’t Hardly Wait,” has stolen hearts left, right, and center.

But what’s the dinky-di on his love life, eh? Has he found the love of his life or is he flying solo like a cheeky bugger?

We’re here to spill the beans on Ethan’s marital status. So grab a cold one, settle in, and find out if our charming bloke is still wearing a wedding ring or if he’s back on the market!

Who is Ethan Embry?

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Ethan Embry is an American film and television actor.

In addition, He is known for his role as Mark in Empire Records, Preston in Can’t Hardly Wait, The Bass Player in That Thing You Do!, and Bobby Ray in Sweet Home Alabama.

Ethan Embry, is Famous For?

Ethan Embry, the talented American film actor, has had a remarkable career with several notable movies that have left a lasting impact on audiences, find a few of them in the below-given list of his movies.

However, these movies showcase Ethan Embry’s versatility as an actor and his ability to bring unique characters to life on the silver screen.

Is Ethan Embry Still Married?

Ethan Embry was previously married to actress Amelinda Smith. They tied the knot on November 14, 1998, but unfortunately divorced in 2002.

Together, they have one child named Cogeian Sky Embry. However, please note that there may have been updates or changes since then, and it’s advisable to consult reliable sources for the most recent information.

Ethan Embry Wife

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Embry married actress Amelinda Smith on November 14, 1998, but unfortunately, they divorced in 2002. the duo has one child together, Cogeian Sky Embry.

Later, Embry married actress Sunny Mabrey on July 17, 2005, then In 2012, Mabrey filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

Further, In 2013, Embry and Mabrey began dating again and remarried in June 2015, Embry and Mabrey have homes in Los Angeles and Atlanta.

In November 2006, Embry and Mabrey were robbed at gunpoint in their driveway.

In 2008, Embry settled a lawsuit with former Deal or No Deal model Angelina Roudeza, who had sued him after being scarred over her torso when thrown from his motorcycle in 2005.

Ethan Embry Sunny Embry

“It’s the very same one I had from way back in the day,” revealed Mabrey, her voice filled with nostalgic affection, as she spoke exclusively to Us Weekly at the Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards on Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015, in Los Angeles. “I just couldn’t bear to part with it, you know?

However, It held too much sentimental value, and maybe, just maybe, it carried a flicker of hope in my heart all this time!”

With these words, Mabrey eloquently expressed the profound significance of her engagement ring, symbolizing the rekindling of their love and the enduring power of second chances.

Ethan Embry Amelinda Smith

Ethan Embry and Amelinda Smith were married for 3 years.

They dated for 10 months after getting together in 1998 and married on 14th Nov 1998. 3 years later they divorced in 2002, They had a son named Cogeian Sky age 23.

Ethan Embry Movies

  1. “Empire Records” (1995): Embry starred as the rebellious employee, Mark, in this cult classic about a group of record store employees navigating the challenges of life and love.
  2. “Can’t Hardly Wait” (1998): In this teen comedy, Embry portrayed Preston, a high school student who plans to confess his love for his longtime crush at a wild graduation party.
  3. “Sweet Home Alabama” (2002): Embry appeared in this romantic comedy as Bobby Ray, the best friend and confidant of the film’s protagonist, played by Reese Witherspoon.
  4. “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle” (2004): Embry took on the role of a wild and unpredictable character named Billy Carver, joining the misadventures of the two main characters on their quest for White Castle burgers.
  5. “The Devil’s Candy” (2015): In this horror thriller, Embry portrayed a struggling artist who becomes possessed by a sinister force after moving into a new home.

Was Ethan Embry in Grey’s Anatomy?

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Yes, indeed! Ethan Embry, the talented American film actor, made a memorable appearance in a 2012 episode of the hit medical drama series, Grey’s Anatomy.

In this episode, he portrayed the character of Dr. David Moore. Now, you might be wondering who Dr Moore is in the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital universe.

Well, hold onto your scrubs because Dr. Moore is a skilled and dedicated physician who finds himself entangled in the intricate web of medical cases and personal dramas that make Grey’s Anatomy so addictive.

Why did Ethan Embry Change his Name?

Ethan Embry’s last name was Randall, but he changed it to Embry because it was his grandfather’s last name.

Is Ethan Embry Sober?

Well, yes as Embry, who’s been sober for six years, revealed that he was once addicted to black tar heroin and prescription painkillers, and made clear he was troubled by Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ recent call for harsher criminal penalties for drug offenders.

Ethan Embry’s Net Worth

Ethan Embry is an actor in film and television who has a net worth of $3 million, as of June 2023.

However, Ethan Embry earned his net worth through his years as an actor in films such as National Lampoons Vacation and Can’t Hardly Wait.

He has also starred in many television sitcoms and television dramas such as L.A. Dragnet, and Fairly Legal and is well known for his role as Declan Giggs, a State Police Detective on the Showtime series Brotherhood.

Ethan Embry Once Upon a Time

In the TV series “Once Upon a Time” (2011–2018), Ethan Embry portrayed the character Greg Mendell.

Greg Mendell, also known as Owen Flynn, is a determined and curious outsider who arrives in the town of Storybrooke with a mission.

He becomes entangled in the magical world of fairy tales and the residents of Storybrooke, who are characters from classic tales transported to the real world by a powerful curse.

Greg’s storyline involves his relentless pursuit of the truth about the town’s secrets and his connection to the mysterious organization known as “The Home Office.”

As Greg Mendell, Ethan Embry brought a mix of determination, skepticism, and vulnerability to the complex world of “Once Upon a Time.”

Ethan Embry Empire Records

In the cult classic film “Empire Records,” Ethan Embry delivers a standout performance as Mark, one of the eclectic employees at a small independent record store.

Set over a single day, the movie follows a group of misfit employees as they navigate personal struggles, musical aspirations, and the looming threat of the store being taken over by a corporate chain.

Mark, known for his wild and rebellious nature, provides a dose of humor and youthful energy to the film.

Through Embry’s portrayal, Mark becomes a symbol of teenage angst, rebellion, and the desire to find a sense of identity and purpose in a rapidly changing world.

Ethan Embry Sweet Home Alabama

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In the romantic comedy “Sweet Home Alabama,” Ethan Embry portrays the character of Bobby Ray, the loyal best friend of the film’s protagonist, Melanie Carmichael (played by Reese Witherspoon).

Bobby Ray is a down-to-earth, good-natured guy who provides unwavering support and guidance to Melanie throughout the story.

He offers a grounded perspective and serves as a confidant for Melanie as she navigates her complicated love life and reconciles her past in her hometown of Alabama.

Embry’s portrayal of Bobby Ray showcases his ability to bring warmth, humour, and sincerity to the screen, adding depth to the film’s ensemble cast.

Ethan Embry Walking Dead

In “The Walking Dead,” Ethan Embry portrayed the character of Carter, a resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Carter’s fate was sealed during the construction of the community’s protective fence.

Unfortunately, his life came to a tragic end as he either fell victim to the relentless walkers or, in a shocking turn of events, was murdered by one of his fellow survivors.

Carter’s demise serves as a testament to the unforgiving and unpredictable nature of the post-apocalyptic world in which the show is set.

Ethan Embry’s portrayal of Carter brought depth to the character, highlighting the struggles and dangers faced by the inhabitants of the Alexandria Safe Zone.

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