Gwen Berry has made waves in the Olympics, not only for her award-winning performance on the field but also for her public political statements.

This fierce woman is on a mission to prove not only her strength but her vivacious personality as well. At a mere 32 years of age, she has accomplished what many can only dream of.

Find out more about this outstanding American athlete, her political opinions, and details of the scandal at the Olympics 2021. In this article, we discover more about her exciting life and athletic career.

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Is Gwen Berry Trans?

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Although track athlete Gwen Berry was engulfed in rumors of being a transgender woman, she is not a man.

She was born female in 1989. Gwen gave birth to her son, Derrick, at the age of 15.

She was fortunate enough to receive support from her family in raising the child.

Berry states that she has had no surgery performed on her body, and she has always competed in the women’s divisions.

There is no evidence to support the rumors available in the public domain as of now. The athlete has also never spoken about being transgender in public yet.

Berry is referred to as she and has given birth to her son making it clear she is a born female.

“My people built this country,” Gwen Berry said. “I am an American, so I can stand out and speak out for what I believe in because it is my constitutional right.”

Who Is Gwen Berry Husband? Is She Married?

Gwen Berry does not have a husband as she is not married to anyone yet. In fact, information about her past dating history or her boyfriend has also not come to the surface yet.

Similarly, she never introduced the father of her son Derrick on the internet or to the general public. By the look of things, Gwen seems to be a single mother and does not have any partners as of now.

However, she could also be keeping her relationship secret as of now. We can never be sure about these celebrities.

What country is Gwen Berry from?

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Berry is an American citizen and was born in 29 June 1989 and raised in St Louis, Missouri. She began her athletic career on the basketball court at McCluer High.

Later she moved onto the track field as a Triple Jumper in college, which proved a great decision.

Berry learnt the hammer throwing techniques quickly and was placed 4th for this event at the USA Junior Championships in 2008.

She won gold in the Pan American Sports Festival in 2014 whilst competing against her idol, Yipsi Moreno.

She subsequently earned her spot in the USA team for the Rio Olympics 2016. Berry was close to her goal to become the first American female Hammer Thrower to win an Olympic gold medal.

In 2018, Gwen Berry’s hammer throw was recorded as the 6th furthest throw of all time in the woman division, at 77.78m.

Who are Gwen Berry’s parents?

At the head of this family of six sits Michael Berry and Laura Hayes. They are parents to two daughters, Gwen and Quincy, and two sons, Davon and Michale.

Michael Berry fought for his country and was deployed to Iraq in 2004.

Did Gwen Berry graduate college?

She attended Southern Illinois University, where she graduated in 2011. Her chosen major was Psychology, with a Criminal Justice minor.

Her introduction to hammer throwing was all thanks to her involvement with the SIU athletics team.

Is Gwen Berry trans?

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She was born female in 1989. Gwen gave birth to her son, Derrick, at the age of 15.

She was fortunate enough to receive support from her family in raising the child.

Berry states that she has had no surgery performed on her body, and she has always competed in the women’s divisions.

Gwen Berry, the Activist Athlete

The athletes first public form of protest occurred in 2019 at the Pan American Games in Peru. Her statement was made when she took to the podium with a raised fist during the national anthem.

Berry’s raised fist symbolized her dissatisfaction with then President Trump and the social injustices facing the US. She was consequently placed on probation for a year and lost 75% worth of funding.

She lost several sponsorship deals when companies such as Nike pulled out.

Berry’s probation caused outrage within the Olympic community. The IOC prohibits any form of political demonstration or propaganda.

Whilst many athletes argued that it is their fundamental human right to have freedom of speech.

On 2 July 2021, the rules on sanctioning athletes from public political demonstrations have been altered. BLM logos may now be visibly worn.

Gwen Berry’s Olympic 2021 appearance caused a scandal as her gesture appeared to be anti-American.

When Berry took to the podium with Deanne Price and Brooke Anderson, she was told that this was an introduction to the audience and would not involve the anthem. As customary, the anthem was only due to play at the beginning of the evening’s session, at 5.20 pm, and not for each event.

However, once hammer thrower Gwen Berry was already on the podium, the anthem began playing. This inconsistency poses an issue.

Many athletes have chosen to refrain from standing on the podium during the anthem as a form of protest, and Berry was denied that right.

Turning her back to the flag, Gwen Berry enforced her protest by covering her head with a shirt that read: Activist Athlete.

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What did Gwen Berry say?

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Berry states that she felt like the whole scenario was set up to cause controversy, and she was visibly upset. She said: “I was p***ed, to be honest. They had enough opportunities to play the national anthem before we got up there.”

Berry upset many people with her actions, mainly because they were viewed as disrespectful to the flag and anti-American. Insisting that her political statement was only motivated by racial injustice, Gwen Berry tweeted:

“These comments really show that: 1) People in American rally patriotism over basic morality.

2) Even after the murder of George Floyd and so many others; the commercials, statements, and phony sentiments regarding black lives were just a hoax.”

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Does Puma sponsor Gwen Berry?

Puma approached her with a sponsorship deal before the Olympic trials after Nike dropped her. This USD 15,000 sponsorship deal was arranged by the non-profit organization, Colour of Change.

Color of Change support Gwen as a political activist. Puma chose to work with Berry for the same reason.

It stated that her activism aligns with the core values of the Puma brand and their contribution to Black empowerment.

They said it is safe to say that we have not seen the last of proud activism at the Olympics 2021. Following the spread of this news, Gwen Berry’s political statement has sparked both inspiration and anger.

The inconsistency in IOC rules has been brought to light, and more athletes are taking a political stance in a call for equality. Gwen Berry has been an inspiration to all of them.

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