Are you the person who keeps updated with the weather? Have you seen the hard work of the meteorologist reporters who used to wear raincoats and will be providing us with news in inclement weather?

It is a kind of sacrifice, and it deserves lots of appreciation.

Meanwhile, in this article, the hero is also a meteorologist who has won many awards for his valuable service to the people. He is the great Fox 5 weather meteorologist Mike Woods.

Mike Woods has won the hearts of many, and he has a great personality. But presently, he is succumbing to a dating rumor.

Mike is dating fellow journalist Ines Rosales.

Is it true? To know the answer, readers have to read the full article.

Who is Mike Woods?

Mike Woods
source: Instagram

Mike Woods is a talented weather anchor and “Good Day New York” feature reporter for the Fox 5 news channel.

And he is a specialist in covering weather events, including blizzards, hurricanes, heatwaves, tornadoes, etc.

Mike has even received an Emmy nomination for his best weather forecast by NATAS.

Mike is also a generous philanthropist who has contributed to numerous charitable causes in the past.

He strongly advocates for black men’s rights and has been honored with the black media legends awards.

Who is Ines Rosales?

Mike Woods pic
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Ines Rosales is one of the traffic reporters who works for the Fox 5 channel, and she used to appear in the Good Day New York early morning show.

She has been working for the Fox Channel for more than 10 years.

She started her job from the ground up and is now a successful traffic reporter.

But why are we discussing these two Fox 5 news channel reporters?

Because there has been a rumor circulating revolving around this reporter.

Is Ines Rosales married to Mike Woods?

Mike Woods-
source: Instagram

Ines and Mike are both working for the Fox 5 channel, so there is more probability that both of them might have a very good relationship.

Because they were colleagues, they maintained a healthy relationship, but some mistook it for a romantic one.

There are rumors spreading that Mike married Ines, both of them got engaged, and many more rumors.

But the truth is, they were just a rumor.

On the other side, some online sources claim that Mike Wood has been dating Ines Rosales for longer.

So, Ines maybe Mike Woods’ girlfriend. As of now, they haven’t gotten married.

In addition to that, they even encountered a kiss cam situation.

Who is Ines Rosales Married to?

Mike Woods-image
source: Instagram

Ines Rosales married police officer Brian Renda, based in Clark, New Jersey.

But after a few years, the pair divorced due to personal reasons; thus, Ines is currently single.

What happened to Mike Woods?

Mike Woods images
source: Instagram

Mike Woods battled deadly prostate cancer in 2018, but he immediately sought hospital treatment and has since recovered from the disease.

Mike Woods Surgery

Everyone’s favorite weatherman has been struggling with severe back issues, so he is planning to undergo surgery for his back issues.

We hope everything will be all right in the future.

Let us see some of the interesting facts about Mike Wood.

Trending Facts

  • Mike Wood was born in Sacramento, California, on January 27, 1968, making him 55 years old in 2023.
  • The meteorologist’s father’s name is Ed Woods, and he is of American and African descent.
  • Mike has always been interested in climates and weather, so he majored in rhetoric and communications with a specialization in atmospheric science.
  • He started his career in 1993 as a morning and noon weather anchor at Eastern North Carolina. Then he shifted to New York.
  • Mike has dealt with many hurricanes, and his weather coverage on Irene was gone for 72 hours, and Mike Woods did the coverage without any errors.
  • In 2018, Mike was diagnosed with prostate cancer, but thankfully he was cured. His sickness motivated him to create cancer awareness and do more charitable work for cancer organizations.
  • Mike Wood is a gym enthusiast who enjoys working out, skiing, and other outdoor activities. As a result, Mike was featured in Muscle & Fitness’s Real People column.
  • There are numerous controversies surrounding Michael Wood’s sexual orientation, which he describes as gay. Mike, however, has yet to come out as gay. Until then it is a good thing we forget about the rumors and we shall focus on his achievements instead.

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Bottom Line

Thus, Mike Wood is a very famous meteorologist who has devoted his life to providing services for the people.

Sharing weather updates is not easy, but they are doing that for us, and they are still normal human beings who tend to love other people.

And Mike Wood did that, and we all wish him great success in his personal life.

The end!

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