Islah Korean Gates (born on November 30, 2012) is the daughter of Kevin Jerome Gilyard aka Kevin Gates, who is an American singer, rapper, and entrepreneur. With her father being a star in the US, Islah has become popular as a star kid.

Islah’s mother Derka Gates is also a popular name in the United States where she is a star on the social media platform Instagram. Born into a star-studded household, Islah is already preparing for a career in the same lines.

Keep reading to know more about Islah Korean Gates.

Profile Summary
NameIslah Koren
Birth Dateborn on November 30, 2012
Birth PlaceUnited States
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Age11 years old as of 2023
WeightIn Kilogram: 25 kg
In pounds: 55 lbe
Net WorthN/A
EducationPrimary School
ProfessionDaughter of Kevin Jerome Gilyard aka Kevin Gates
ParentsFather: Kevin Gates
Mother: Dreka Gates
SiblingBrother: Khaza Kamil Gates
Martial StatusUnmarried

Who is Islah Koren Gates?

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Islah Korean Gates is a celebrity child from the United States who has become popular because of the fortune of having famous parents. She was born and raised in the United States and belongs to a mixed race.

Islah is the first child of her parents, and she has a younger brother by the name of Khaza Kamil Gates. Her brother Khaza was born on May 10, 2014, and he is only two years younger than her.

Islah’s parents got married only after the birth of both of their children in 2015. Both Islah and Khaza were born in 2012 and 2014 respectively.

Soon after the birth of the children, both Kevin and Derka got married after several years of relationship and living together.

Early Life of Islah Koren Gates

Kevin & Derka Gates
Kevin & Derka Gates

Islah Koren Gates was born on November 30, 2012, in the United States. She is very young and still in her years of growing up, enjoying childhood.

Islah is the daughter of famous American rapper Kevin Gates and social media influencer Derka Gates.

Her Sun sign is Sagittarius. She has another sibling who is two years younger than her by the name of Khaza Kamil Gates who was born in 2014.

Islah is an American by nationality and of mixed ethnicity. She is the firstborn child to Kevin and Derka and they had her before marriage.

Islah’s parents were high school sweethearts and they got married only in 2015.

Islah Koren Gates Age

Islah Koren Gates is 11 years old as of 2023 because she was born on November 30, 2012. She is young and a beautiful young baby girl still in the years of her growth.

Islah will surely grow up to become a superstar like her parents. She has all the opportunities required in terms of family support and financial backing.

This will help her to explore what she wants in her life and pursue it accordingly.

Has gained a lot of attention from the public because of her parents who are influential. Her father is an accomplished musician and her mother is a social media sensation in the United States.

These reasons have also kept Islah in the limelight and the imagination of the people who follow the parents. The public is curious to know what this child is up to because of her parents.

But it is too early to say anything or even to pass any verdict about Islah Kevin Gates.

Islah Koren Gates Height and Weight

Islah Koren Gates’ Height and Weight are unknown as of now because she is still a child in her growing up years. She has just turned 11 years old recently and is still a child.

But Islah has the average height, weight, and stature of any young and healthy child. Feels obviously going to grow up into a beautiful young lady like her mother.

For now, the only focus of Islah’s parents is to bring her up as a healthy child with a good education that will help them build a successful career.

Islah Koren Gates Career

To talk about Islah Koren Gates’s career she is still a young and inexperienced girl with a lot of time on her side to think about and build a career.

She may want to become a well-known rapper and pop singer like her father Kevin and thereby pursue a career in the music industry. It could be her mother’s career which is more interesting to her.

Islah might want to follow the food steps of her mother and become an influencer on social media.

Her mother does not come here to influence or but is almost now a sensation on social media with millions of people following her.

One cannot assume right now which direction she might go, whether it is music or is it going to be the social media route.

We might not be able to predict anything at the moment because by the time Islah grows up there could be an even more lucrative career path for her.

Islah Koren Gates Boyfriend

Islah Gates with parents
Islah Gates with parents

Islah Koren Gates is a young girl child who is not even in her teens to have her imagination go in that direction. For now, it is the time for her to have her enjoy her life and have fun every day.

She is a pretty little kid who is surely going to grow up into a beautiful lady and find many suitors to woo her.

Currently, it is important for her to put her focus on her childhood and enjoy growing up so that.

With such a supportive environment and exposure around her one will watch out and wait to see in which direction Islah is going to evolve.

With her famous parents Kevin and Derka around her it will both be convenient but also pressure for her to develop herself into a successful person.

Islah Koren Gates Net Worth

Islah Koren Gates’s net worth cannot be individually estimated as she is not just an 11-year-old child.

Her net worth is now linked to that of her parents who are very wealthy in their own careers, fame, and influence in entertainment and social media.

Islah Kevin Gates is active on Instagram with a handle by the name Islahgates. It has a following of more than 60,000 fans.

This fan following is mostly due to the influence her parents have had across the entertainment industry.

If the child grows up to become an influential personality like her parents she is surely going to enjoy popularity. Then, her wealth will be much more than that of her parents.

As of 2023 her parents Kevin and Derka together have an estimated net worth of $5 million.

In conclusion

Islah is a beautiful young girl who is famous as a celebrity kid. She is still in her childhood but the public is waiting to see where her life is going.

This is after being influenced by her parents who are popular and influential in their own way. Islah if properly guided and supported in the years to come will surely become a sensation like her parents.

Hope this article kept you excited till the end. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the below comment section.

Soon will be back with another amazing personality.

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