In this developing generation, more than half of the people of this world are trying to make their careers online. Although, very few came out as winners.

Iwona Blecharczyk is among those people whose biography we are going to see below.

Profile summary

  • Name: Iwona Blecharczyk
  • Birth Date: May 19, 1986
  • Birth Place: Poland
  • Age: 35 years old
  • Height: 1.78m
  • Net worth: $1-3 Million US dollars
  • Profession: Blogger
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Sister: Agnieszka Blecharczyk
  • Nationality: Poland
  • Residence: Poland

Who is Iwona Blecharczyk?

Iwona Blecharczyk image

Iwona Blecharczyk is a famous blogger and a truck driver who now owns the company Imagination by IB’. She is 35 years old and holds a Poland nationality.

Iwona Blecharczyk is highly extolled for her profession as a female truck driver. She is accentuated as a blogger who documents her journey as a truck driver.

People appreciate her for her strength and passion for her career as she started driving heavy vehicles at an early age.

She has experience in her field for nearly 10 years which proves that she is a professional transporter. Iwona Blecharczyk is erudite in her vocation that is the reason she is owning a company.

Iwona gained thousands of followers on YouTube by making self-titled blogs.

Early life of Iwona Blecharczyk

Iwona Blecharczyk was born on 19th May 1986 in Poland. Iwona. She was brought up in a small town near Rzesźow in South Poland with her sister Agnieszka Blecharczyk.

There is no information disclosed about her parents and regarding her education. It seems like she is secretive when it comes to her childhood and family information.

Well, it doesn’t matter as her success journey is more important than it.

Iwona Blecharczyk Career

Iwona Blecharczyk started her career as a truck driver in November 2011. Iwona worked as a driver for H.Essers.

Iwona started her YouTube channel on 16 June 2013 in which she used posted about her daily trucking life and traveling in distinct regions of Europe. She is a truck driver since she was 24 years old.

In September 2017 she moved to Toronto and worked as a city driver in Montreal. Iwona Blecharczyk persisted in her career as a blogger and truck driver.

She drives heavy transport and goods across European countries like Germany, Croatia, Greece, Netherlands, Italy, etc.

However, when Iwona Blecharczyk started blogging she started getting recognition and was profoundly respected by people as she inspired many females, which led to her successful journey.

She has been running her truck company since 2014.

Iwona Blecharczyk image

In blogs, Iwona documents her journeys and traveling shots, and posts on Instagram to procure a self-titled blog for her followers on YouTube.

She has got more than 1.3 million views on YouTube. She is a professional transporter who delivers goods, and delivery packages across Europe.

The transfer of goods highly depends on people like Iwona who are responsible and decisive about their work.

Iwona’s vehicle weighs 59 meters (194 feet long) which is quite heavy since she has been driving heavy transports at an early age.

Rise to Stardom

Iwona Blecharczyk learned to drive on long roads from Gabarite Maniek one of the first to ride a helicopter.

In March 2019, she won the Barbie Shero distinction awards campaign in Warsaw.

Later on, she opened a charity program for funds raising money named Allegro charity for drivers who had cancer and needed money for their treatments, drivers who sustained injuries during driving carriers.

In July 2019, Iwona was announced as a brand ambassador of ORLEN OIL brand which manufactures oil for truck engines and buses.

One of her biggest accomplishments and her dream came true, Iwona Blecharczyk launched her company Imagination By IB with the assistance of Volvo Trucks on 18 August 2021.

In October, she designed a special truck with Petronas Urania, which delivers the best oil engines for trucks and smooth drive so that the trucks can run throughout Europe.

Iwona Blecharczyk image

Iwona Blecharczyk was recorded among the most popular bloggers born in June and similarly, she was added to the list of celebrities in Poland.

Besides being a blogger and a truck driver she is a famous YouTuber, Book author, and TV host.

Iwona Blecharczyk Personal life

Iwona Blecharczyk is unmarried and she is not in any relationship, according to different sources. Although it is not revealed by her. We checked her all accounts and she didn’t mention it.

She wants to keep her private life secret. There are various rumors about her relationship status.

Iwona Blecharczyk Net Worth

Iwona Blecharczyk estimated net worth is $10 million US dollars. She makes $1-3 million a month. The source of her income is her profession as a blogger, truck driver, and YouTuber.

Being a famous blogger she might be earning from other various ways like she might be associated with the advertising industry or the brand ambassador of different companies.

Social media appearance

Iwona Blecharczyk is a Famous blogger and holds many social media followers. She is spectacularly a well-known personality.

Talking about her social media followers they are broad and usually in thousands. Let’s take a look at her social media handles with his follower count.

  • Instagram — More than 200 thousand followers
  • Facebook — More than 375 thousand followers
  • YouTube — More than 423 thousand followers

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