Jackson Mahomes (born on 15 May 2000) is a famous American Internet personality best known for being the brother of Patrick Mahomes. He always keeps himself in controversies for his mysterious activities.

People often call him a controversial TikTok star as he always keeps himself in the headlines. Let’s read his biography, age, height, sibling, brother, net worth, parents, and a lot of other things.

Who is Jackson Mahomes?

Jackson Mahomes Image

Jackson Mahomes is a famous TikTok star and Social Media Personality. He is widely famous for being the brother of the popular football quarterback, Patrick Mahomes II.

Besides this, Jackson has achieved a lot through his social media appearance and is leading all his way through his followers.

He has settled with the various platforms, including Fanjoy where he sells some products. He has gained a lot of followers on his social media handles.

Let’s look below and see how he succeeded to these all in such a very short time.

Early Life of Jackson Mahomes

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Jackson Mahomes was born on 15 May 2000 in Texas, United States of America. His father, Pat Mahomes is an American former baseball pitcher, while his mother, Randi Mahomes is a housewife.

He has two siblings, a brother named Patrick Mahomes II, and a sister named, Mia Randall.

Patrick is a renowned American football quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League.

He did his elementary education at Whitehouse High School in Texas. As per sources, he is currently studying marketing at the University of Missouri in Kansas City.

Jackson Mahomes Age

Jackson Mahomes is 23 years old as of 2023 as he was born on 15 May 2000.

Despite being at such a young age, he has managed to gain significant attention and notoriety as a famous American Internet personality, mainly recognized as the brother of Patrick Mahomes.

His controversial and mysterious activities have contributed to his popularity and recognition in the online world.

Jackson Mahomes Sibling

Jackson Mahomes has two siblings, a brother named Patrick Mahomes II, and a sister named, Mia Randall. They are very close to Jackson and their family.

They could be seen enjoying their days together.

Jackson Mahomes Brother

Jackson Mahomes is famously known as the younger brother of NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes. While his brother shines on the football field, Jackson has made a name for himself as a social media personality.

With a strong presence on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, he has amassed a substantial following, offering glimpses into his unique lifestyle.

Jackson often shares his adventures, dance moves, and fun-loving moments with his audience. His love for sports and fashion is evident through his posts, showcasing a vibrant personality that resonates with many.

However, his fame hasn’t come without its share of controversies and criticism, particularly for some of his social media antics.

Jackson Mahomes Parents

Patrick Lavon Mahomes’ parents are Randi Martin and his father, also named Pat Mahomes. Randi Martin is based in Tyler, Texas, and is known for her role as an event planner and homemaker.

Interestingly, she shares her name with her son’s father, Randy Martin.

While her former husband, Patrick Lavon Mahomes, had a successful career as a professional baseball pitcher in Major League Baseball from 1992 to 2003, their son Patrick Mahomes II has made a name for himself in the NFL as the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Mahomes family’s athletic legacy and commitment to their community in Texas have been notable aspects of their story.

Jackson Mahomes Career

Jackson Mahomes Image

Jackson Mahomes began his career as a TikTok and Social Media Influencer. Although, he was already famous a lot and was popularly known as the brother of Patrick Mahomes.

He took advantage nicely and made his career with the help of his fame. Jackson appeared on almost all the social media platforms, including TikTok.

As a result, he became a Lip-Sync artist and short video creator on various social media platforms.

Most of his fans are followers of him because of his brother. In this run, they started loving his content too, and became big fans of him.

He has gained more than 966K followers on his TikTok account.

This really shows his popularity on a large scale. Besides this, Jackson has over 252K followers on Instagram and over 28.6K followers on his Twitter handle.

Also, he is holding about 2.6K followers on his Facebook page. Even Jackson has the blue verified tick on all of his social media platforms.

In the Headlines

Jackson Mahomes always used to stay in the news headlines because of his controversial actions. Recently in July, the New York Post published an article where it said about his new incident.

Actually, Mahomes disappeared for almost two months, after he opened up about how media is destroying his life.

Prior to this statement, he was called out by a business on TikTok for allegedly scamming the company.

Further, we already know he was ripper by a Kansas City bar, which claimed that he acted entitled and was so rude to the staff at the establishment.

Even his brother, Patrick knows well about his incidents. Patrick said in an interview about his brother, stating “Obviously it’s something that we don’t want to necessarily do”.”

Back in September 2021, Jackson poured water on Ravens fans after the chiefs’ loss, making another controversy in the media. This is where he started his controversial stuff.

Following this, Jackson then danced to Sean Taylor’s Number. Similarly, he has gone through a lot of other controversial incidents, that brought him into the limelight as well as got a huge amount of trollers.

Commercial Success

Jackson Mahomes achieved great commercial success with his amazing strategies. When he looked at himself growing on all the social media platforms, he opened a YouTube channel.

He created his channel on April 12, 2020, and named it after him. In his initial days, he gained thousands of followers with his very few videos.

Actually, he was attracting his followers to his channel, as a result, he gained a lot of subscribers.

As of now, Jackson has more than 24K followers on his YouTube channel. Besides this, he is also available on the Fanjoy platform where he is working as an online seller.

His products include T-Shirts, Pants, Masks, Mobile Covers, and other products.

Jackson Mahomes Girlfriend

Jackson Mahomes is currently single and has no girlfriend. However, he has been seen with a lot of females.

A few years back, people associated his name with Brittany Matthews. However, at that time they were just a friend who loved to spend their valuable time together.

The same lady is now the girlfriend of Jackson’s brother, Patrick Mahomes. They have also announced to get married very soon.

It is completely clear that Jackson was not in any sort of relationship with Brittany. As of his appearance on the internet, he is still single and enjoying his life as a bachelor man.

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Jackson Mahomes Net Worth

Jackson Mahomes estimated net worth is $800,000 USD as of the year 2023. He has earned this huge amount through his profession as a social media star.

Most of his capital has been generated from his social media handles. Holding such a huge number of followers is enough to earn an abundant amount of money.

Besides this, he has earned it through being an online seller at Fanjoy.

He is not very active on YouTube, otherwise, he would have earned additional thousands of dollars.

Apart from this, he can do brand promotions and paid advertisements to generate a normal amount of capital.

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Jackson Mahomes Height and Weight

Jackson Mahomes is not associated with any sports club but is still as famous as his brother. If we talk about his physical appearance, he stands around 6 feet 6 inches taller, which is equal to 198 centimeters or 1.98 meters.

Further, his weight is around 85 kg which is equal to 187 lbs. Overall, he comes in the taller people category as he has joined the 6.5 meter plus category.

Physical Appearance
HeightFeet & Inches: 6’6”
Centimeter: 198 cm
Meter: 1.98 m
WeightKilograms: 85 kg
Pounds: 187 lbs

Facts About Jackson Mahomes

  • Jackson Mahomes is a well-known American Internet personality born on May 15, 2000.
  • He gained fame primarily for being the brother of NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes.
  • Jackson is often in the spotlight for his controversial actions on platforms like TikTok.
  • He started his career as a TikTok and social media influencer, leveraging his famous sibling’s reputation.
  • Jackson has amassed a large following on social media, with over 966K TikTok followers, 252K Instagram followers, and 28.6K Twitter followers.
  • He also operates a YouTube channel and sells various products on the Fanjoy platform.
  • Jackson Mahomes is currently single and not in a relationship despite being seen with several females.
  • His estimated net worth as of 2022 is $800,000, mainly from his social media presence and online sales.
  • Jackson is quite tall, standing at 6 feet 6 inches (198 cm) and weighing around 187 lbs (85 kg).
  • He is known for his controversial actions and statements, which have frequently landed him in the headlines.
  • The Bottom Line

Jackson Mahomes is a rising social media star who can be seen as a great influencer in the coming years. He has made his career in a very easy way, as he gained people’s attention as a brother of Patrick Mahomes.

And it’s obvious to be famous for everyone who belongs to a celebrity or star family.

Anyway, Jackson has achieved these through his hard work at some level.

I hope you enjoyed reading the biography and story of Jackson Mahomes. Let you share your feedback about him and his career.

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