Jackson Robert Scott is an American actor who gained fame for his role in Stephen King’s “IT.” You’ve likely come across the iconic poster for the “IT” Kids film, showcasing a young boy donned in a yellow raincoat.

This little kid wasn’t scared of ghosts or horror movies; maybe this is why he is picking only horror storylines.

Are you still wondering about horror movies? We will be discussing this throughout the entire article. Let’s get started.

Who is Jackson Robert Scott?

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Jackson Robert Scott is an American actor who rose to prominence after appearing in Stephen King’s IT. Everyone has probably seen the poster for the IT Kids film, which features a young boy dressed in a yellow raincoat.

That kid in the yellow raincoat is Jackson Scott. And one of the most iconic aspects of Jackson’s career is that most of his films and television series are in the horror genre, and his plotlines surprised many people.

Like how a 15-year-old kid can make an excellent plotline, one of his short films, “Skin,” has won an Oscar.

And because Jackson Robert Scott’s movies are mostly blockbusters, it clearly shows that he is not just a talented and versatile actor but an intelligent script selector too.

You’re not believing us? Here’s an example:

Jackson Robert Scott acted in movies and series like Criminal Minds, Locke & Key, and The Prodigy!

Jackson Robert Scott Age

Jackson Robert Scott, the talented movie actor, was born on September 18, 2008, in Phoenix, AZ. As of 2023, he is 15 years old.

With a Virgo birth sign, Jackson embodies traits such as precision and diligence, qualities that likely contribute to his success in the entertainment industry.

Early Childhood Years of Jackson Robert Scott

Jackson Robert Scott was born in Phoenix, Arizona, on September 18, 2008. He belongs to the American nationality, and his ethnic roots are spread across the country.

He was born under the Virgo zodiac sign, and people born under this sign tend to be more kingly, ambitious, creative, and down-to-earth. And most of the characteristics are getting matched with Jackson as well.

Jackson Robert Scott’s parents’ names are Robin Scott and Dan Scott. And he has a sister named Addison Scott. Jackson and Addison Scott shared very beautiful sibling bonds.

Since childhood, Jackson has had a great interest in acting; thus, he joined the CGTV acting program, where he learned many acting techniques.

During that acting program, he got to act with popular Disney and Nickelodeon stars. Then his acting skills were recognized by a talent agency.

In addition to acting, Jackson Scott has a great interest in learning Mandarin, so he joined the Mandarin Immersion Program, where he learned to speak Mandarin Chinese. Then he loved playing soccer games and was in the boy’s scout team too.

How old is Jackson Robert Scott?

Jackson Robert Scott will be 15 years old as of 2023, born on September 18, 2008. There are still eight months until his 15th birthday. We wish him the best of luck this year.

Jackson Robert Scott Career

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Jackson Robert Scott started his career in 2015 by acting as a guest star in the world’s popular television series “Criminal Minds.” That show has received three prime-time Emmy nominations.

Even his debut project was a major hit. His character name was Cole Vasquez.

In 2017, Jackson Robert Scott acted in the television series “Fear the Walking Dead,” where he played the role of young Troy Otto.

In the same year, Jackson got to act in Stephen King’s horror and thriller movie “IT.” He played the role of Georgie Denbrough. In that movie, he got to act along with Bill Skarsgard, Jaeden Martell, Finn Wolfhard, Jeremy Ray Taylor, and Jack Dylan Grazer.

Then Jackson played in another horror movie, “Locke and Key,” where Jackson got the chance to work along with Megan Charpentier, Nate Corddry, Danny Glover, and Samantha Mathis. And the name of his character was Bode Locke.

Then in 2018, he acted in the Oscar-winning short movie “Skin.” And in 2019, Jackson Robert acted in the horror movie “The Prodigy,” where he played the role of Miles Blume.

And he got the chance to share screen space with Taylor Schilling, Peter Mooney, Colleen Foore, and Paul Fauteux.

In 2020, Jackson acted in the movie “Gossamer Folds,” where he played the character of Tate. He most recently worked on the television show “Locke and Key.”

Jackson Robert Scott Movies and TV Shows

Here is the list of Jackson Robert Scott movies he has acted in:

  • Criminal minds
  • Beware of the walking dead.
  • IT
  • locke and key
  • Skin
  • The prodigy
  • It is chapter two.
  • Gossamer folds
  • Rising
  • Wanda vision
  • Locke and key (series)

Jackson Robert Scott Personal Life

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Jackson Robert Scott is single, and he is not dating anyone. He is just a 15-year-old teenager, but he might have crushes on someone or have been in some former real-life relationships.

But presently, he is single and does not have any girlfriends.

Love Rumors

Jackson Robert Scott is a gifted actor who brilliantly balances his professional and personal lives. Thus, he doesn’t involve himself in any love scandals or rumors.

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What is Jackson Robert Scott’s Net Worth?

Jackson Robert Scott’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million as of 2023. He has been in the acting industry for more than eight years.

As a result, he has made a lot of money. Jackson Robert Scott is also emerging on the Instagram social media platform.

Jackson Robert Scott has around 997K followers on Instagram so he will get brand endorsements, promotions, etc.

His net worth in 2022 was $800,000, and his annual salary will be approximately 20,000 USD.

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Jackson Robert Scott Age and Height

Jackson Robert Scott’s age is 15, and he has grown up into a handsome American guy. His bright smile adds a charm to his face.

And “Jackson Scott Now” is trending on the Internet because he was a little kid when he acted in the “Criminal Minds” series, so people are more intrigued to know about his present looks.

He is approximately 4 ′ 7′′ or 140 cm 1.40 meters tall and weighs approximately 38 kg or 83 lbs, according to his IMDB profile.

His hair color is brown, and his eyes are black.

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