Jahira Dar (born on 1 February 1985) is a famous Dominican actress best known for being the fiancée of Cesa Millan, a famous dog trainer and TV Personality.

Aside from her fame, she has also made her name in her own industry. Let’s read this biography to learn about her age, height, net worth, wiki, and a lot of other things.

Jahira Dar Bio, Wiki and Real Story, Cessar Millan's Fiancée, Net Worth, Age & More
NameJahira Dar
Birth Date1 February 1985
Birth PlaceDominican Republic
Age39 Years old
Height5'5'' feet
Net Worth$1.2 million
Profession (Earlier)Wardrobe Consultant
Marital StatusEngaged
Fiancée Cesar Millan
ResidenceUnited State of America

Who is Jahira Dar?

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Jahira Dar is a famous Dominican actress who is widely famous across the world for being the fiancé of the famous dog instructor Cesar Millan.

She came into the limelight after she met him in 2010.

The couple started dating each other and shortly fell in love. Now, what was left was a proposal which also done by Millan. And Jahira did the exact he wanted as she accepted his proposal.

Let you know from begging and see what happened after it.

Early Life of Jahira Dar

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Jahira Dar was born on 1 February 1985 in the Dominican Republic. Due to this, Jahira holds Dominican citizenship.

She has never revealed any information regarding her parents or about anything that can spark a light in her childhood.

In fact, she was unknown to everyone until she got engaged in a relationship with the famous dog trainer and consultant, Cesar Millan. After that, she became a public personality and everyone started looking at her.

Jahira Dar Age

Jahira Dar is 39 years old as of 2024, born on February 1, 1985. Despite her relatively young age, she is widely recognized as a prominent Dominican actress.

Her fame also stems from her engagement to Cesar Millan, the renowned dog trainer and TV personality.

Jahira Dar’s age hasn’t held her back from making a name for herself in the world of entertainment and love, showcasing that success knows no age boundaries.

Jahira Dar Height

Jahira Dar is currently 5 feet 5 inches taller which is equal to 167 centimeters or 1.67 meters. Further she weighs around 60 kg which is equal to 132 lbs.

Jahira’s Career

Jahira Dar began her career as a wardrobe consultant and stylist. Unlike her relationship, there is very little data about her past career. However, she enrolled in the film industry after falling into Millan’s relationship.

In 2012, she appeared in the film, Cesar Millan: The Real Story (2012) in which she played the role of Millan’s girlfriend.

Besides the film, she has also appeared in other film projects in her home country.

This was also a rumor that she had worked as a model too. Although, there is no proof regarding her career as a model.

Jahira is now a creative director at Cesar’s Way Inc. where he helps his husband to run the company.

Jahira Dar and Fiancée Cesar Millan

Jahira Dar Cessar Millan Image

Jahira Dar is an unmarried woman who is currently dating Cesar Millan. The couple first met in 2010 and initially fell in their love.

In March 2016, Millan proposed to Jahira during a vacation in Greece.

Shortly, she accepted his proposal saying yes. She even posted a picture on her Instagram, in which Millan kissed her hand showing the engagement ring on her left hand.

However, Jahira and Cesar are still unmarried and haven’t announced their marriage.

But they might marry soon. The couple currently reside in a beautiful house in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles.

Previously, Millan was a married man who tied the knot with his first wife, Ilusion Millan in 1994. The couple spent over a decade together, but their relationship hit the rock in 2010 which led them to divorce.

In this very tough situation, Jahira came into her life and supported her at every stage.

Millan has also two children from his first marriage. They are Andre in 1995 and Calvin in 2001. His children used to live with their mother.

Sometimes, Millan and Jahira used to meet Illusion and her children without any problem.

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Jahira Dar Net Worth

Jahira Dar estimated net worth is $1.2 Million USD as of the year 2024. She is been considered a rich woman from her past times, even before she met Millan.

She belongs to a very rich family and even so, she has her own professional career. But now, she has more sources for creating her wealth, including acting and working in Millan’s company.

She has no financial problems and can spend her life through her current net worth too.

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Facts About Jahira Dar

  • Jahira Dar is a Dominican actress, born on February 1, 1985.
  • She’s best known as the fiancée of famous dog trainer and TV personality Cesar Millan.
  • Jahira and Cesar met in 2010, started dating, and later got engaged.
  • Her early life and family details remain private until her relationship with Cesar became public.
  • As of 2024, Jahira Dar is 39 years old and continues to gain recognition as an actress.
  • She initially worked as a wardrobe consultant and stylist before entering the film industry.
  • Jahira appeared in the 2012 film “Cesar Millan: The Real Story.”
  • While there were rumors of her modeling career, there’s no solid proof.
  • She now works as a creative director at Cesar’s Way Inc., assisting her husband, Cesar Millan.
  • Jahira Dar’s estimated net worth in 2024 is around $1.2 million USD, stemming from her family’s wealth and her professional pursuits.

The Bottom Line

Jahira Dar is surely famous for being the fiancé of the famous dog instructor Cesar Millan. However, she has also created her own image and fame through her persistent hard work.

She owns several professionals and that’s why she could be called a multi-talented lady.

Ultimately, she is a great woman and would achieve more in her life.

I hope you enjoyed reading the biography and story of Jahira Dar. Let you share your feedback about her and her life story.

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