Mother of Jameel Adeen Thomas Kathy Ambush is well-known as a celebrity partner and mother from the United States.

She is best known for two reasons. One, she is the mother of American actor and television host Jamal Adeen Thomas.

Also, she is known for being the ex-wife of Clarence Thomas, an American judge, lawyer, and government official. They were married for 13 years and Clarence is an Associate Justice in the Supreme Court of America.

Let us take a deeper look into the life of Kathy Ambush.

Who is the Mother of Jamal Adeen Thomas?

Jamal Adeen Thomas-

Jamal’s mother, Kathy Ambush, is also best known for being the ex-wife of Clarence Thomas. Kathy and Clarence were married from 1971 to 1984.

The two people initially crossed paths in the 1970s while they were both attending classes at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts.

A native of Worcester, Massachusetts, Ambush is the daughter of Nelson William Ambush and Shigalo Gladys Sato.

Who is Kathy Ambush?

Kathy Ambush is an American volunteer who has lived a low-key life. The sole reason Kathy’s story may be the subject of the mainstream media is when someone is profiling her ex-spouse, Clarence Thomas.

Despite her ex-husband being one of the most eminent USA lawyers, jurists, and supreme court judges, her life and occupation details are a mystery to many people.

How old is Kathy Ambush?

Kathy was born on 6 June 1950 and as of 2023, she is 72 years old. She is a native of Worcester, Massachusetts, United States.

Her father is Nelson Ambush, a professional dental technician, and her mother is Shigao Gladys Sato. She has four siblings (Benjamin Ambush, Reverend Stephen Ambush, June Ambush, and Karen Thande).

Shigao passed away in 1984, and Nelson remarried Mary Estelle, with whom they sired two kids, Sydney Schuyler and Valarie Wilson. Kathy, therefore, has two step-siblings and four biological siblings.

Early Life of Kathy Ambush

Jamal Adeen Thomas

Kathy Ambush was born in the United States of America. Moving to the family members of the celebrity ex-wife, her father is Nelson Ambush, a professional dental technician, and her mother is Shigao Gladys Sato.

She has four siblings namely, Benjamin Ambush, Reverend Stephen Ambush, June Ambush and Karen Thande.

The world recognizes her more as the wife and mother of famous judge Clarence Thomas and TV host  Jamal Thomas, respectively.

Is Kathy Ambush White?

Kathy Ambush is not white but black. More specifically, she holds American nationality and belongs to a mixed ethnicity.

Her zodiac sign is Aries and she followed the Christian religion.  She is however an American born in Worcester, Massachusetts, United States.

Where did Kathy Ambush go to College?

She was enrolled at the Marian Central Catholic High School. She later attended an only women’s college in Worcester for her higher education studies.

After that, she studied for her degree in business administration at Lincoln University.

Kathy Ambush Career

Kathy has done some volunteer work as a Global Internet Entrepreneur. She has also worked as a director of the Massachusetts Advanced Studies Programme at Milton Academy.

Apart from that, she has worked at the Immigration Learning Centre.  The well-established lady has a history of working at BankBoston.

Kathy also worked as a trial lawyer in Boston and New Orleans. She has continued to be a fixture in the legal profession.

Kathy Ambush Political Party

Clarence Thomas’s ex-wife does not talk about her political views in public.

However, the judge’s current wife, Virginia ‘Ginny’ Thomas, is an outspoken conservative activist and is actively involved in Republican politics.

Her political involvement has raised concerns about Clarence’s ability to discharge his duties as Supreme Court Justice due to a possible conflict of interest.

Is Kathy ambush Married?

Kathy tied the knot with Associate Justice at the Supreme Court of the United States, Clarence Thomas, on 5th June 1971 at All Saints Episcopal Church in Worcester.

The two met in 1969 while in college.

Thomas was studying at the College of Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, while Ambush was in a nearby women only college.

They met through mutual friends and started going out.

After their marriage, the couple moved to New Haven, Connecticut, since Clarence had enrolled at Yale to study law. They later welcomed their only son, Jamal Adeen Thomas, in February 1973.

Unfortunately, Kathy and Clarence’s marriage did not last long as they separated 10 years later in 1981, and their divorce was finalized in 1984.

Kathy Ambush Ex-husband Clarence Thomas

Thomas is an American Judge, Lawyer, and legal personality. Until 1977, he was John Danforth’s Assistant Attorney General in Missouri.

He was the only person of color in the office.

He began his career in the criminal appeals division but later transferred to the revenue and taxation department. Danforth joined the Monsanto Company in St Louis, Missouri.

He did not stay in the profile for long, however, and returned to Washington, DC to work as a Legislative Assistant to Danforth.

Clarence was the Senate Commerce Committee’s energy expert for two years, from 1979 to 1981. The Reagan government signed him up in 1981.

Clarence Thomas had a great career

From 1981 to 1982, he worked at the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights as an Assistant Secretary of Education.

He then became the Chairman of the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) as well.

During his tenure as chairman, he ushered in a slew of changes, supporting a self-reliant ethic and acts of individual discrimination.

Following the resignation of Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, the year 1991 became eventful for him. He was also featured as one of Marshall’s replacement candidates.

Despite his lack of expertise and bad ratings from the American Bar Association, he was appointed owing to lobbying from the White House and Republican Senators.

Despite the claims, he was approved by the Senate with a 52-48 vote. On October 23, 1991, he was sworn in as an associate justice of the Supreme Court.

Since his nomination, he has teamed up with the most conservative members, taking a firm, conservative, and consistent stance on constitutional interpretations.

Is Kathy Ambush Still Married to Clarence Thomas?

The former couple tied the knot in 1971 but separated ten years later in 1981. Their divorce settlement was finalized in 1984.

Both former husband and wife remarried in the due course of life.

Kathy Ambush’s Son Jamal Adeen Thomas

He is an American actor and television host. He was born in New Haven, Connecticut, New York, United States, on 15 February 1973 to Justice Clarence Thomas, one of the Supreme Court’s longest-serving judges, and Kathy Ambush.

Jamal Adeen Thomas’ age is 49 years as of 2023. But unfortunately, his parents separated in 1981 and eventually divorced in 1984 before Clarence remarried three years later in 1987.

Clarence was entrusted with the child’s custody, and he did his utmost in raising him. But then, to keep him safe and protect him from bullying, he sent his son to a private school.

Clarence even had to sell off his Camaro IROC sports car to help pay his school fees.

He raised Adeen with his new wife, Virginia Lamp, and by implication, the claim that other Clarence Thomas’ children with Kathy existed is baseless.

What is Kathy Ambush’s Net Worth?

Kathy Ambush has worked in many organizations. Her approximate net worth is $100,000 as of 2023.

After divorcing Clarence Thomas, she got a monetary installment and other possessions from her ex-husband.

She also got married a second time and has steadied her life in terms of money and necessities for life. Her son’s upbringing was given into the custody of her former husband Clarence which also kept her responsibilities bearable.

Kathy Ambush Height and Weight

When talking about the body measurements of the Celebrity ex-wife, she stands tall at 5 feet 5 inches which is equal to 165 centimeters or 1.65 meters. She weighs 56 kg which is equal to 123 lbs.

Similarly, her body measurements(chest-waist-hips) are 36-32-43 respectively. In addition, she has black hair and dark brown eyes.

Where is Kathy Ambush now?

The famous ex-wife decided to live away from the limelight after her divorce from Justice Clarence Thomas was finalized in 1984.

Reports reveal that she married her second husband, Allen Smith, and they currently reside in Richmond, Virginia.

It is not clear if there are more children in Kathy Ambush. Meanwhile, her ex-husband Clarence married attorney and conservative activist Virginia Lamp in 1987, and they have been together ever since.

Clarence never had any more children with his second wife.

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