The world is full up of peoples where some are good and some are bad. Among them, few peoples born to highlight the evils of society.

Jeff Tiedrich is among those peoples who have fought against the former US President, Donald Trump. Read below his biography, education, career, wife, net worth, meme, tweets, daughter, and everything about him.

Jeff Tiedrich Biography, Education, Career, Family, Wife, Net Worth
NameJeff Tiedrich
Full NameJeffery Tiedrich
Birth Date16 March 1957
Birth PlaceRockaway, New Jersey, USA
Age64 Years
ProfessionBlogger, Musician, Graphic Designer and Political Activist
SchoolMorris High School, Rockaway, New Jersey, USA
CollegeParson School of design
ParentsFather- Warren Lloyd Tiedrich
Mother- Joan Diamond
SisterEllen Tiedrich
Martial StausMarried
WifeClaudia Long Tiedrich
DaughterKatherine Chandler
ResidenceHastings on Hudson’s

Who is Jeff Tiedrich?

jeff tiedrich photo
Jeff Tiedrich image

Jeff Tiedrich (in full Jeffery Tiedrich) is an American blogger, musician, graphic designer, and political activist.

He is broadly famous for targeting the former US president, Donald Trump through his Twitter comments. He is a part of Patreon and never feared doing his job.

Jeff is a brave man who has undefined courage to fight against the evils of society. Let you know below the full information of Jeff Tiedrich including his biography, education, wife, net worth, meme, tweets, daughter, and career.

Early Life of Jeff Tiedrich

jeff tiedrich childhood photo
Jeff Tiedrich childhood image

Jeff Tiedrich was born on 16 March 1957 in Rockaway, New Jersey, USA. His father, Warren Lloyd Tiedrich was a former US army officer who serves in the Korean war from 1951 to 1953.

And Jeff’s mother, Joan Diamond was a homemaker. He has also a sister, name Ellen Tiedrich.

Jeff grew up in the localities of Rockaway, USA, and spent most of the childhood there. He belongs to a Jewish family and therefore he used to go to temples with his family.

As his family also belongs to the Jewish Synagogue temple Beth Am of Parsippany.

Education of Jeff Tiedrich

Jeff Tiedrich started his primary education along with his sister at Morris High School, Rockaway, New Jersey, USA.

He then did his high school graduation in 1975. Being the son of an army officer, Jeff was a very well-organized and disciplined student in his school. His father helped him a lot building his confidence.

He then enrolled in Parson School of design to achieve a formal education for his passion. There he completed his graduation in 1978.

Further, Jeff holds a degree in fine arts. After being a qualified man, he didn’t waste his time but focused to begin his career.

The career of Jeff Tiedrich

Jeff Tiedrich began his career as a musician at his early age in 1973. He was dreamed to become a world-class musician and has given very hard efforts for it.

At that time, he was playing as a lead guitarist and vocals for Alligator Music Brand. The brand had six music players among which jeff was giving a lead role there.

His emotions and love for music are at another level. He still used to post the music performance on his social media.

He has also created a YouTube channel, named after him. He has posted a total of 6 music performances there which proves the talents he has fetched from the music world.

jeff tiedrich photo
Jeff Tiedrich image

This is not the end of his career, but it’s just a trailer. Apart from a professional musician, Jeff is a graphic designer and loves making graphic presentations.

Owning this talent, he has worked as a freelancer and has designed multiple things for his clients. His love and passion for a graphic designer have led him to a very big stage.

Jeff Tiedrich as a Political Activist

Despite these all, Jeff Tiedrich is a political activist. This is the real profession of Jeff’s which led him among the peoples of America and among the peoples of the world.

Jeff is famously known for his irritating tweets against former president Donald Trump. There might be only a few posts of Trump in recent days upon which Jeff hasn’t attacked through his comments.

Following this, Jeff Tiedrich is also working as a blog writer at The site motto is to display the negative phases of the Trump government. In addition, to say, he is a member of the Patreon community.

He has titled Trump as many names including A Fucking Idiot and Incompetent Imbecile.

Jeff Tiedrich is one of the brave men of America as he never feared to oppose Trump. Although, major peoples are failed to do this so far.

It’s his strong courage that has led him at this point in his life. His story ranks among the heroic peoples.

Personal Life, Wife, and Daughter

Jeff Tiedrich has been married to Claudia Long who is 8 years older than Jeff. However, there is no problem regarding their age.

His wife, Claudia is a copywriter, creative director, and strategist. She is a well-organized and educated lady. They welcomed their first child as a daughter in November 1991 named Katherine Chandler.

Their daughter, Katherine completed her education in aerospace engineering. She is also the founder of Awkward Zombie which is a webcomic on video games. In 2016, she got married to Norrin Hester.

They live in Madison, Wisconsin, while Jeff and Claudia live in Hastings on Hudson’s.

jeff tiedrich photo daughter
Jeff Tiedrich daughter with husband

Jeff Tiedrich Net Worth

Jeff Tiedrich has a net worth of around $4 million US dollars. Many peoples ask about his net worth reasons and sources. Well, we had already covered that he is also a musician, freelancer, and graphic designer.

So basically, these are the primary sources of Jeff Tiedrich from where he earns his wealth.

However, there are also several sources for him to earn money. He is among the top political activist of America and has now immense fame.

Therefore, it will be always easy for him to generate more capital in different ways.

Popularity and Fans of Jeff Tiedrich

There is a huge popularity of Jeff Tiedrich among the peoples of America. This would be sure that the Donald Trump supporters would end up hating him.

But while talking about the minority and majority, then his followers come in the majority. He has great support from several political leaders and from the media too.

Jeff Tiedrich’s best social media platform is Twitter where he holds over 717k followers. Further, he has two Instagram accounts, one for photography and the other for political comments.

He owns over 17.4k followers on his second account as it is for politics. While on photographing account, he has only about 5k followers.


Jeff Tiedrich is a multi-talented American man who has proved the power of a common man. He is consistently targeting Donald Trump on Twitter.

He never afraid of what he is doing because he represents the right thing at the right place. Jeff is one of the famous activists of America and now spreading across the world.

Peoples should be always like Jeff Tiedrich. No fear in opposing against the bad activities around you. Always follow the truth and fight for it, whether you are a common man or not.

I hope you enjoyed reading the biography, education, career, wife, net worth, meme, tweets, daughter, and life story of Jeff Tiedrich. Please share your feedback about him below.

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