Jeri Caldwell (born in 1930s) is a highly popular lady known for being the first and ex-wife of Quincy Jones. You probably know her for this reason.

However, there is a long story that will let you know some true things about her and about her ex-husband. So, be with us till the end of this article and know everything about this former couple.

Jeri Caldwell Profile Summary
NameJeri Caldwell
Birth Year1930s
Birth PlaceWashington, United States
Age90 Years Old
Height6 feet 2 inches
Net Worth$500,000 USD
ProfessionFormer Actress
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-HusbandQuincy Jones
DaughterJolie Levine
ResidenceUnited States

Who is Jeri Caldwell?

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Jeri Caldwell is an American actress known for being the ex-wife of Quincy Jones. Besides this, Caldwell is also popular for her appearance in the 1994 film Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult back in 1994.

Other than this, Caldwell also appeared in the documentary film Quincy in 2018. The film itself was based on the life of Caldwell’s ex-husband, Quincy Jones.

Jeri Caldwell and Quincy Jones are highly popular for their relationship as they were together since high school.

In fact, they got married and had a child, but things went opposite to their expectations and they had to divorce after a long relationship.

Let’s move to the next section and get to know everything about Jeri Caldwell and her relationship from the beginning.

Early Life of Jeri Caldwell

Jeri Caldwell was born in the 1930s in Washington, United States. She has still kept her private information secret and has not revealed either her parent’s names or their details.

In fact, Caldwell has not even disclosed her educational information, including her school and college.

Anyhow, one thing is sure: Caldwell studied at the same high school where her ex-husband Quincy Jones studied.

Jeri Caldwell Age

Jeri Caldwell is around 90 years old as of 2023 because she was born in the 1930s. However, this is just an estimation because she has not revealed her exact age.

Jeri Caldwell Career

Believably, Caldwell was interested in acting and wanted to enroll in the film industry since her early days. That’s what she pursued in her career and moved into the acting field.

However, she is not so successful in the industry, as she has just appeared in one prominent film and one documentary film,

In 1994, Caldwell made her first appearance in the film industry playing the role of producer’s wife in Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult.

After that, she directly appeared in 2018, where she appeared in a documentary film based on her ex-husband’s life Quincy Jones.

Further, there is nothing available about her professional life. These were the only two films listed on the internet after her name.

Technically, she had not a very good career in this industry. Maybe there would have been any reasons that stopped her from achieving more in her life.

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Jeri Caldwell Ex-Husband

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Quincy Jones with Daughter Levine

Jeri Caldwell was married to her high-school sweetheart, now ex-husband Quincy Jones.

The two couple first met during their high school days when Caldwell used to wait for Quincy just to have a look at him.

On a beautiful day, Quincy’s friend noticed her and told him about Caldwell. The next day they began talking to each other, discussing their thoughts and a lot of stuff.

This friendship later changed to love and they began dating each other.

Jeri Caldwell and Quincy Jones finally married in 1957 in a beautiful marriage ceremony where the two took the oath to handle their future responsibilities.

The duo had a good time for so long years. Between that, they were blessed with a child, a daughter named Jolie Levine.

Everything was going great between them. But suddenly, they got separated in 1996, filing for divorce without stating any authentic reason to the media.

Their so-long nine-year marriage journey ended in 1996.

Since then, Caldwell remained single and did not engaged in any sort of relationship.

While in another side, Caldwell’s ex-husband Quincy Jones has been involved in a lot of relationships, had married three times and has seven children with five different women.

Overall, sources claim that Quincy Jones has dated around 12 ladies, including her first and very special wife Caldwell.

Talking about where Jeri Caldwell is now, she is peacefully living her old days somewhere in the United State of America. There is no exact location or landmark to talk about her current presence.

A lot of people also ask Is Jeri Caldwell Still Alive.

The answer is yes absolutely yes. She is sure in her 80s or 90s, but still living with the blessing of God and enjoying her life by memorizing her old days.

Jeri Caldwell Net Worth

Jeri Caldwell estimated net worth is $500,000 USD as of 2023. Earlier, she had more than this, but now she is not doing any professional work as she is too aged.

Currently, Caldwell has almost no source to earn any amount through any professional work.

But we believe that she would have stored quite a good amount for her future which she would be using at this moment.

Anyhow, there will be a lot of people to take care of her and help her during her ups and downs.

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FAQs about Jeri Caldwell

Where Jeri Caldwell is Now?

Jeri Caldwell is currently in the United States, living in her 90s with the blessing of God.

Is Jerri Caldwell Still Alive?

Yes! Jeri Caldwell is still alive and living her old days.


Jeri Caldwell was a rising star in her early days. But without stating any accurate reason, she left away the film industry after just appearing in one film.

Caldwell had to go through some rough times when she had to separate from her high-school sweetheart Quincy Jones. However, there is a saying that time heals the pain.

Maybe Caldwell would be okay with whatever happened in her past life.

Well! This was all about Jeri Caldwell and her ex-husband Quincy Jones. Please share your thoughts and opinions regarding this article below in the comment section.

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