Jermaine Jakes (born on January 4, 1980) is the son of one of the most famous and influential pastors from the United States by the name Bishop T.D Jakes.

He is the second son of this world-famous pastor who has a huge fan following all over the United States of America.

But Jermaine Jakes is not known for recent which would be favorable to his father or his strong community.

Continue reading to know more about Jermaine Jakes who might not be in the favor of many people who follow Bishop T D Jakes.

Profile Summary
NameJermaine Jakes
Birth DateBorn on January 4, 1980
Birth PlaceDallas, Texas in the United States
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Age43 years old as of 2023
HeightIn Feet & Inches: 5′ 4″
In Centimeter: 162 cm
In Meter: 1.62 m
WeightIn Kilogram: 70 kg
In pounds: 154 lbs
Net Worth$15 million as of 2023
ProfessionInfluential pastors
ParentsFather: T. D Jakes
Mother: Serita Jakes
SiblingJamar Jakes, Cora Coleman, Sarah Roberts, and Thomas Jakes Jr.
Martial StatusUnmarried

Who is Jermaine Jakes?

Jermaine Jakes
Jermaine Jakes

Jermaine Jakes is popular as the second son among the five children of American Pastor Bishop Jakes. Bishop Jake has millions of followers from around the world listening in to his sermons through TV and physically.

Bishop Jakes leads a program by the name “The Potter’s Touch” which is watched by a huge number of followers from the world over.

He is also the head of the American Church called Potter’s House which is a huge non-denominational institution in the United States.

Jermaine Jakes works at the T D Jakes’ Ministry in the United States as a Data Entry Specialist. He also handles several other roles in his father’s institutions Production Manager of Staging, Production Director, and Coordinator of Volunteers.

In 2009 Jermaine Jakes made headlines in the news when he was accused and arrested for indecently exposing himself to two undercover Dallas Police officers.

Being the son of a pastor, this stirred up big controversies in the entire community and among the followers of Bishop Jakes.

This incident happened at Kiest Park, near West Kiest Boulevard and South Hampton Road, where he was arrested. The charge against him was classified as a Class B misdemeanor.

It is punishable in the US with a jail term of 6 months and a USD 2000 fine. Jermaine Jakes was later released and his father Bishop Jakes termed the incident as unfortunate.

After that incident, Jermaine Jakes has kept a rather low profile.

Early Life of Jermaine Jakes

Jermaine Jakes with T. D Jakes
Jermaine Jakes with T. D Jakes

Jermaine Jakes was born on January 4, 1980, in Dallas, Texas in the United States. His mother is Serita Jakes and his father is the famous American pastor T. D Jakes they have an African-American ethnicity.

Jermaine Jakes’ mother is Serita Jakes and she is also popular as a speaker author and she serves alongside her husband Bishop Jakes in the Potter’s House church.

He has four siblings and they are Jamar Jakes, Cora Coleman, Sarah Roberts, and Thomas Jakes Jr. All of his siblings are working and living in and around the Church and Ministry of their father.

They also have other parallel business ventures like real estate, movie production, and others of which the entire family is also a part of.

He did his schooling at Yvonne A. Ewell Town View Magnet Centre High School. Here he majored in Education and Social Service but nothing more is known about whether he went to a college or university and had any higher education.

Jermaine Jakes Age

Jermaine Jakes img

Jermaine Jakes is 43 years old as of 2023 because he was born on January 4, 1980. He was born into one of those typical “born with a silver spoon” family backgrounds and had a highly privileged upbringing.

Although he is in his 40s, age does not play a big role in his life because he has access to anything he wants at any point in life.

If he takes care of his health and does socially acceptable acts he will have a smooth life going forward.

After an incident where he was apprehended by the police, he has tried to keep a low profile.

Jermaine Jakes Height and Weight

Jermaine Jakes’s height is 5 feet and 4 inches which is equal to 1.62 meters or 162 centimeters. His weight is 70 kilograms which is equal to 154 pounds.

He has a dark complexion and dark Eyes, and sometimes he keeps small hair and mostly it is shaven. Jermaine maintains his sense of fashion and pulls it off elegantly.

He might want to think of keeping a healthy lifestyle that complements his overall physical attributes. Otherwise, he is a happy and cheerful man living a full life.

Jermaine Jakes Career

Jermaine Jakes’s career has been centered around the work and institutions of his famous father T D Jakes.

He works as a Data entry specialist, Production Director, and in several other roles for the day-to-day functions of the ministry work of Bishop Jakes.

His education also is pretty much limited to what is required for low-profile jobs. Since he was born into a well-to-do family environment there was not much of a demand on him for having good education and a career.

His father and the institutions run by the family are valued at several millions. These institutions have also been cash cows for them for years.

It means they have been earning income and have been profitable for a sustained time.

Jermaine Jakes Girlfriend

Jermaine Jakes is single as of 2023 and not romantically involved with anyone. It could also be that he has relationships with women but he has kept it a secret.

When he was apprehended by the police for indecently exposing himself in public, there were rumors from several ends of the public that he might be gay.

But that is not verified information and the entire incident was termed as unfortunate by Bishop Jakes in public.

He is in his 40s and it could be assumed that he had several relationships in the past. Although he is not yet married and settled down with any single person, it could be assumed.

Jermaine Jakes Net Worth

Jermaine Jakes’s net worth is estimated at $15 million as of 2023. But he is part of his father’s $150 million empire which includes institutions, real estate, and more.

He has five siblings and all the five siblings are probably equally part of this huge wealth. There are so many heavy-weight businesses the family is running in the United States and own around the world.

In individual terms, Jermaine works for The Potter’s House which is their non-denominational Church. One of his brothers runs their real estate business as a CEO.

The main job for the children would be to save the empire and transfer it to the next generation. It will be part of taking forward their father’s legacy.


Jermaine Jakes is the son of a popular and rich father and mother. It is the wealth and fame of his father Bishop Jakes that has made Jermaine also a recognizable face.

In addition, the public behavior of Jermaine has gained him some negative popularity among the public. Hope you enjoyed reading about Jermain Jakes in this article.

We are already at work with the next interesting personality and in the meantime, we hope you will share your feedback with us in the comment section below.

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