Are you guys frequent watchers of Fox News Channel? So, have you heard of Fox television personalities Noelle Watters, Jessica Watters, and Emma DiGiovine?

If you’ve heard the scandal story you might have known the relationship between these three people, Jesse and Emma are husband and wife in this above-mentioned couple, and Jesse’s ex-wife is Noelle.

One thing they all have in common is that they all work for Fox News Channel.

But in this article, we’ll go over Jessica Watters’ wife’s details, including their ages, careers, and other interesting facts.

Let’s get started.

Who are Jesse Watters and his wife Emma DiGiovine?

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Jesse Watters is a political commentator on the Fox News Channel, and he has hosted his own show, “Watters’ World,” “The Five,” and “Outnumbered” and he has appeared as a guest on many other shows.

And he is a follower of the conservative party and a very famous television personality.

Jesse’s wife, Emma, is a journalist and producer of Fox News shows; she is also a co-producer of some of Jesse’s shows. Thus, both of them had the chance to meet often, and their friendship blossomed into love.

But unfortunately, Jesse is already married, and his wife is Noelle, a Fox News stylist.

Thus, Jesse got into a love scandal because he was having an illegal affair with Emma at the time.

Emma left out the Jesse TV program, which has become very big news. After a few years, she left the field of journalism.

When Noelle discovered her husband Jesse’s affair, she filed for divorce. Jesse and Noelle divorced in 2018.

Then Jesse and Emma got engaged in 2019. Later, they get married as well.

How Old is Jesse Watters Wife Emma DiGiovine?

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Jesse Watters’ wife, Emma DiGiovine, was born on March 14, 1992, in Cranford, New Jersey, United States. Thus, Emma DiGiovine is around 31 years old as of 2023.

She was born under the zodiac sign Pisces and holds American citizenship. Even her ethnicity was from the United States.

Jesse Watters Ex-Wife

We would like to provide the details of Jesse Watters’ first wife as well. Jesse Watters’ ex-wife Noelle Watters was born on May 5, 1976, in New York City, United States.

Thus, Noelle’s age will be 43 as of 2023.

Let us see some of the trending searches regarding Jesse Watters and Emma in the next few sections.

Was Emma DiGiovine Married Before?

No, Emma wasn’t married before, and Jesse is her first husband. They got married in 2019, and even Donald Trump Jr. attended their wedding.

Who is Jesse Watters New Baby?

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Jesse Watters married his second wife, Emma, on April 2, 2021, at The Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Florida. And on April 2, 2021, they welcomed their baby boy, Jesse Bailey Watters.

And that little one is Jesse Watters’ new child.

Who is Jesse Watters Twin?

Jesse Watters married Noelle in 2009, and in 2011, the couple welcomed their twin daughters, Sophie and Elle Watters.

Thus, Jesse’s twin daughters belong to his ex-wife, Noelle.

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Is Noelle Watters Married Again?

Noelle Watters is Jesse Watters’ ex-wife, and the couple divorced in 2018. But after getting a divorce from Jesse, Noelle didn’t marry anyone.

Noelle is a single lady who is living with her twin daughters.

What is the Net Worth of Jesse Watters?

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Jesse Watters is estimated to be worth around $85 million as of 2023; he is a very famous personality, and thus he is capable of earning more than $1.5 million.

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Bottom Line

Thus, we have discussed the details of Jesse Watters’s wife, and even though he became the victim of a love scandal, he successfully maintains his relationship with Emma.

To err is human, and Jesse is a normal human being, so he made a mistake. What matters now is how he treats Emma.

And Jesse is the proud and supportive husband of Emma, so we wish them 100 years of togetherness.

The end!

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