Jim Rohn is among the great names which would be going to remember for the next many centuries.

He is the man who either created or showed the destiny of millions of peoples. Rohn is the man who is warming everyone’s heart even after leaving the earth.

He has such an amazing life story that can change your future in seconds. So, begin this very inspirational biography of Jim Rohn and get ready for your success.

Jim Rohn Biography, Wiki, Age, Death, Wife, Daughter, Marriage, Net Worth & More
NameJim Rohn
Birth DateSeptember 17, 1930
Birth PlaceYakima, Washington, U.S.
Aged79 Years (Died)
Height5'5'' feet
Net Worth$500 Million
ProfessionEntrepreneur, author, motivational speaker
CollegeDropped Out
ParentsFather - Emmanuel Rohn
Mother - Clara Rohn
Marital StatusMarried
WifeJudy Rohn (1972 - 1978)
Yvonne (1984)
ChildrenDaughters - 2
Died onDecember 5, 2009
Death PlaceWest Hills, California, U.S.

Who was Jim Rohn?

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Jim Rohn was a renowned motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur, and business coach. He is widely famous in the world for his influencing skills that mostly changed people’s lives.

But sadly, he died on 5 December of 2009 due to Pulmonary fibrosis. However, he had done such amazing creativities which would be in effect for the next centuries.

Jim Rohn is behind the success of numerous companies. Besides this, he had authored over 20 books in his life. Let you see this motivational biography of Jim Rohn and learn how to live a life like him.

Early Life and Education of Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn was born on 17 September 1930 in Yakima, Washington, United State. His late father, Emanuel John, and late mother, Claire John had a farm in Caldwell, Idaho which was the source of their living.

Rohn grew up on the farm being the only child of his family. He started his primary education at a local school with the only intensions to gain knowledge of sound convention.

He had great aptitudes in telling stories that were gifted by his father.

While pursuing his secondary education, Rohn insisted that he wasn’t getting the knowledge that he had looked for. Thereafter, he drops out his college after a single year.

Jim Rohn Career

Jim Rohn started his career as a human resource manager for department store Sears. At that time, one of his friends invited him to a seminar represented by the famous businessman John Earl Shoaff.

Later in 1955, Rohn enrolled in Shoaff’s direct selling business AbundaVita and worked as a distributor.

Although, he didn’t work there for a long time and left the company in a year. He then joined another direct selling company, Nutri-Bio in 1957.

Around this time, he was mentored by the company’s founders, including Shoaff. Later, Rohn’s hard work paid him as he built one of the largest organizations in the company.

Nutri-bio expanded to Canada in 1960. Looking at this growth, Shoaff and other founders decided to appoint Rohn as a vice president for the organization.

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In the early 90s, Nutri-Bio went out of business and Rohn was invited for a speech at a meeting of his Rotary Club.

He accepted their invitation and spoken in the meeting. Following this, other people started requesting him to speak at numerous other events.

Rohn gave his first public seminar in 1063 at the Beverly Hills Hotel in California.

Doing such activities, Rohn felt as he was on the road to great success. And thereafter he started various seminars and events where he was telling his story and educating his personal development philosophy.

In the 1970s, he attended a large number of sessions for America’s oil refining company, Standard Oil.

Those days, he was also participating in a personal development business name Adventures in Achievement.

It mainly featured live seminars along with personal development workshops. At all, Jim Rohn conducted a lot of seminars globally for a period of over 40 years.

Jim Rohn Herbalife

Many people are still in search of the link between Jim Rohn and Herbalife. Well! Rohn was directly connected to Herbalife and will be always until the company is alive.

Actually, Rohn had trained Mark R. Hughes, the founder of Herbalife International. And it was his lessons that led Hughes to lead the company to the peak.

Jim Rohn guided the founder of Herbalife personally and very closely. Hughes has considered Rohn as the reason behind his company’s success. And obviously, he would consider as Rohn had a stand-in almost every situation of his company.

Herbalife also gave a tribute after his death. Despite this, Jim Rohn had mentored the life strategist Tony Robbins in the late 1970s.

Moreover, he has guided peoples who became great in their life. Some of them are Brian Tracy, Todd Smith, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, and T. Harv Eker. Rohn is also the co-author of the famous novel, Twelve Pillars with Chris Widener.

Jim Rohn Wife and Personal Life

Jim Rohn is a married man whose marriage life is like a mystery. Rohn married Judy Rhon in early 1972. It was about the time when Rohn was with Bill Bailey and Bestline Products.

Although, sources said that he got divorced and separated from her wife, Judy in 1978. And as of sources, Jim Rohn then married a lady name Yvonne in 1984 at the Crystal Cathedral.

Jim Rhon Wife
Jim Rhon with Wife Judy

Further, people used to say that Jim Rohn has two daughters who are almost a secret yet. However, the world still loves him and will always love him.

He was a very kind and honest type of person who always thought for other’s life.

Jim Rohn Achievements

Jim Rohn is one of the best men in the influential world. And being the leader of all, he achieved many successes and great peaks in his life. He was the recipient of the 1985 National Speaker Association CPAE Award for excellence in speaking.

Despite being a speaker, he is a well-reputed author of 17 different written, audio, and video media. The two best of his writings include “Take Charge of Your Life” and “The Day That Your Life Around”.

Moreover, he has written best performing books like The Art of Exceptional Living and Challenge to Succeed.

Net Worth of Jim Rohn

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Jim Rohn estimated net worth was $500 Million. He had numerous sources of earning. But mainly he earned through businesses and books.

In addition to this, he also earned through events, programs, speaking, and advertisement. However, Rohn had no such intentions to be a rich man.

He only wanted to make other’s life better at any cost. He also did charity-type works and helped the poor peoples.

Death of Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn died on 5 December 2009 due to pulmonary fibrosis. He was taken and buried in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale California.

It was a time when many people lose their hope as he went. Although, his lessons never taught anyone of losing hope. And therefore, everyone comes back with the inspiration to win in their life for their ideal.

The Bottom Line

Jim Rohn was a great man who changed millions of lives. It is very bad for the world as he left it. But it’s the universal rule that everyone has to die and he followed the same.

But also, Rohn had never taught anyone to mourn on your disabilities. Instead, just stand up and be focused on your work.

Jim Rohn has been sure passed, but his works still impact the world. And you might also follow his conceptions. I hope you learned something through his life story.

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    Ever since then, we had read his books, listen to to his short stories and apply it to our lives. Our only regret is that we just found him. What lessons he has to share.
    I thank you for keeping him available even though he is not longer with us.
    But all his teachings and lessons and his experience it really is an inspiration to make a change and it is never too late to apply it.
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