Before recently, when he rose to undeserved fame, Joel was largely unknown. When a video of him headbutting a restaurant employee went viral, he gained instant notoriety.

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a restaurant was at the scene of the incident.

Now you may have got some interest in him. You came to the right place then!

We have covered everything about him in this article. So, without wasting further time, let’s get started!

Who is Joel Michael Singer?


Joel Michael singer is an American Neurosurgeon. He got into the limelight for his fight video in a restaurant.

Joel is an American from Florida, according to a user by the name of Karla Kristina on Quora. Joel got into a fight with two restaurant employees while he was there.

Security cameras and cameras caught the altercation. Joel claimed ownership of the video, and it quickly gained popularity.

Joel headbutted one of the men, and as he tried to flee the restaurant, a man named Steven grabbed him and put him in a headlock, knocking him to the ground.

Such violence should never be tolerated. If you punch someone, headbutt them, or even push them, they could fall and you could kill them in that split second. actually, destroying people’s lives.

It is extremely tragic that people watch videos like this and they become popular.

Clearly. On Quora, many users commented in similar ways, some of them repeating the same lines as others, describing Joel Michael as a “Neurosurgeon.”

He is attempting to change his identity by using various platforms.

Early Life of Joel Michael Singer

Joel Michael Singer was born on May 21, 1989, in the USA. He was born and raised in the USA.

Joel Michael Singer, a neurosurgeon from Fort Lauderdale who will be 31 in 2020, is a Floridian. He was born there in the year 1989. Detailed information about his family is lacking.

According to some sources, Joel is highly qualified. He has a University of Florida degree. Additionally, sources claim that he holds a master’s degree in business administration.

Much is not known about his family. He must have had a common and normal childhood.

Joel Michael Singer Career

Joel is a common man still. Much is not known about his life. But still with some research we know that he is a neurosurgeon.

He earns well from that career and must have gotten into the career after completing college.

Why did the fight start?

The incident took place at the YOLO Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in the United States. The altercation began when a restaurant employee told Joel’s manager that Joel had punched him.

Michael became enraged when the manager questioned him about it.

He asked the employee, “Did I punch you,” and the employee answered, “Yes, you did.” Singer then began to back away from them before turning around and headbutting the manager.

Joel Michael Singer got into a fight with another man when he attempted to leave the area in the heat of the moment. He is visible wearing shorts and a T-shirt.

Singer was then handled by him and put in a headlock while lying on the ground.

Joel Michael Singer Personal Life

Joel is a common man, and he tries to keep his life private. Other than that he hasn’t shared anything about himself as far as now.

But we can assume by his age that he is married. Moreover, he must be having children too.

Who headbutted him?

The scene that Joel Michael Singer created is causing a stir on the internet. The man who dealt with him is being hailed as a hero. Everyone is curious about him. has discovered some details about that individual.

Steven Heflin is the man’s name. He is an ordinary Floridian. That person used to wrestle in school, and he even has some awards from competitors.

He responded that he completed the necessary tasks when questioned about the scene.

I merely attempted to defend myself as he attacked, he claimed. The man added that he had to do this because most of the people there were women.

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What is Joel Michael Singer’s Net Worth

Joel Michael singer seems to be a wealthy person. We know this as he is trying to get his videos removed by his wealth.

According to various sources, Joel Michael’s estimated net worth is $900,000 in 2022.

This sum has been carefully calculated, and we are confident that it is accurate.

Joel is already very highly qualified, so the amount is appropriate, especially given that his sources of income are currently listed as private jobs.

Due to the fact that his father is a very wealthy man, his family’s assets also help to increase his capital in many different ways. He has an opulent lifestyle.

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Joel Michael Singer Height and Weight

Joel Michael singer is a common man. He stands tall at 5 feet 10 inches or 177.8 cm. He weighs around 77 kg or 169 lbs.

Coming to his eye color, he has black eyes and his hair color is brown.

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