John Mongrel gained notoriety as a dangerous prisoner and featured prominently on the television series “Ross Kemp on Gangs.”

In addition, Ross Kemp, the show’s host, declared Mongrel as the most perilous individual he had encountered.

Kemp vividly described Mongrel’s breath, likening it to the odor of a dead toad left out in the sun, adding an eerie detail to the portrayal of the Mongrel’s menacing character.

Profile Summary
NameJohn Mongrel
Birth DateUnknown
Birth PlaceAfrica
Zodiac SignN/A
Age45-50 at the time of his death
Net WorthUnknown
Martial StatusUnmarried

Who was John Mongrel?

John Mongrel (Ross Kemp on Gangs) Picture

John Mongrel, a notorious figure featured on the television series “Ross Kemp on Gangs,” gained infamy as a dangerous prisoner.

However, His death was reported in 2014, and the cause was linked to his involvement in a brutal murder.

Mongrel, known for his violent reputation, became a subject of public attention due to his criminal activities and was featured prominently in the TV series.

John Mongrel’s Early Life and Age

John Mongrel, aged approximately 45-50 at the time of his death, maintained a mysterious profile. Details such as his birthday, upbringing, and family background remain undisclosed.

Moreover, Spending the majority of his life incarcerated since his teenage years, he belonged to black heritage and held an African nationality.

Also, Specifics about his parents, siblings, education, and other personal aspects remain unknown, shrouding his life in mystery.

John Mongrel’s Nationality and Ethnicity

John Mongrel, of African ethnicity, held African nationality and Christian religion, but details about his family remain undisclosed.

Despite his notorious presence and criminal activities, his personal background, including family connections, remains a private facet of his life, hidden from public scrutiny.

John Mongrel 28s Interview

John Mongrel Interview Image

John Mongrel, the formidable leader of the 28s gang in Pollsmoor prison, gained notoriety for his brutal demeanour.

However, Entering Pollsmoor at the tender age of 14, Mongrel’s early introduction to the prison system suggests a troubled and likely tumultuous youth.

Moreover, His role as the gang’s general underscores his influence and power within the prison environment, reflecting a narrative of criminality and authority in his life.

John Mongrel Pollsmoor

John Mongrel’s murderous spree began with the stabbing of his cellmate’s heart, marking the onset of a reign of terror in Pollsmoor prison, where he claimed over 1,000 lives.

Moreover, In a chilling revelation on Ross Kemp’s TV series, he described melting one side of a toothbrush to kill a man.

However, His brutality extended beyond killings; he gouged out a warder’s eye and perpetrated sexual assaults, raping a different inmate every three weeks.

Thus, Despite being the epitome of danger, some inexplicably advocated for his release, raising questions about the complexities surrounding his notoriety both inside and outside the prison walls.

John Mongrel Death

John Mongrel’s death in 2014 while incarcerated remains shrouded in mystery. The notorious figure, a feared presence in South Africa’s Pollsmoor prison, gained notoriety as the ruthless leader of the 28’s gang.

However, His criminal journey began at the tender age of 14, and he quickly embraced the harsh realities of gang life.

Additionally, To solidify his place among the 28s, John committed a chilling act by fatally stabbing his cellmate in the heart before his 15th birthday.

Later, This violent initiation ritual underscored his determination to rise within the prison hierarchy.

Unlike other inmates, John ensured that the 28s maintained a dominant position in Pollsmoor Prison, demanding unwavering allegiance from fellow inmates.

Thus, His death marked the end of an era, leaving behind a legacy of brutality and dominance in the complex and dangerous world he inhabited.

The circumstances surrounding his demise, however, continue to elude public understanding.

Final Thought

John Mongrel’s life, marked by violence and infamy, remains an enigmatic tale. His death in 2014 closes a chapter, but questions persist about the man behind the notoriety.

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