Gay, vegan and rich boy are some things that explain queer social media star, Jonathan Roehm. He came out to everyone around when he was 15.

Now you may get curious about who this person is. what he does and where he comes from.

So, sit down this article is just for you! You may know him or not know him but we promise that you will get to know more about him through this article.

Jonathan Roehm Profile Summary
NameJonathan Roehm
Birth Date25 march 2003
Birth PlaceLas Vegas, United States
Age20 Years Old
Height5 Feet 5 inches
Net Worth $1 billion USD
Marital StatusSingle

Who is Jonathan Roehm?

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source: Instagram

Jonathan is an American Short length comedy video maker on TikTok. He rose to popularity on his Jonathan.Roehm profile on TikTok.

He is known for his wealthy boy persona and shares interactional responses to fan comments for his more than 2.4 million fans on TikTok. He has gained over 5k followers on his Jonathan. Roehm’s Instagram profile.

His content is mostly based on flexing expensive stuff, answering his fan’s questions about the stuff and other things. He has admitted to being openly gay and a proud vegan.

Jonathan Roehm Age

Jonathan Roehm is 20 years old as of 2023, born on March 25, 2003, in Las Vegas, Nevada. At just 20 years old, Jonathan has made a significant impact as a TikTok star, using his youth to harness the rapidly evolving trends of social media.

Early Life of Jonathan Roehm

Jonathan was born on 25 march 2003 in Las Vegas, United States. He isn’t very much about his life but going through his socials we have collected a lot of information about this young vegan.

Jonathan was born into a very simple family in the United States and had fun growing up with his friends and family. He went to a local school in his hometown.

Jonathan passed out of school with pretty good grades. He was a popular student in his school and took part in a lot of activities at his school.

Jonathan was good at what he did either in his academics or his hobbies

He hasn’t much revealed about his family or parents. He came out to his parents at age of 15. They were pretty supportive of his sexuality and decision.

His parents’ names are not known but this for sure they took care of his all needs and wants and gave him utter support and love throughout his childhood. He also may or may not have siblings but they also have been supportive of him.

According to his social media persona it does seems like he was born into a rich family. So, it’s of no surprise that Jonathan was surrounded by wealth and riches throughout his teenage and childhood.

Jonathan Roehm Career

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source: Instagram

Jonathan Roehm is a short video comedy content creator. He has gained fame from his TikTok account with 2.4 million+ followers.

He is mostly known for his “rich and famous vegan” annoying personality around TikTok with the community making fun of him about it.

Jonathan started his social media career by posting photos in early 2018 on his Instagram profile. One was at the Troye Sivan concert.

He later then made his TikTok account in 2019, as he would upload videos of himself being a gay and LGBTQ+ supporter, and comedic jokes he can think of there.

His one of first videos was him posting a video with the caption “my ex-bf cheated on me. Taking new Bf applications”

He haves a video song “Emo Vegan Sadness’

After the fame

In 2020, Jonathan started his own “rich and famous” vegan persona as he holds a “1 billion dollar” which is one-dollar bill for which he claims to be the “World’s Youngest Billionaire”.

Back in 2021, He also becomes into anything he can think of such as a dog, cat, emo, a fairy, etc.

Jonathan started to quit being his character for over 2 years, and he mentioned that he didn’t like when playing the character.

Jonathan Roehm Personal Life

Jonathan is not very open about his personal life. HE prefers to be a very private person relating to his actual life apart from his Internet persona.

Jonathan is single as of 2023 and he is openly gay. Much is not known about his friends and they don’t show up much on his video. The “youngest billionaire” claim seems like a lie and just an act.

His hobbies include video making, photography, and vlogging. Other than that, he is very very private so that’s why we don’t have much information on his life. He is also not seen in public much.

Jonathan Roehm Net Worth

Jonathan claims to be the world’s youngest billionaire. Hence his net worth supposedly according to him can be around $1 billion USD.

But calculating only his social media earnings and revenues which are through brand endorsements and sponsorships his net worth can be around 100k as of 2023.

Going through the same figure his  2021 net worth can be around $75k USD. He has been inactive on his socials recently so there’s not much growth and nothing can be said about his future as a social media star.

Jonathan Roehm Height & Weight

Jonathan Roehm stands around 5 Feet 5 inches or 1.65 meters and weighs around 50kg or 100 lbs. He has a weak chin and jaw, Black eyes, and brown hair. He has a good fashion sense.

Jonathan doesn’t have facial hair growth and has a baby face.

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