Jose Stemkens doesn’t require an introduction because of her stellar reputation.

Started her fashion consulting company when she was young, and it is now well-established.

Jose Stemkens Profile Summary
NameJose Stemkens
Birth Date29 December 1987
Birth PlaceTembisa, South Africa
Age34 Years Old
Height5 Feet 6 Inches
Net Worth$1 Million
Profession Entrepreneur and fashion consultant
Marital StatusDivorced
EX-WifeHeather Wilelandt, Joanna Heimbold, Elizabeth W. Alexander, Titus Welliver
Children Cara McBride, Eamonn and Quinn

Who is Jose Stemkens?

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Jose is a style expert with exquisite taste who founded a business (Sunrise Fashion) that emphasizes fashion. Entrepreneur Jose Stemkens is married to actor Titus Welliver and works as a consultant in the fashion industry.

The majority of people still refer to her as Titus Welliver’s wife even though they are no longer married. The name probably won’t fade for a long time.

Her fashion and lifestyle advice has helped her become well-known all around the world. Stemkens also owns a US-based fashion consulting business.

Early Life of Jose Stemkens

On December 29, 1987, she was born in Tembisa, South Africa. She is a former model turned fashion consultant and businessperson Jose Stemkens.

As of 2022, she is 34 years old. Her parents’ names and other details are unknown, but she has two siblings—a brother and a sister.

Despite being born in South Africa and having grown up in Holland, she has made a name for herself in the United States.

Jose Stemkens Career

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Jose Stemkens is a well-known figure in the fashion world. She did go to college; she attended the Bouwens van der Boijecollege in Holland. 

She is a former fashion model who is now an entrepreneur and fashion consultant. Jose Stemkens has a successful modeling career and has collaborated with numerous businesses throughout Europe.

She had already made a name for herself before she wed Titus Welliver.

Jose Stemkens’ professional development to this point has been pretty spectacular, thanks to her dedication and hard work. Her ancestry can be traced to South Africa and Holland, where she was raised.

This beauty tycoon is a major player in the fashion industry.

While still in school, Jose Stemkens began her career in fashion at the Holland-based Mata Hari Multi Chain store. Jose Stemkens, then 21, was given the chance to work for a Dusseldorf wholesale clothes company.

After retiring as a model, she later relocated and resided in California where she maintained her profession as a fashion consultant.

Rise to Stardom

In June 1995, she began working as a senior project manager for the casual clothes company Espirit. Espirit is a clothing line that specializes in casual wear.

Jose traveled to well-known locations all over the world while working as a senior project manager for Espirit, including Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, and Düsseldorf.

Jose made the decision to leave the company after more than 10 years of service and begin working as an account manager for the casual clothing label The Great China Wall.

Later, in June 2019, she resigned from The Great China Wall to take the helm of a Dutch clothing business.

Jose assisted the Dutch Clothing line in growing in the US by giving its brands, such as Dept and JC RAGS, the right exposure.

She accepted a second job offer after four years of employment and quickly rose to the position of vice president at the House of Quirky.

By opening stores all throughout the US, she grew the business there. She left the organization after a year and founded her own business, Sunrise Fashion Consulting.

Her business, which is based in Los Angeles, offers the lessons she’s picked up along the way about how to launch and grow a fashion brand.

Jose Stemkens later quit her position at the wholesale clothing company to take a job as the sales manager for American clothes in Europe.

Her new role gave her the opportunity to go to Asia in two months to work with the production team for her employer.

Jose Stemkens Personal Life

On April 12, 2014, Jose Stemkens of Calabasas, California, tied the knot after dating for more than six years. The day was the most gorgeous and amazing, according to Titus.

Despite the fact that Jose and Titus Welliver were unable to have children of their own, Jose was the stepmother to three kids from Titus’ first marriage.

These are daughter Cara McBride, sons Eamonn and Quinn, and them.

Before he met and wed Jose, Jose’s ex-husband had been married three times. Heather Wilelandt, actress Joanna Heimbold (mother of Eamonn and Quinn), and late producer Elizabeth W. Alexander (mother of Cara) are the ex-wives of the well-known actor.

Titus Welliver and Jose Stemkens filed for divorce on April 3, 2019, according to court records. After the judge gave his approval, they reached a final divorce agreement in January 2021, allocating each party’s rightful share of their assets.

Titus was permitted to retain a portion of his Connecticut real estate, a number of bank accounts, and residuals and royalties from his work on television and motion pictures.

Jose, on the other hand, retained a 2017 Range Rover along with other possessions. Additionally, Jose received the names Martha Grace, Kimba, Kid, Chief, Aslan, and Jackson for the family’s six horses.

She was also permitted to keep her furniture and jewelry, as well as her business and personal accounts.

Additionally, the judge mandated that Titus Welliver make monthly payments of $27,000 to Jose Stemkens until the end of 2021. It was also instructed that he pay a flat amount of $50,000 to balance the property division.

In addition, Jose and her ex-husband reached an agreement over custody of Titus’ 14-year-old daughter, whom Jose had been married to and officially adopted.

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Jose Stemkens Net Worth

As of 2021, Jose Stemkens’s projected net worth is $1 million.

Her investments in the fashion sector, where she owns a consulting firm, are where she has accumulated most of her wealth.

Additionally, she shares her husband Titus Welliver’s estimated $4 million net worth.

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Physical Appearance

Jose Stemkens has hazel-colored eyes, and she is 5 ft 6 inches tall.  She is 1.71m tall; her weight is still not known.

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