Josh Niland (born on 9 June 1989) is an Australian chef known for his worldwide culinary expertise.

He has gained fame for his exceptional skills in preparing seafood and owns a multinational restaurant business, earning recognition on multiple continents.

Let’s read this article to know everything about this magical chef.

Profile Summary 

  • Name: Josh Niland
  • Birth Date: 9 June 1989
  • Birth Place: Maitland, New South Wales, Australia
  • Age: 34 years old
  • Height: 5 feet and 10 inches
  • Net Worth: 5 Million AUD
  • Profession: Chef and Restaurant Owner
  • Father: Stephen Niland
  • Mother: Marea Niland
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Spouse: Julie
  • Children: Two

Who is Josh Niland?

Josh Niland image

Josh Niland is an Australian chef who owns a multinational restaurant business.

His specialization in seafood has made him famous on many continents including, America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and especially Australia.

Today, Josh travels around the world to learn more and explore more varieties of seafood. He is known for his patent of using fish in cooking from nose to tail.

His book ‘Take One Fish’ is the most loved book among fish lovers, fish stall workers, and cooking enthusiasts worldwide.

Josh’s restaurants are on the list of top 50 Restaurants in Australia and also in the world. He is a famous figure in TV cooking shows in Australia.

Josh does post his culinary skills on his social media account. He is now the most sought-after, cooking expert, and consultant in the world.

Early Life of Josh Niland

Josh Niland was born on 9 June 1989 and was brought up in Maitland, New South Wales, Australia. His father’s name is Stephen and his mother’s name is Marea.

His parents owned reputed financial businesses. He was not able to receive proper education due to his health issues.

Josh got Wilms’ tumor while he was schooling. It took many years to overcome this disease. He sacrificed one of his kidneys and lived with the help of various kidney treatment procedures. 

When Josh recovered, he did many jobs like cherry plucker in his native. But today, he is a celebrity.

Josh Niland Age

Josh Niland is currently 34 years old as of 2023 because he was born on June 9, 1989.

At a relatively young age, Josh has become a prominent figure in the culinary world, known for his innovative approach to cooking fish “from nose to tail.”

Josh Niland Chef Career

Josh Niland set his career in the fishing industry. He became a young chef and seafood expert as he experimented a lot even when he was under bed rest during his school days.

Josh was very interested in consuming seafood and always wished to prepare it himself.

His mother did help him financially to buy fish and cooking accessories for his tiny kitchen. He dreamed of becoming famous in the whole world using his recipes.

Josh’s idea was to use those parts of fish that others throw away in the bin or do not cook.

Josh Niland image

Josh developed fish-cutting skills and cooked a variety of fish in different ways. This professionalism allowed him to work in world-renowned restaurants.

One of such restaurant is Fat Duck. Josh also worked for many other famous restaurants in the United Kingdom.

In 2016, Josh started his own restaurant in Paddington, Sydney, as the Saint Peter Restaurant. He also opened a fish stall in 2019 in the same area.

Today, it is the most sought-after place to dine fish varieties under one roof in Australia.

Josh Niland Wife

Josh Niland has been married to his wife Julie Niland since 2016. The couple has been blessed with two amazing children.

They all are happy and living together. Julie is also helping him to become successful in his profession. Thus, a relationship with such things becomes stronger and thereby unbreakable.

As a cooking enthusiast and fish lover, Josh spends most of his time experimenting with seafood. Apart from cooking delicious fish varieties, he does research on handling fish in the fishing industry.

Josh Niland image and wife

Josh does all to make use of the fish from their nose to tail. To spread his thoughts, Josh came out with his writing ‘Take One Fish’ book. People have their hearts on this book.

Social Media Appearance

Josh Niland’s fish-cutting and cooking posts are very popular on social media platforms and networking channels.

He earns from his video posts as he has millions of likes and views across the globe. Various social media platforms are responsible for making Josh a famous chef in Australia.

It has helped him to build his career too.

Instagram: More than 251k followers

Facebook: More than 2.1K likes

Josh Niland Net Worth

Josh Niland estimated net worth is 5 million AUD as of 2023.

Josh has been earning since his younger years. He was a cherry plucker in his native and worked in many restaurants in the USA and UK.

Josh is also the owner of Saint Peter’s Restaurant in Sydney. He wishes to know about the fishing industry and to achieve this, Josh started a fish stall in Sydney in 2019. He does participate in many cooking shows on television.

The Bottom Line

Josh Niland is a living legend and an expert in handling and cooking seafood. He is an inspiration to any armature and professional chefs who want to learn amazing tips and tricks.

If you are specializing in seafood, you must visit his social media accounts and TV cooking show programs.

Although, it is not necessary to belong to the same field as your idol. It’s all about the point of view, of learning lessons and understanding the need for any particular thing.

And after that, we came out as successful people which we all need.

I hope you had a good journey with Josh’s biography. Before we let you go, we want you to have a look at another amazing Australian chef Brent Owens.

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