Are you guys aware of a wife standing up for her husband’s NBA match? Does courtside Karen come to your mind within a fraction of a second?

Yes, the pretty lady who slammed the great NBA player to support her husband is Juliana Carlos, and her husband’s name is Chris Carlos.

In this article, we are going to discuss Juliana’s husband, Chris. And we will be detailing their age difference, courtside karen scenes, and everything else, so stay with us for the full article.

Who is Juliana Carlos?

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Juliana Carlos is a social media influencer, a businesswoman, and the wife of another great businesswoman, Chris Carlos.

She rose to fame by heckling NBA player Lebron James, who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers team.

And on February 1, 2021, there was a match between the Lakers and Hawks, and it was the fourth quarter.

And suddenly, James and Chris started yelling at each other, and Juliana entered the argument and said

Stop calling me a bitch. Put down the f**k. Don’t talk to my husband like that.

This conversation wasn’t appropriate for the gaming matches, so everyone condemned the actions of James and Juliana.

Some videotaped the whole thing, and Juliana showed her middle finger to James, Juliana, and Chris, and some fans of Lebron were kicked out of the stadium.

But at the end of the day, Juliana earned the title of “courtside Karen” for supporting her husband.

Eventually, his husband also trended on the internet; Chris is a great businessman, not a celebrity, but Juliana and Chris became celebrities after this incident.

A few days later, Julia issued a statement to the press apologising for her behaviour and deeply regretting his misbehaviour in court.

Who is Juliana Carlos Husband?

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Juliana Carlos’ husband’s name is Chris Carlos, and he runs Republic National Distribution Company, the United States’ second-largest exporter of luxury wine and other drinks.

In addition, Chris is also serving on the board of directors at Murphy’s Heart, Ronald McDonald House, Children’s Hospital, and March of Dimes.

Thus, Chris is one of the richest people in the United States.

Age and Educational Details of Chris Carlos

Chris Carlos was born on October 26, 1964, in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. Thus, the age of Juliana Carlos’s husband is 60 as of 2023.

His parents’ names are Michael and Thalia, N. Carlos.

Chris’s father served as chairman and president of the Republic National Company. Chris Carlos is not only a wealthy child, but he is highly educated, having graduated from the University of Florida.

Chris was appointed vice president of their empire immediately after graduating.

Age Difference Between Juliana Carlos and Chris Carlos

If we look at a couple of photos of Juliana and Chris, we can easily see that they must have a significant age difference. Thus, the age difference triggered lots of criticism from netizens.

Thus, let’s decode them one by one.

Chris Carlos was born on October 26, 1964, and Juliana was born on March 17, 1995.

The age of Chris is 59, and the age of Juliana is 28. Thus, their age gap is 31 years!

Julia is like a kid to Chris.

Juliana Carlos Husband Previous Relationships

Chris Carlos has previously been married twice, and Juliana is his third wife.

Chris’s first wife was Merry Leigh, and the couple had three children. And their names were Jordan Nicole Carlos, Catherine Marie Carlos, and Christina Michael Carlos.

But Merry and Chris got divorced in 2011.

Then, in 2015, Chris married his second wife, Nicole Carlos. And the couple has a son named Michael Jr.

Nicole is a big fashionista. But the pair separated after a few years.

Then, in 2019, Chris and Julia met through a mutual friend, and their friendship blossomed into love. They then decided to exchange vows on December 24, 2020.

Are Juliana Carlos and Chris Carlos expecting a child?

No, the pair didn’t have any babies for themselves, and recently Chris became the grandfather of her daughter’s child.

Thus, he might have thought not to become a father again!

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What is the Net Worth of Juliana Carlos husband?

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Juliana Carlos’ husband Chris’s net worth is estimated to be around $80 million as of 2023. And he inherited the company from his father, and he is putting in a lot of effort to make it the strongest.

And Chris’s net worth was around $75 million as of 2022.

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Bottom Line

Chris and Juliana get more trolled for their huge age difference, but Juli proved that age is not a bar to loving someone in that courtside Karen incident.

Juli didn’t care about the consequence, but he saved her and her husband’s reputations. It is a bold activity.

And in many more years, Juliana Carlos will be forever remembered for her bold behaviour against the NBA player.

The end!

What do you think about the courtside Karen incident? Comment on it.

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