Kalani Rodgers (born on March 22, 2000) is a social media personality and actress who became famous through her social media presence and influence.

She has a TikTok account by the name of Kalanii where she posts comedic acting performances.

The short comedic skits that went viral on her social media accounts were the beginning of her fame. Now, with millions of viewers and fans on social media, she is on cloud nine.

Continue reading to know more about this social media star Kalani Rodgers.

Profile Summary
NameKalani Rodgers
Birth DateBorn on March 22, 2000
Birth PlaceDetroit, United States
Zodiac SignAries
Age23 years as of 2023
HeightIn Feet & Inches: 5′ 6″
In Centimeter: 168 cm
In Meter: 1.68 m
WeightIn Kilogram: 61 kg
In pounds: 135 lbs
Net Worth$1 million as of 2023
ProfessionSocial media personality and Actress
Martial StatusUnmarried

Who is Kalani Rodgers?

Kalani Rodgers is a social media influencer from the United States who has been making an impact through her social media accounts.

Her performances and acts on the TikTok platform have made her famous and it is where she posts humorous and comedic content.

Kalani has made an impact in the entertainment industry through her performances on social media, movie opportunities, and commercials on TV.

She has made her presence known through these mediums over the last several years because she started at a very young age.

One of her performances that went viral is Will Smith’s famous “slaughter imitation. She conceived the 2022 Oscars incident as a skit, titled “Showed Up Unannounced” and performed it for social media.

This particular skit went with more than 13 million viewers for the same and it helped her to catapult her fame much further.

People started noticing her and following her after that which led to the star-in-making process.

In 2021 she acted in the movie by the name “Pick a Side” and in the following year she announced her other upcoming role in the work “Waiting on the World’.

Early Life of Kalani Rodgers

Kalani Rodgers was born on March 22, 2000, in Detroit, United States. She was born into a very supportive family who paid attention to her aspirations and health, following it right from a very young age.

This is evident from the fact that she started working in front of the camera at the very young age of 9 years. There is not much information available about her parents or siblings, and at large about her family.

She went to a school in Sacramento where she studied theater and performing arts. In 2022 she graduated with a degree in acting, which is regarded as a good decision she took to pursue her passion.

She currently lives in California and is taking forward her social media career and entertainment industry pursuits.

Kalani Rodgers Age

Kalani Rodgers’ age is 23 years as of 2023 and her birth date is March 22, 2000. She is a young and beautiful woman who is only in her early 20s and exploring her career and much more at this point in life.

Already she has been very ambitious to start showing the world what her passions and talents are, she has great potential. Although age is not a limitation for anybody in pursuing their goals in life one has to agree that for Kalani age is very much on her side.

Kalani Rodgers Height and Weight

Kalani Rodgers’ height is 5 feet and 6 inches which is equal to 168 cm or 1.68 meters and it aligns well with her physique. She is 61 kgs in weight which is equal to 135 pounds.

She is a very attractive-looking woman with great physical features and attractive looks. We can be sure that she has several men trying to cover for her great personality and amazing attributes.

She is also very young and she has a lot of time on her side to experiment with her life and find who is right for her. Her physical features will also be in the meantime evolving into that of a mature and magnetic woman.

Kalani Rodgers Career

Kalani is a social media personality and influencer from the United States who has gathered a big fan following for her videos and acts on media platforms.

She started working in front of the camera from her little age of 9 years old when she acted in a short film by the name Dog Tags.

Kalani has a very interesting personality that combines humor and comedy which has held her to gain a great fan following and attention.

Some of her videos are made around doing crazy and funny stuff like annoying people at a swimming pool, sneaking up on people, bothering Uber drivers, etc.

Mostly she makes her videos in public places among strangers and friends and that makes her performances highly interesting.

She is very confident in behaving around strangers and doing funny things to the laughter of everyone.

Her excellent skills have helped her to get opportunities both in movies and commercials. She has acted in three popular commercials.

Movies like Dog Tags, What Ah Nerd, Waiting on the World, and Pick A Side gave her opportunities for acting.

Across all her social media accounts she has more than 30 million France with more than a million on the TikTok account where she is the most active.

Besides the social media at the Star Management modeling agency.

Kalani Rodgers Boyfriend

Kalani Rodgers is single as of 2023 and not in any relationship. It is quite unbelievable for a woman for her fame, abilities, and physical features.

It could also be that she has successfully kept it under wraps. But in the case of celebrities, it is very difficult to cover any sensitive information.

Whichever may be the case, Kalani is a beautiful woman who will never have to wait too long for company.

Not only her looks but her personality and other qualities are equally amazing to make her sought after.

Nothing more in terms of useful information is available about her personal life except for hunches and assumptions.

Kalani Rodgers Net Worth

Hassan estimated a net worth of $1 million as of 2023. Her social media accounts play a tremendous role as an income stream, and she monetizes based on viewership and subscription.

She has been making a great impact on social media and simultaneously generating good income through the medium.

Her impact on social media has also helped her to get opportunities in movies and commercials which has helped her with good financial opportunities.

Had talent and skills cannot be overlooked when her career and finances are discussed. Her confidence is unparalleled and the ambition she harbors from a very young age is also exceptional.

A potent combination of these qualities has helped her to become famous at the young age of just 23 years old.

If she continues with the same passion and determination to work in the entertainment industry of the United States, the scope, and the opportunity available for her will be tremendous.

In conclusion

Kalani Rodgers highly interesting person who is making a career for herself using the power of social media.

In fact, one has to agree that she has already influenced millions of people around the world.

With more love and admiration Kalani will scale heights in her career and life.

Hope we were able to keep you excited right from the start till the end with this article. We will be coming back with another interesting personality.

Your thoughts keep us moving forward strong and we look forward to it in the comment section below.

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