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This biography is about Karoline Hegbom who has been performing as a squash player for over a decade.

Now, she has proved herself a brand and made her name in the list of top national players by winning different awards.

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Profile Summary

  • Name: Karoline Hegbom
  • Birth Date: 21 January 1992
  • Birth Place: Norway
  • Age: 32 years
  • Profession: Squash player
  • Marital Status: married
  • Marriage Date: (m.2019)
  • Husband: Aksel Hennie
  • Children: 2
  • Nationality: Norwegian
  • Residence: Norway

Who is Karoline Hegbom?

Karoline Hegbom
img – Johannes Worsøe Berg

Karoline Hegbom is a sports person by profession. She is a squash player representing Norway at different levels.

The young athlete has been providing services in the world of sports since 2011. Karoline is a well-known name in Norge and till now she has more than two medals in the national championships of Norway.

Early Life of Karoline Hegbom

Karoline Hegbowen was conceived on January 21, 1992. She was born in Norway and holds Norwegian nationality.

Karoline has been secretive about her early life. She never mentioned her education or school and university life.

However, the partner of Karoline being an actor shared his early life with the audience.

Karoline’s partner Aksel Hennie was also born in Norway and he is an actor by profession.

Karoline Hegbom’s husband Aksel Hennie was born on 29 October 1975. His personality is related to a great extent to the background story of the film Norway.

Karoline Hegbom Age

Karoline Hegbom is 32 Years old as of 2024 having been born on January 21, 1992, in Norway. At this young age, she achieved a lot of success in her life.

The Journey of Karoline Hegbom

Karoline Hegbom has been playing for Norway for over a decade. She actively takes part in the Norwegian squash championship.

A Norwegian squash championship is an event of sports organized by the Norwegian Squash Association. Players have been showcasing their talent in the competition since 1979.

Norwegian champions are chosen every year since 1979 but in 1992 no NM was conducted. The NM of the year 1992 was held in December 1991 and for 1992-1993, it was conducted in February 1993.

NM in doubles was introduced in the championship for men in 2007 while NM in doubles for women was announced and operated in 2007.

Karoline Hegbom, playing since 2011 has won three NM medals for singles. She won one bronze medal in 2011 and another bronze medal in 2015 in the Norwegian Championships.

While in 2016, she won a silver medal in singles in the same championship.

The successful journey of Karoline Hegbom’s husband Aksel Hennie is also a treat to know about.

Aksel Hennie faced difficulties and applied four times to get admission to the Norwegian National Academy of Theatre and he was successful in his fourth attempt.

He is a well-educated actor who graduated in 2001 and the same year, he worked at Teatre Vart in Molde for one year.

Hennie worked in famous plays like “The Woman who Married a Turkey”, and Hamlet.

Aksel Hennie is noted as a famous film actor. His debut came onto screen in 2003 in the film Johny Vang. In the same year, he acted in two more films including Buddy and Ulvesommer.

He made his debut as a director in 2004 in the film, Uno which acted too.

Karoline Hegbom’s husband just like her achieved several awards. In 2001, he was titled “Theatre Talent of the Year” by the newspaper Dagbladet.

In 2003, Hennie won the best actor award for Jonny Vang and in 2015, he received the Amanda Award for the film Uno.

European Film Promotion named him as the film’s shooting star in 2004. In 2013, he was awarded the Angela Award at the Subtitle European Film Festival.

Karoline Hegbom Personal Life

The squash player Karoline Hegbom married the Norwegian actor and director Aksel Hennie in 2019. They were engaged in 2018.

The speculation rose when the audience started noticing them together on several occasions but they maintained their privacy.

Their relation became public when they had their first child together in 2018. Aksel already had one daughter before marrying Karoline.

Karoline Hegbom on advanture

Karoline Hegbom and Aksel Hennie’s marriage was organized at the mountain village of Taormina, and the wedding took place at Villa Corleone.

Both felt it was a great experience of their life. Aksel shared the news of his second child with Karoline on his Instagram handle. Aksel explains himself as a clear and loving father with emotional verbality.

The couple is living happily together. Without any news of separation, we wish further success to their relation.

Karoline Hegbom Net Worth

Karoline Hegbom earned a handsome sum of money from her career as sports person however, she has not revealed the exact amount. She earns mainly from sports. Moreover, the net worth of Aksel Hennie is known.

Aksel Hennie is one of the richest actors. He has proved his versatility by performing several jobs including writing, acting, direction, and as a voice-over artist.

Aksel Hennie’s net worth is approximately $5 million. This means Karoline and Aksel enjoy a luxurious life.

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