As the oldest child of NBA YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Kayden Gaulden, better known as Kay Gaulden, is an American celebrity child and celebrity youngster.

NBA YoungBoy is a famous American rapper and singer known for his hit song “Untouchable.” 

Let’s read up about this celebrity child and his world-famous dad, who is also a bit notorious. Never miss the meaty details.

Kayden Gaulden Profile Summary
NameKayden Gaulden
Birth Date4 July 2016
Birth PlaceLouisiana, USA
Age7 Years Old
Height3 Feet 10 Inches
SiblingKamron, Taylin, Kamiri, and Kacey, Armani and Kodi

Who is Kayden Gaulden?


Kayden Gaulden is the first son of famous American rapper NBA YoungBoy. The celebrity youngster, Kay Gaulden, is well-known for his celebrity background.

Kay is the oldest child of well-known rapper NBA and his former lover Nisha, according to the reports. Due to his father’s public appearances, this celebrity kid has a sizable fan base.

Despite appearing in several of his father’s music singles, Kay shares his father’s love of music. Let’s learn more about his background, professional background, family, and other topics.

Kayden Gaulden Age

Kayden Gaulden is 7 years old as of 2023, born on July 4, 2016, under the sign of Cancer in the United States.

At this tender age, Kayden is blossoming within the embrace of family life.

Early Life of Kayden Gaulden

The former celeb kid was born to his parents on 4th July 2016 in Louisiana, the United States of America.

His father NBA YoungBoy is a famous rapper and his mother Nisha is a famous American model.

However, they got pregnant with Kayden before being married, and they later split up. NBA YoungBoy, his father, had numerous affairs and had seven kids with them.

Kayden was born when his father was only 22 years old. With his other six siblings, Kayden spent his formative years.

Furthermore, Kayden Gaulden, a celebrity child who is over six years old, must have been pursuing his fundamental education at a well-regarded Louisiana school.

Where he is currently attending school is not known, though. He aspires to follow in his father’s artistic footsteps.

Kayden Gaulden’s celebrity background is mostly responsible for his fame.

He is well-known for being the oodles son of NBA YoungBoy, a well-known rapper and musician, and his ex-girlfriend Nisha.

He is of mixed ancestry and nationality, being American. He was born under the Cancer horoscope. His father has four other sons named Kamron, Taylin, Kamiri, and Kacey, as well as two daughters, Armani and Kodi.  

His dad NBA YoungBoy released several hit singles such as “Untouchable” and “Outside Today.” 

Kayden Gaulden Career


He is extremely attracted to music, styles, and fame. Kayden started appearing in his father’s music singles.

It is assumed that he would be an artist by following his father’s tradition. However, he is a kid now and completely focuses on his basic education.

The boy is sure to grow up into a famous artist like his father.

Kayden’s father is a famous American rapper and singer who started making music at age fourteen with the microphone he bought from Walmart.

Kayden Gaulden Personal life

Kayden Gaulden is a star kid and has a huge fan following due to belonging to a celebrity family.

After appearing in music singles along with his father, he became more popular. However, he isn’t attached to anyone as he is a kid now.

But, all of his fans and class friends love him unconditionally. Kayden has 557 followers on his Instagram account.

Till now he had posted 10 posts on his social media handles. Kayden has a deep interest in the fashion world.

Kayden’s lucky number is 2. People also called him Draco

NBA YoungBoy

American rapper Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, best known by his stage name NBA YoungBoy, first gained fame in 2016 as one of the most promising young talents.

Gaulden, who is incredibly skilled, started rhyming and recording at a young age. At the age of 16, he created his debut album in 2015 after being inspired by local musicians.

He immediately followed it up with the publication of the trilogy from Mind of a Menace.

When everything appeared to be going as planned, fate delivered a significant shock to his life when he was detained on suspicion of first-degree attempted murder.

His burgeoning career took a turn for the worst.

NBA YoungBoy did not, however, stop his musical career; on the contrary, he immersed himself fully in it.

The publication of his successful singles while he was incarcerated eliminated the uncertainty surrounding the future of his budding career.

His album Win or Lose was a huge success and made him famous instantly. Untouchables, No Smoke, and Outside Today are a few of his later successes that debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at various positions.

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Kayden Gaulden Net Worth

Kayden Gaulden does not have a career, and nor does he have a net worth, as expected.

His father, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, has an estimated net worth of about $3 million. Kayden is going to grow to become a rich and celebrated artist and maybe even better than his father.

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Kayden Gaulden Height & Weight

The 7-year-old celebrity kid Kayden Gaulden has become 3 feet 10 inches long as of 2023. It is assumed that he is growing up very fast and will grow more after a few years.

He weighs 22.3 kilograms at the time. He is a very cute little boy.

In the entertainment business, Kayden Gaulden is almost a stylish kid. He has been imitating his father’s fashion sense by doing so.

The young child can be identified by his black eyes and curly hair. His audience responded favorably to his inclusion in his father’s music hits.

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