Kayla Nicole (born on 26 May 2001) who is also known as Nicole TV, is an Instagram celebrity, musician, and YouTube character from the United States.

She is someone who has won millions of hearts at a very young age or quick time, that is just commendable.

And that’s not a cup of tea for someone to achieve this much fame in this rapid era, It would have taken her day and night effort to make it into reality.

Let’s read the below biography to learn everything about Dori Bridges. Moreover, she has expressed many more beautiful words that you should know right now.

Who is Kayla Nicole?

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Kayla Nicole who is also known as Nicole TV, is an Instagram celebrity, musician, and YouTube character from the United States.

Her viral funny skits, such as The Ponytail Goes to School and Single Mom Routine, have gone viral.

Kayla Nicole has a decent number of followers on different web-based entertainment arenas including Instagram and YouTube.

She recently dealt with CBS TV at the 2022 Grammys. With her ordeal as a public face, the youngster has progressed a perceptible advance in her media calling to date.

Apart from her existence in online entertainment, Nicole is known to be a viral image at many events due to her absurd appearance.

Early Life of Kayla Nicole

Kayla Nicole comes to be 22 in 2023, having been born on May 26, 2001. She was born and put up in Montgomery, Alabama, USA, in an upper-middle-class family.

Talking about her further information on childhood, it is not revealed. She seems a little secretive when it comes to her early life.

Kayla Nicole Age

Kayla Nicole is 22 years old as of 2023. She was born on 26 May 2001. She is an Instagram celebrity, musician, and YouTube personality from the United States.

Family and Education

Kayla was born to Roosevelt Brown and Robin Brooks Curry, who ultimately divorced and Roosevelt wedding Cathie Jones Bellard, with whom he had two kids from a prior relationship.

Kayla and Sidney, her younger sister, were raised together. The populace isn’t secret to a lot of data about her sister.

Nicole went to a local high school in Montgomery, Alabama, where she completed her early education.

She then enrolled at a nearby private college in Alabama, where she is presently working towards her graduation.

She and her family just relocated to Vestavia Hills to better follow her vocation.

Kayla Nicole Career

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Nicole inaugurated her ‘YouTube channel appointing herself for the first time on social media on December 29, 2014, naming ‘Nicole Tv.’.

‘When Somebody Has an ugly baby,’ which was broadcast in January 2015, was the channel’s inaugural video.

Nicole’s YouTube channel is well-known for its entertaining material, which comprises cosmetics tutorials and procedures, beauty tips, pranks, challenges, reaction videos, comedy videos, and vlogs.

Her comedic videos, on the other hand, are the channel’s most prominent. In her videos, she repeatedly gives rise to the fun of beauty vloggers.

A big shout to her career

After the short furlough of the film, it took shortly to reach millions of views. ‘Ponytail Tutorial’ (uploaded in March 2015) is the most popular video on the channel, with over 14 million views to date.

Because of its vogue, she appointed it to make a second part, which she published in December 2016. This section received around 3.5 million “views.”

Nicole later uploaded ‘THE PONYTAIL GOES TO SCHOOL|SUBSCRIBER DARE,’ which added over eight million “views” to the channel, beginning again the ‘Ponytail’ procession.

She posts more private material on her self-titled YouTube channel. Nonetheless, she only has two vlogs on the platform and has yet to upload more.

To date, the channel has over 15 thousand subscribers.

Nicole has over 3.8 million followers on ‘Instagram,’ where she posts memes or jokes, cheerful tapes, selfies, and bikini-clad photos.

She is also enthusiastic on the social media network ‘Twitter,’ where she has over 368 thousand followers.
A video of her has gone viral as a meme.

Moreover, It exhibits her staring up and down at the camera and has been dealt with millions of times with numerous captions.

Social Media

Kayla Nicole is very enthusiastic on social platforms as it is what made her famous to date.

Also, The site she is more effective on is YouTube and Instagram. There are 3.6 million subscribers to her YouTube account.

In addition, She centers many pictures and conveys evidence through her Instagram. She has 7.3M followers as of 2022.

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Kayla Nicole Personal Life

Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole first made their love world in May 2017 at a marriage.

The sportsman and his fiancée were in attendance at the marriage of Jeremy Maclin, a fellow NFL player, and retired teammate, to Adia Kuzma.

Kayla was always apparent in his games after the announcement and would be existing at the after-parties.

The two are open about their relationship, and we can find a lot of images and videos of them on social media, which could be one of the justifications for why the public is so enthusiastic about them.

One of Kayla’s Instagram Q&As examined how the two met for the first time, and she replied.

Her bond with her boyfriend, Travis Kelce
Nicole participated in the reality show “Catching Kelce,” in which women combated for his love.

Before dating Kayla, he showed in “Catching Kelce,” in which women played against his heart.

Maya Benberry defeated the show and Kelce as the prize after defeating other women; nevertheless, the duo broke up in January 2017, just a few months overdue.

When Maya memorized the new pair, she accused Travis of cheating on her, contending that they

had broken up five months prior, but that he had been placed on social media outlets.

Break Up-Patch Up

Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole declared openly their split in August 2020.

Fans and followers were upset by their break-up after three years together.

Kayla had then discarded all photos of her and the NFL star together from her social media accounts as if to obliterate any information about their relationship.

Various reports of the athlete fooling on Kayla surfaced, but Kelce rebutted the claims, stating that it was fake news, a betrayal not the basis for their breakup.

Thankfully, the model was seen in tournaments Kelce played in November 2020, and the player later corroborated that they work jointly.

Whatever provoked their breakup is unknown, but it occurs to have been resolved.

Kayla Nicole Net Worth

Although it is not yet revealed, Her net worth is estimated to be around $5 million as of the year 2023.

However, her net worth is established on her YouTube channel and does not comprise additional sources of income such as brand growth on Instagram or music.

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Physical Appearance

Nicole TV is an extraordinary young lady with charming conduct. She has a thin body category and a sexy and gorgeous figure with exceptional body measurements.

Nicole has a curvaceous figure with ratios of 34-26-35 inches.

She sits at a height of 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs roughly 55 kilograms. She has long, lustrous black hair and searing black eyes.

Well, We share the stunning celebrity Kayla Nicole in the article. We hope you enjoyed reading her brief but amazing biography.

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