Are you guys big fans of Top Gun actress Kelly McGillis? Do you love her cropped blonde hair and seductive eyes?

By this time, you might all be thinking Kelly is an old actress; yes, that is the truth, but she made our 1980s dreamy.

Moreover, Top Gun is a very famous Tom Cruise movie, and we hope everyone has seen the sequel version of the Top Gun: Maverick movie as well.

However, Tom Cruise played both Top Gun films while Kelly did not, and there were several controversies surrounding her absence as a co-star, but the truth is she’s an old actress now.

In addition to that, Kelly McGillis is also a lesbian actress who married her wife, Melanie Leis; she boldly came out as a lesbian, and it was indeed a bold act of Kelly, so here in this section, we are going to discuss Kelly’s lesbian wife and her previous relationships.

Who is Kelly McGillis Wife?

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Kelly McGillis is a Hollywood American actress who rose to prominence as Tom Cruise’s co-star. Then she appeared in many hit movies.

In an interview in 2009, she came out publicly as a lesbian and revealed that Kelly was planning to marry her girlfriend, Melanie Leis.

Melanie Leis is the head sales executive at a top firm and a music festival performer.

Melanie and Kelly had their first encounter in the year 2000, and they fell in love with each other by 2001, when they had been living together.

And in 2010, they decided to get married, and the next year they divorced. Yes, you heard it right.

Kelly dated her for ten years, but they were married for only one year.

Age and Education Details of Melanie Leis

Melanie Leis was born in 1967, making her 56 years old in 2023. She holds American citizenship, and her ethnic roots are also spread across it.

Melanie rose to fame by being Kelly McGillis’s wife, so that we couldn’t get more details about her parents. And we have collected the educational details.

She studied at Berklee College of Music and graduated with degrees in arts, music, production, and performance. Thus, she is also a musical artist.

In addition, Melanie earned an associate degree in hotel management from Newbury College.

Melanie Leis Career Details

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Melanie Leis started her career as a retail manager for Cingula Wireless in 2001, and then she worked for a PC management company in 2004.

She then worked for a sovereign bank as a portfolio specialist.

After a few years, Melanie got promoted to district sales manager. Then she became the team DM.

Recently, Melanie joined the Tappit Company in 2021, where she became its vice president.

Kelly McGillis and Melanie Leis

Kelly McGillis met Melanie Leis in a restaurant in Florida, and at first sight, they found some nice feelings, which Melanie shared with the public. She stated that

I started working at the restaurant while Kell was out of town working on a movie. One day I looked up, and there she was. I did not see her from across the room or anything like that. Her presence—not the image of who she is professionally but her sense of humor—grabbed me.

Then again, they had the chance to meet at a birthday party. So, their relationship further strengthened.

Then, in 2001, they started to live together at Mohnton. After a few months, Kelly noticed that her children faced many problems because of her lesbian relationship. The place where she and Melanie lived was very conservative.

Thus, Kelly decided to break up her relationship with Melanie. But again, they reunited and married on September 15, 2010, in a very private manner at Judge Robert T. Zane III’s chambers at Collingswood Municipal Court.

Kelly’s ex-husband Tillman even came to Melanie and Kelly’s wedding.

But due to some privacy reasons, the pair got separated.

Do Kelly McGillis and Melanie have children?

No, they don’t have any children, but Kelly has two daughters with Fred Tillman, her ex-husband.

And Melanie doesn’t have any children of her own.

Who is Kelly McGillis Husband?

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Currently, Kelly is not in a relationship with anyone and has had two previous husbands.

She married Boyd Black in 1979, but they got divorced in 1981, and Kelly married Fred Tillman in 1989, even though they were divorced in 2002.

What is the relationship between Kelly McGillis and Tom Cruise?

Kelly is the co-star who had a love interest in Tom Cruise in that movie, so everyone was curious about their real relationship status.

And here is the answer to their relationship questions: Tom is a very good friend of Kelly and her sweet co-star; that’s it, and nothing more than that.

They haven’t been involved in any romantic relationship.

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Is Kelly McGillis Dead?

Kelly McGillis’s obituary is trending on the internet, but it was just a celebrity death hoax, and Kelly is living a healthy life.

Bottom Line

As a result, we’ve shared Kelly McGillivray’s wife’s information, as Kelly and Melanie became partners at the time.

But we hope that their 10 years of dating were fruitful ones.

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