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Kevin Selleck Actor Biography, Wiki, Net Worth, Wife, Career

Kevin Selleck is the man who won millions of hearts after representing himself in a few films. Despite this, he has achieved a lot of fame after people knew that he is the adopted son of Tom Selleck.

Kevin has a very tough life in the beginning and well in the mid. But he never moved back and tried so far. Let you see this life-changing biography of Kevin Selleck and get inspired by him.

Kevin Selleck Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Height, Net Worth, Wife Annabelle Selleck, Father Tom & More
NameKevin Selleck
Real NameKevin S. Shepard
Birth Year1966
Birth PlaceUnited State of America
Age55 Years Old
Net Worth$40 Million
UniversityUniversity of Southern California
ParentsFather - Mr Shepard
Mother - Jacqueline Ray
Half-SiblingStep-Sister - Hannah
Step-DadTom Selleck
Marital StatusMarried
WifeAnnabelle Selleck

Who is Kevin Selleck?

Kevin Selleck is a famous American actor, TV personality, and was a drummer. He is widely popular across the world for being the adopted son of the renowned actor, Tom Selleck.

Kevin has appeared in several films after the consistent support of his stepfather. Some of his movies include magnum, P.I., and Scream 2.

However, he has failed in his life at several stages. But his persistence let him achieve such great successes. He was born Kevin S. Shepard but later changed his title after being adopted.

Let you see below how it all started in Kevin’s life and where he is now.

Early Life of Kevin Selleck

Kevin Selleck was born in 1966 in the United State of America. Kevin’s mother, Jacqueline Ray is a famous actress best known for her appearance in the film, In Like Flint (1967) and Mangum (1980).

There is no information about his real father, but his surname is Shepard. His mom had a divorce from her first husband and then married Tom Selleck, a renowned American actor.

On 7 August 1987, Kevin was adopted by Tom Selleck who was already the second husband of Kevin’s mother. Despite this, Jacqueline and Tom divorced in the summer of 1992.

After that, Tom didn’t leave Kevin alone and decided to keep him forever. In fact, Tom has played a key role in Kevin’s life and has helped to achieve great success. Kevin has also a step-sister named Hannah.

Kevin Selleck Education and Career

Kevin Selleck started his elementary education at a high school in Los Angeles, California. He was good at all in his studies. Later, he enrolled at the University of Southern California and began playing volleyball like his stepfather.

In 1993, he along with four others formed a rock band named Tonic. The other four members include Emerson Hart, Jeff Russo, Dan Lavery, and Dan Rothchild.

Everyone had different specializations in different instruments. And, Kevin had the work of drum management.

In July 1996, Kevin along with his four members debut their album titled Lemon Parade. The album had several singles including Open Up Your Eyes, If You Could Only See and Soldier’s Daughter etc.

These singles also featured on the Billboard 200 and the Hot 100 airwaves for 57 weeks and the album later became platinum.

Although, Kevin left the rock band in 1996 after an unfortunate fight between him and another member of the band.

However, he cited other reasons including personal and family issues for his departure.

Kevin Rise to Film Industry

Kevin then tried to form another band in order to continue his career in the music industry. He asked one of his friends for help.

Ultimately, this was resulted in unsuccessful after getting into trouble in launching his albums.

Being the adopted son of a very famous star, he then not needed to face any difficulties in his life. His stepfather, Tom Selleck helped him to pursue his career in the film industry.

In 1980, Kevin made his appearance in the TV series “Magnum, P.I.” of which Tom was the star.

Back in 1997, his stepfather helped him to appear in a horror movie “Scream 2” in which he was also written the soundtrack of the film.

Kevin’s appearances in such movies led him to achieve immense fame across the world. Along with this, it could be also said that he is popular today only because of his stepfather’s support.

Now, Kevin is almost far from the public eye and doesn’t see openly.

Kevin Selleck Personal Life

Kevin Selleck married his wife Annabel Selleck in the early 90s. Reportedly, the couple first met in the same high school Kevin was studying.

They further dated for over a decade and enjoyed a bachelor’s life. As soon they felt enough to be in a married relationship, they decided to tie their knot in the 90s.

Kevin and Annabel Selleck have been also blessed with six children. The couple mostly likes to keep their private life so secret.

Therefore, they haven’t made any public appearances even on social media platforms. It seems like they want to enjoy their married life apart from the media and the public.

Kevin Selleck Controversies and Problems

Kevin was a drug taker and had its addiction for years. At an age of 22, he was sent to the Betty Ford rehabilitation center due to his drug addiction. But he refused to go there the first time.

Thereafter, Tom convinced him somehow and it resulted in Kevin getting clean of the addiction after the rehabilitation program.

In 2011, Kevin faced some charges after he accumulated a $6,000 bill with a credit card company.

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Kevin Selleck Net Worth

Kevin Selleck estimated net worth is $40 million which he has earned through several sources. Although, Kevin has now only a single profession which is acting.

Despite this, Kevin can increase his $40 million wealth very soon in more ways.

Some more ways of his earnings include films, TV appearances, Brand promotions, advertisements, etc. However, he has no such intentions to earn more and more income.

He just wants to live a happy life in which he can fulfill his children’s demands at every stage.

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The Bottom Line

Kevin Selleck is a great man who has won people’s hearts after his debut in the film industry. This is also true that it is all because of his stepfather, Tom Selleck.

But on another side, Kevin has given his hundred percent in making his great career. In fact, he had passed tough times when success was almost in his hand.

Anyway, Kevin is now enjoying his life with his wife and children. I hope you loved this biography of Kevin Selleck. Let you share your opinion and feedback about him and this biography respectively.

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