Kristin Bailey (born in the 1970s) is a British housewife, known for her marriage to the famous English actor, musician, singer, and comedian, Robert Bailey.

She has already gained millions of attention because of her relationship with this popular celebrity. Let’s know more about her in this article.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Kristin Bailey
  • Birth Place: Liver Pool, United Kingdom
  • Age: 50s
  • Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches
  • Net Worth: $500,000 USD
  • Profession: Full-time housewife
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Marriage Date: (m.1998)
  • Husband: Bill Bailey
  • Children: Dax
  • Nationality: British
  • Residence: Hammersmith, London

Who is Kristin Bailey?

kristen bailey with husband bill

Kristin Bailey is a housewife by profession. She is famous for being the wife of Robert Bailey. Robert Bailey is a famous English actor, musician, singer, and comedian.

Kristin Bailey is also treated like a celebrity. She is a resident of Britain. She is a supporter of Jesus and she is also among the people belonging to white ethnicity.

Early Life of Kristin Bailey

Kristin Bailey was born in the 1970s, which makes her age around 50 years.

She was living a simple life before connecting with Robert Bailey. This connection changed her life.

Kristin is a well-educated woman and passed her university with good grades. She has a wonderful body with a wonderful body structure.

When talking about the early life of Robert Bailey, we get to know that, Robert Bailey was born to a hospital employee mother, and a medical trainee on 13th January 1965.

Robert spent most of his memories of childhood in Keynsham. Robert Bailey is also an educated person but entering his teenage years he got distracted.

Robert studied at King Edward’s School. Till School Robert’s academic performance was brilliant but when he became habitual of the thrill of performance he ignored his school.

Kristin Bailey’s Husband Robert Bailey is trained in classical music but he performs as a student only till his A-level music study.

Kristin Bailey’s husband Robert Bailey became famous as Bill after he very beautifully played the song” Won’t You Come to Home Bill” on his guitar.

He was named Bill by his teacher.

Robert joined the University of London to get an English degree but only after one year of joining. He is qualified from the London College of Music and Associate Diploma.

Kristin Bailey Age

Kristin Bailey is currently in her 50s because she was born in the 1970s. Although, no one knows her exact birthdate or year except her close one.

The Journey of Kristin Bailey

Kristin Bailey is not a celebrity by profession. She lived her very simple life like other individuals till 1988.

In 1988, Kristin Bailey married Robert Bailey aka Bill Bailey.

She like all other people moved from school to college, and then finally to University.

Even in the University, Kristin Bailey studied as a student who is devoted to getting an education.

Kristin Bailey, however, worked as a bar manager but now she completely focuses on her family and husband and functions as a full-time housewife.

Kristin Bailey’s husband however has a very long journey in the proved himself one of the most comedians. It was 1984 when Robert worked on a double act, the Rubber Bishops.

This act included Toby Longworth.

After this act, Robert Bailey gained a fan following and developed his unique style. Robert Bailey worked on a solo in 1995.

After a long delay, their solo of Robert was played on DVD uncut starring its original title.  Robert Bailey won a Time Out award in 1995.

Robert Bailey’s hard work bore success and in 1999 Robert won the award of the Best Live Stand-Up Comedy at the British Academy award.

Kirstin Bailey Personal Life

Kristin Bailey is blessed with a family. The love life of Kristin is quite romantic. The first meeting Kristin had with Robert was in the year 1987.

During this time, Kristin was working at a bar located in Edinburgh and Robert Bailey confessed he was attracted to his wild soul of Kristin.

She was defined in a magical way by Robert who said that Kristin was different from all others, wearing a long brocade coat, I realized that Kristin is a free spirit and no one can dominate her.

She will only do things that she likes.

Kristin Bailey and Robert Bailey dated each other for 10 years. But even before dating Bill visited and connected with Kristin to start the relationship. The beautiful couple, Kristin and Robert Bailey tied knot in 1998.

Kristin and Robert moved around and enjoyed a spot named Banda.

Kristin Bailey gave birth to a cute boy named Dax. Dax was born in 2003 and now he is 18 years old. The family is living a peaceful life and there is no news of their separation.

Kristin lives with her family in a big Victorian house in Hammersmith, London. During the twenties, the celebrated couple lived in west London.

Kristin Bailey Net Worth

Kristin Bailey has an estimated net worth of $500,000 USD as of 2023.

She doesn’t work at present as she is paying full attention to her family.

Although for some time Kristin worked as a bar manager. Robert Bailey is a rich comedian with an estimated net worth of $7 million.

Kristin was destined for fame and success after coming to the life of Robert Bailey.

I have informed you about all the necessary details Kristin Bailey. Well, I hope you loved reading the biography of Kristin Bailey.

We would be thankful to you if you shared your feedback and opinions regarding her life story.

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