Are you guys great fans of the “Outlander” series? Is Lord John Grey your favorite character? Then do you guys know that Lord John Grey’s real wife’s name is Kristina Tesic?

Yes, David Berry, the heartthrob actor, is married, and his wife has her spotlight.

In some marriages, both husband and wife uplift the other person’s life, and they will shine after getting to know their partner.

Similarly, something more successful has occurred in Kristina Tesic’s life. To know that, readers have to read the whole article!

Who is Kristina Tesic?

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Kristina Tesic is the wife of David Berry, the well-known “Outlander” actor.

The Outlander series has been running for five years, and each character in that series has gained a significant fan base.

Meanwhile, Outlander fans began looking for the actor’s personal information.

Kristina Tesic also gets her moment in the spotlight due to the popularity of the romances between the characters “John Grey” and Brianna. Moreover, he acts as a homosexual person in some parts of the series.

Thus, people are more intrigued by his personal life because of his excellent acting skills.

But Kristina is not the normal spouse of David Berry; she is also an actress; did you guys know about that? Have you started guessing the answers?

The answer will be revealed in the upcoming sections.

Early Life of Kristina Tesic

Kristina Tesic was born in the United States of America on June 15, 1982. Thus, Kristen’s age is 40 as of 2022. She is a more private person and doesn’t have any social media accounts.

She belonged to the American ethnicity and was born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

The personality traits of Aquarius people are caring, ambitious, and hardworking. Even Kristina’s personality traits are perfectly suited to her life. And still, she is trying her best to achieve her goals.

Furthermore, Kristina refuses to attend her husband’s movie functions, making knowing about her family details more difficult.

But since Kristina has had a strong interest in dancing and acting, moreover there need to be educational details about Kristina Tesic.

We are deeply apologizing for not sharing adequate childhood details about Kristina. We will update this section when we retrieve the answers from legit sources.

Until then, if anyone has any unusual information about Kristina Kindy, please share it in the comments section, and we will post it here.

Kristina Tesic Career

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Kristina Tesic reached a professional milestone in 2019 when she was cast in the film “Turbines.”

In that movie, Kristina played the role of the character “Florence,” which is a supporting role for the movie. But everyone appreciated her acting skills and story choice because the turbines have a unique storyline.

The Turbine story revolves around two immigrants who resettled in the area as part of the government’s new immigration policy.

However, their lives were not as fruitful as they had hoped; they encountered numerous problems, and the story unfolds about how the individual successfully resolved all of their life problems.

Even though the film didn’t get much commercial success, it won awards at the Dreamachine International Film Festival and the World Film Carnival in Singapore.

Some films and their characters will live on in the memories of others, and The Turbine is one such movie. And it’s a fantastic opportunity for Kristina to be a part of this film.

But after the movie, Kristina didn’t act in any more movies.

Kristina Tesic Early Career

Kristina Tesic began her modeling career and has worked for a few modeling agencies, the names of which we still need to learn.

She may have entered the acting industry with the help of her modeling career.

Kristina Tesic Husband

Kristina Tesic’s husband’s name is David Berry; he is a Canadian and Australian actor.

He rose to fame by acting in series like A Place to Call Home, Outlander, and The Crater: A True Story of Vietnam.

Even in the series A Place to Call Home, David played the character of James Bligh, a man tortured by society’s treatment of his homosexuality in 1950s Australia.

His popularity increased after he acted in the Outlander series because he played the role of Lord John Grey, one of the most important characters in Diana Gabaldon’s novel.

Interesting Trivia Facts about Kristina’s Mother

Kristina Tesic’s mother is an ardent fan of the Outlander novel, and she liked the character John Grey when David informed her that he got the role play that character.

His mother-in-law jumped for joy and congratulated him. Even she asked for the movie gossip.

Kristina Tesic Personal Life

Kristina Tesic’s husband’s name is David Berry, and there are no exact details about how the pair got introduced.

But they got married in 2012. The couple has been there for each other on their ups and downs and shared a beautiful bond.

And as a symbol of their love, the couple welcomed their first son, Alexander, in the year 2016.

Kristina Tesic Childbirth Incident

Kristina Tesic was in labour pains and admitted to the hospital, but at that time, David Berry was in Scotland for the shoot of Outlander season 3.

Tesic was, therefore, very disappointed that her husband was not present during her labor. David arranged to pick up the flight and land in Australia, and Alexander was born the day he returned to Australia.

Isn’t that sweet? The baby waited for his father to come!

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What is Kristina Tesic’s Net Worth?

Kristina Tesic’s net worth is estimated to be around 250,000 USD considering her acting and modeling careers.

Mostly, these fields will pay us more, and she has been in a partly high-salaried field; even if we add her husband’s net worth value, it will cross over $5 million, and her annual salary will be around 250,000 USD.

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Kristina Tesic Age and Height

Kristina Tesic’s age is 50, and she is tall, about 5 feet 5 inches, or 165 cm, or 1.65 meters, and she weighs about 55 kg or 121 lbs.

She is a model, so Kristina knows about maintaining her body perfectly. Moreover, she has an hourglass body.

Kristina has the perfect sculpted face with black pupils and silky black hair.

The end!

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