The universe has millions of small & reputed celebrities that comprise artists, singers, actors, models, social media stars, and many more. However, some became famous without any strong reasons, and some remain underrated.

Lanie Gardner is among those celebrities who are known for their skills, not for their position. She doesn’t belong to a renowned film or singing company. However, many YouTubers & singing stars compare her with great singers.

This is because she has another level of talent that really means a lot to her fans. She is winning thousands of new hearts every month. She is just amazing with great singing aptitudes. Let you read her complete biography below and know-how she faced the troubles and came here.

Who is Lanie Gardner?

Lanie Gardner biography

Lanie Gardner is a renowned American Singer, Songwriter, YouTubers, and Social Media Influencer. She is widely famous across America and overseas countries for her melody voice. Thousands of her fans consider that she has the best voice, even from some very rated singers of this world.

Besides this, Lanie is known for her self-made success at a very young age. She was involved in the singing profession with her teenage entry. Even, she had shown a keen interest in music and singing at an age of 4.

Lanie’s melodious voice has gained the attention of millions of people across the world. In fact, many famous YouTubers have made reaction videos on her voice. And the result is more than everyone’s expectations. I don’t know is there anyone who will not go fall for her voice.

Lanie is even a reputed YouTuber and Social Media Sensation. Let you see how it all began and what kind of obstacles did she face to achieve this spot.

Early Life of Lanie Gardner

Lanie Gardner was born on 18 July 1999 in Burnsville, North Carolina, United States. Her father, Rodger Gardner is a businessman, and her mother, Ashley Gardner probably works as a housewife.

Lanie’s family is well settled and belongs to the white Caucasian ethnicity.

Lanie have also three siblings, including a brother, Austin Gardner, and two sisters Aleigha Gardner and Brook Gardner. She had shown her interest in music since she was at 4.

Education of Lanie Gardner

Lanie Gardner started her elementary schooling at Mountain Heritage School in her native place. She was neither a poor nor a smart student in her school.

However, she managed her study along with her music career. Despite being a music lover, she was also a volleyball enthusiast and still loves it.

Lanie has now enrolled in the Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and pursuing her higher education.

Lanie Gardner Singing Career

Lanie was always focused on her singing career. While pursuing her studies, or while doing any stuff, she was always focused on music and singing. Although, we don’t know how she got interested in this field. But this is sure that she got involved in this field when she was just at 4.

This early involvement helped her make a strong base, which is now contributing to her greater success. With this result, we can estimate the value of basic training in any field we go for. Although, Lanie was not that aware of her skills, despite singing as a profession.

Lanie was just looking for a platform where she can come in front of this world. With this intention, she turned her sleeping room into a multi-purpose room where she also set up her recording studio.

Lanie Gardner Image

She then began her career on YouTube after creating a channel on 5 January 2016 on her name. She initially uploaded her first video on the same day that was cover for Stay by Rihanna feat Mikky Ekko. She then uploaded another cover title Realized by Colbie Caillat.

Just after two days of this video, Lanie uploaded another cover video. This time she chose Sam Smith’s song Stay With Me. In the following months, she uploaded many covers, including Burning House by Cam, 7 Years by Lukas Graham, and This Town by Niall Horan.

Yet, she had gained enough popularity on YouTube to let her make a presence on social media platforms too. Thus, she came on Instagram and uploaded her first post (picture) on Septemebr 7, 2016. Then, around this period, she disappeared from the Internet.

Her comeback was seen on YouTube in early 2017. In the whole year, she just uploaded two cover videos there, one is Jealous by Labrinth, and the other is Passionfruit by Drake. After this, she got disappeared for one year on Instagram and 3 years on YouTube.

Her Comeback and Success

With this upload, she gain a little fame across the Internet and that motivated her to do more better. She later also covered some more cover songs of stars like Sam Smith, Charlie Puth, Lukas Graham, and Shawn Mendes.

Lanie gained a huge amount of popularity after only a few of her videos. She further started uploading recordings, pictures, traveling, and her daily life routine.

She has currently more than 251K subscribers and has uploaded about 20 videos on her YouTube channel.

Lanie Gardner Boyfriend and Relationship

Lanie Gardner

Lanie Gardner is an unmarried woman and then sure she hasn’t been any husband. Apart from this, Lanie has also no boyfriend and isn’t in any sort of relationship with anyone.

But these statements are on her appearance basis. Although, no one knows her reality as she has managed in keeping her personal life private.

On one side, she has never disclosed her personal life, and on another side, people used to say that she is in a relationship. But the truth is that no one knows the reality.

Even, Lanie hasn’t been seen with any man who could be considered as her boyfriend or the future husband. She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Lanie Gardner Net Worth

Lanie Gardner estimated net worth is $400,000. Lanie has mostly earned through her social media platforms, especially through Tik Tok. One thing to remember is that she couldn’t earn money through her YouTube channel as of 2021. Because her channel is still unmonetized and that’s why she can’t earn as of now.

Apart from this, Lanie adds her wealth through promotions, advertisements, events, programs, and functions.

Lanie Gardner Social Media

Lanie Gardner has also a very huge fan following on her social media platforms. And obviously, she would have as she creates such relaxing content.

Currently, Natalie has more than 244K followers on her Instagram profile and over 359K followers on her Facebook page. Despite this, she has more than 32K followers on her Twitter account. She has more than 439K followers on Tik Tok. She has more than 645K monthly listens on Spotify.

And we have earlier seen that Lanie has about 315K subscribers on her YouTube channel. These numbers are stand-alone proof of her popularity.

The Bottom Line

Lanie Gardner is among the rising stars on social media platforms. She started looking at her career from a very early age. And that’s also the reason that she has achieved such great success at a young age. Altogether, it’s her efforts and hard works that paid her accordingly.

Lanie is now an inspiration for her young followers and somehow inspires them for their careers. I hope you enjoyed reading the biography and wiki of Lanie Gardner. Now, let us know how you feel about her amazing voice and how would you like to see her in the coming years.

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