Lil is a well-known American White rapper, singer, social media influencer, Instagram star, content creator, and businessman. He created and sold his clothing line.

Atlanta is where Lil grew up. Lil started using social media to help him deal with his anxiety.

He had an anxiety disorder at the time and had had it since he was young.

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Who is Lil Esco 28?

Lil Esco 28
source: Instagram

Lil Esco is an American Social Media star. A well-known Instagram user for his lifestyle, musical, and fashion-related content is Lilesco28.

The rising social media star also created and offered his goods for sale. In addition, he modeled his attire.

Through a video, Lil was able to amass a sizable fan base. After that, Lil began to create music in the studio, getting inspiration from a friend.

Lil was able to release his first single as a result of his friend.

After his single It Imma fuck Witcha was released, Lil first gained notoriety. He can become extremely well-known at a very young age.

In addition to this, Lil has also made several rap and song releases, such as Corona, Dutch, Blitz, Boomin, etc.

Early Life of Lil Esco 28

Lil Esco was born on 28 April 2007 in the USA. The birthdate of Lil esco28 is murky in and of itself. When exactly his birthday is, he has not stated.

Lil Eso 28 Age

Lil Escois is 16 years old as of 2023 because he was born in April 2007.

It’s unclear if he hasn’t updated his Instagram bio or if the information is inaccurate in the sources.

Childhood and Parents

Additionally, he has not disclosed any details about his academic background.

But if not for his decision to take a break from his studies or to stop them altogether, he might still be a university student given his age.

He is also American, but it is unknown what race he belongs to.

He hasn’t given his parents’ names, but he has posted pictures of both his mother and father on Instagram.

Lil Esco career

Lil Esco 28-image
source: Instagram

Instagram sensation Lilesco28 is well-known for his lifestyle, musical, and fashion-related posts.

In addition to designing and marketing his products, the young social media sensation has also modeled for his clothing.

On September 24, 2019, he published his first Instagram post, which was a brief video. By the time he wrote his biography, he had shared 60 posts since then.

Additionally, his Youtube channel currently has 21.3k subscribers, whereas his Instagram account has 1.5 million.

Although he signed up for YouTube on April 11, 2017, he didn’t begin uploading content until August 18, 2019. It Imma Fuh Witcha, the title of his debut video, has currently received 80,108 views.

By posting a picture on Instagram with the caption “LONG LIVE YOU BRO THIS SHIT CRAZY #RIP @juicewrld999,” he also paid respect to his deceased rapper friend Juice WRLD.

Lil Esco 28 and RobThePlayboy’s “It Imma Fu*k Witcha” (OFFICIAL SNIPPET), Trippie Redd & Lil Esco 28 performing the “It Imma Fuck Witcha” handshake, and other similar short clipped videos followed this one.

I’m in the Suburbs, which was uploaded on January 8, 2020, and has 464,559 views, is also the most popular video on his channel.

Man, I’m Finna Whip Dis Hoe, which he posted on December 29, 2019, is the second most popular video on his channel with 375,762 views.

Lil Esco 28 Personal Life

Lil Esco 28-
source: Instagram

Most likely, Lilesco28 is not dating anyone right now. On his social media accounts, he hasn’t posted anything that could be interpreted as evidence of an affair.

In a similar vein, there haven’t been any rumours suggesting his relationships or liaisons.

Additionally, he might be more concerned with his studies and advancing his social media career than engaging in relationships, rumours, scandals, and controversies that might jeopardise his career and personal life.


The 20-year-old YouTuber is reportedly fighting for his life after allegedly being shot three times on April 7. The information regarding the allegedly shot is currently hazy.

There are many aspects of that incident that we are all unaware of. Following the post, the news first gained notoriety when the hip-hop commenter DomisLive News @domislivenews gained notoriety.

“Lil was hit three times and was taken to the hospital in a serious condition.”

About 1500 people read and liked the post, demonstrating how well it was able to capture readers’ attention. However, there has been no official statement or information about this incident.

Thankfully, Rob the Playboy, his friend, was active on Instagram when the news of his friend’s stability broke. Rob shared a picture of Lil in bed and a video of a man who appeared to be the young star’s father talking about his health.

Lil was “stable,” according to Rob, who also thanked his loved ones for their prayers and well-wishes and urged everyone to keep praying for him. God is to be praised for keeping him alive.

Lil claims that he was shot and robbed in Atlanta.

Furthermore, he claims that when the shooting and robbery began, he was in a rental car with a girl. He claims that although he was approached three times when he refused, they continued to demand the jewellery he was wearing.

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What is Lil Esco 28 Net Worth

It is unclear what Lil Esco 28 will make in 2023. His estimated net worth in 2023 ranged from $61.6K to $81.4K.

It’s amazing that he’s only 18 years old, but how does he afford all of his jewelry and other expensive possessions? Check out a few of his prized possessions.

Lil enjoys investing in gold and diamonds. Lil bought a dirt bike and a Rolex watch in the year 2020. Additionally, he purchased a teddy diamond pendant on March 5 and another gold chain from Empire jewellers on February 4.

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Lil Esco Height and Weight

Lil is thought to be 5 feet 5 inches (1.6 meters) tall. His approximate body measurements are 39-26-38 inches. He has gained weight and has a muscular physique, weighing about 57 kg (136 lbs). He has black hair, which matches the color of his eyes.

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