Can you eat raw meat? But our liver king can. Okay, this must be the short intro for the great social media celebrity.

But we are not going to stop here! When we read about the “liver king” on the creamy layer, we find out that he is a just person who is popularising his way of living.

But the real thing is that he is creating a revolution or movement towards natural living, and he is fighting and raising his voice for the welfare of a million people.

Indeed, he is serving the people, which needs to be applauded, and we would like to dedicate this article to his ancestral living journey.

Brian Johnson Profile Summary
NameBrian Johnson
Birth Date7 April 1977
Birth PlaceTexas
Age75 Years Old
HeightFeet & Inches: 5'7''
Centimeter: 170cm
Meter: 1.70m
WeightKilograms: 86kg
Pounds: 189Lbs
Net Worth$1 million
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer, Entrepreneur
WifeBarbara Johnson
ChildrenRad, Stryker

Who is Liver King?

Liver -king
Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Brian Johnson, the original name of the “liver king,” is one of the most well-known social media influencers, entrepreneurs, and dietitians.

He has 3 million followers on TikTok and 1.25 million followers on Instagram.

He got famous for eating raw meat, and Brian posted videos of him eating raw meat in Tiktok, and the video went viral.

And it has reached many millions, with the liver king gaining 3 million followers in just two years.

And Brian Johnson enjoys eating animal livers; he eats the liver of some animals every day and advises everyone he meets to eat liver, earning him the nickname “liver king.”

Early Childhood Days of the Liver King

Liver King was born on April 7, 1977, in Texas. At a very young age, Brian lost his father due to illness, and he and his mother settled in San Antonio.

Liver King wasn’t a healthy and strong guy during his childhood; he was weaker, and even Brian was bullied by his fellow schoolmates.

Some students have hit him and even broken his school lockers.

Then Brian successfully finished his schooling, and he graduated from Texas university by studying biochemistry course.

Even then, the liver king was a weak guy with lots of ambition and regrets.

There needs to be more information about the names of the parents and his siblings, and we will update this section in the future.

Liver King Career

Liver -king image

In 2004, Liver King began his career in the pharmaceutical industry. Then he married Barbara (we will discuss this in our upcoming sections).

Brian welcomed his children, but his kids were born very weak, and one of his boys was affected by diseases and allergies.

Liver King’s son was admitted to the hospital in critical condition, and the couple could have lost their children if they had missed certain minutes.

That incident deeply wounded King’s heart. Then he decided to change his lifestyle and diet.

Brian discovered a significant improvement in his and his family’s health after adopting our ancestors’ lifestyle and eating habits.

The liver king then spread our ancestral concept by eating raw and natural foods, exercising, and adhering to many traditional practices.

Brian opted for social media platforms to exhibit his ancestral idea. More people encouraged his idea, and Brian decided to turn the idea into a business.

Liver King started the “ancestral living” shopping site where he sells protein supplement powders, grass-fed beef liver capsules, beef bone marrow capsules, beef thyme, collagen, etc.

While everyone praises the liver kings, some critics wonder, “How come the capsules will provide the same nutritional level and strength as the raw meat?” Why is the liver king eating natural and fresh meat but promoting capsules for his followers?

These questions can only be answered by the liver king.

Nine Living Tenets of the Liver King

Liver King’s working principles are based on these nine tenets.

  • Sleep: The King lives in a luxurious mansion, but he recommends people to sleep on pebbles because he sleeps on a pebble bed!
  • Eat: Brian suggests everyone eat raw organic meat, bone marrow, and raw milk.
  • Move: He suggests a mandatory 30-minute walk daily.
  • Shield: Brian suggests everyone shield themselves from excessive wifi and processed foods. In his home, Brian has inserted a shield that blocks electromagnetic radiation!
  • Connect: Walking barefoot connects you to Mother Earth.
  • Cold: Preferring to take a cold bath
  • Sun: Absorbing vitamin D
  • Fight
  • Bond

Liver King Social Media Accounts

Instagram: Liver King has 1.2 million followers, and his Instagram handle is @liverking.

Youtube: He has 216K subscribers on his own YouTube channel.

TikTok: Liver King managed to get around 3 million followers in just 2 years.

Website: Liver King and his company, “Ancestral Living,” have their website.

Liver King Net Worth

Liver King’s net worth was estimated to be around $1 million.

His major source of income is from his ancestral living business and social media branding and advertising.

He sells his capsules for between $30 and $200.Furthermore, Liver King has been promoting himself, and many people have invited him to many shows, events, and YouTube programs. Liver King has emerged as a real star.

In addition, the liver king recently spent his hard-earned money on an 8,300-square-foot Spanish mansion.

Liver King’s annual salary will be around $250,000 USD

Personal Life of Liver King

Liver King’s wife’s name is Barbara Johnson, but even she has a different name: liver Queen because even his wife follows all nine liver King tenets in her life.

Moreover, Barbara also appears along with his husband in YouTube videos and Instagram posts.

Both Barbara and Brian met at a snowboarding event, and they fell in love with each other.

Rad (13), and Stryker (15), are the couple’s two sons. They also appear with their father; they are popularly called as “liver boys.”

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Physical Appearance

Liver-king physical measurements are the most searched query on Google.

His height measurements are 5 feet 7 inches or 170 cm or 1.7 m, and he weighs about 86 kg or 189 lbs.

But there is always something contradictory about his body’s physical structure because it looks so strong, with the veins pumping out of his skin.

Most of the critics added that King is using steroids to build up his body, and they claimed that even a bodybuilder cannot maintain this type of body structure.

But it is still a controversial debate, and only the liver king has to answer these questions.

End of our ancestral king’s story!

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