Lorca Cohen is among the great child of great people. However, she had created her own identity through her consistent hard work.

Lorca is such a great woman who shouldn’t be forgotten anytime. Here we have covered her biography and wiki in which we will see everything about her.

This would be going to be so amazing for you as there are so many hidden facts below that no one knows about her.

Lorca Cohen Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Husband, Viva Katherine, Net Worth
NameLorca Cohen
Birth PlaceUnited State of America
Age46 Years
Height5'7'' Feet
Net Worth$1 Million
ProfessionPhotographer, Videographer, and Antique Dealer
ParentsFather - Leonard Cohen
Mother - Suzanne Elrod
SiblingsBrother - Adam Cohen
Sister - 0
Marital StatusEngaged but Unmarried
Half-HusbandRufus Wainwrights
Cliff Fong
ChildrenDaughter - Viva Katherine Wainwright Cohen
Son - Lyon Cohen

Who is Lorca Cohen?

lorca cohen
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Lorca Cohen is a famous American Photographer, videographer, and antique dealer. She is immensely famous because of her father, Leonard Cohen who was a great poet, singer, and songwriter.

She had a bit of trouble in her childhood because of her parent’s separation at a very early age.

Now it’s time to break down every fact of her life in this biography. So, begin her life story and get to know about her.

Early Life of Lorca Cohen

Lorca Cohen was born in 1974 into a well-organized family in America. Lorca’s father, Leonard Cohen is a renowned poet, singer, and songwriter.

She grew up primarily with her mother, Suzanne Elrod.

Her name was taken by her parents in the honor of the Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca.

She had influenced Lorca’s father and that’s the reason why she was named after Federico Lorca.

Lorca’s father, Leonardo met Suzanne in 1969 at a Scientology class.

In this same year, her father also met her future zen master, Kyozan Joshu Sasaki. During these periods, her father was 35 and her mother was 19.

Leonardo claims Suzanne as her wife, although they weren’t married, as Leonardo refuses to marry her at the last moment. They separated and stopped living together in 1979.

Lorca has also a brother who was born in 1974 and named Adam Cohen.

Lorca Cohen Career

lorca cohen photo

After getting separated, Lorca and her brother, Adam raised by their mother. They sometimes used to meet their father during their visits to New York City, Los Angeles, and Hydra Greece.

Lorca was a co-owner of an antique store in Los Angeles in her early times.

In October 2004, an aggrieved lover of Lorca’s father’s financial advisor, Kelley Lynch came to the store and suggested her to analysis how her father’s finances were organized.

Lorca analyzed every report and finances and found that Lynch had cleared his bank accounts and had sold the rights to his music.

On 16 December 2010, the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles displayed a series of eleven commissioned art videos inspired by songs from New Skin for the Old Ceremony.

The project was selected by Lorca and Darin Klein. Some of the famous artists who participated in the project were Brent Green, Sylvan, Theo Angell, Christian Holstad, and Alex da Corte.

Lorca’s hard work paid her when the program, was screened at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Apart from this, she worked as a very professional photographer. Also, her work as a photographer made her a famous videographer.

Lorca Cohen Husband Rufus Wainwrights and Child

Lorca Cohen is an unwedded woman who has no husband or boyfriend. She was in a relationship with the famous singer, Rufus Wainwright because of a reason.

Actually, Lorca was bearing to be a mother of a child. So, she offered Wainwright who is also her childhood friend.

He accepted this offer when his mother, Kate McGarrigle was dying and promised her to do whatever she said.

Later, Lorca and McGarrigle were blessed with a child daughter in 2011 and named Viva Katherine Wainwright Cohen. She became too much happy with her first child and enjoyed it a lot.

Lorca had another child (a son) with her friend Cliff Fong. He was named Lyon Cohen after Leonardo’s grandfather.

Viva Katherine Wainwright Cohen

Viva Katherine is the daughter of Lorca Cohen and Rufus Wainwright. Rufus is a renowned American-Canadian singer.

Katherine was born in 2011 after sperm donation as Lorca wanted to bear a child. Although, Wainwright wasn’t ready for it, but his dying mother let him accept Lorca’s offer and donate the sperm.

But sadly, his mother died before Katherine’s birth.

Viva Katherine used to live with both of her  parents. She is still too small and almost 10 years old as of 2021.

Katherine’s stepmother would be John Weisbrodt as Wainwright has married her. Moreover, Katherine enjoys her life very happily with her parents.

Lorca Cohen Net Worth

Lorca Cohen estimated net worth of $1 million. She has different sources of her earnings. However, Lorca mostly earns through photography and videography.

But, don’t forget that she has also an antique product store through which she earns huge money. She adds her wealth a lot by being an experienced antique dealer.

Although, she had no such intentions to be very rich or something like this. Lorca wants to live a happy life in which she could fulfill her dreams along with her children.

The Bottom Line

Lorca Cohen is a renowned American woman best known for being the daughter of the famous poet and singer, Leonardo Cohen.

She had a bad childhood because of her parent’s separations. However, it didn’t show a big effect on her as she was able to balance her love for both of her parents.

Lorca then run on her career journey and achieved everything she wanted. She dreamed to become a photographer which she later did at all.

I hope you enjoyed reading the biography of Lorca Cohen and entertained a lot. Let you share your feedback about her story and wiki below in the comment section.

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