Paul Ratliff is an American psychologist who doubles as a mental health practitioner but he is widely known as the husband of actress Maggie Siff.

The actress is also known for her work in the AMC drama dubbed, Mad Men where she played the role of Rachel Menken Katz.

Paul Ratliff is a marriage and family therapist, and former design strategist and innovation consultant. However, he is best known for his marriage to Maggie Siff.

His wife is an American actress famous for her role as Tara Knowles in the drama series Sons of Anarchy.

No wonder his marriage with the famous actress will be a well talked one. So in this article, we got you covered with all the facts about Maggie Siff’s Husband Paul Ratliff.

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Who is Maggie Siff? 

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Maggie Siff was born on June 21, 1974. She is an American actress.

Her most notable television roles have included department store heiress Rachel Menken Katz on the AMC drama Mad Men and Dr. Tara Knowles on the FX drama Sons of Anarchy.

For this, she was twice nominated for the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, and psychiatrist Wendy Rhoades on the Showtime series Billions.

She is also known for marrying Paul Ratliff, a person who was not from the showbiz industry.

Paul Ratliff Bio 

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Paul Ratliff is one of the celebrities who does not seek recognition, but their associations with celebrities cause them to become prominent to the public, resulting in them receiving the attention they do not require.

The psychologist doesn’t have much information about himself available because he avoids the public eye despite his wife’s job and prominence, but he plans to bring their lives to the audience’s attention.

After graduating from high school, he enrolled at Wesleyan University for his undergraduate degree, and then at Pacifica Graduate Institute for his master’s degree in counseling psychology.

Maggie’s hubby is a very well-educated individual.

After High School

After completing high school, Ratliff joined Wesleyan University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts focusing on film/Cinema/Video Studies, and Theater from 1984-1988.

Similarly, after a couple of years, he joined the Pacifica Graduate Institute to earn his Master’s degree in the field of Counseling Psychology from 2015 to 2018.

Because his birthdate is unknown, little is known about his age and anything else related to it.

Despite his celebrity, he has made a conscious decision to keep his personal life private.

He rose to popularity as the husband of Maggie Siff, a well-known American actress.

When it comes to his family, there is no information available on his parents or his family as a whole. His parents’ occupations and even names are unknown at the moment.

The media has not been informed as to whether he has siblings or not.

He is keeping his personal life private and does not intend to share it with anyone other than his family and the media to be precise.

Paul Ratliff Career

Paul Ratliff is a psychologist as well as a techie man.

After finishing his education he found work with E-Lab where he conducted research projects learning about commercial design applications after gaining experience in many industries like telecommunications, electronics, and many others.

He opted for product designs in local planning but he eventually left the company to work for Sapient as a senior manager and researcher.

However, the experience he gained there led him to create his own company where he focused on the innovation of research methods and collaborative analysis.

Paul Ratliff is also a licensed psychologist who works in New York.

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Paul Ratliff Relationship 

The couple walked down the aisle in the year 2012 in a beautiful wedding ceremony. While they have not revealed much about the beginning of their romance, they share a great bonding together.

Paul Ratliff got married to his lady love and long-time partner Maggie Siff.

In October 2013, Siff announced that she was expecting her first child with her husband, Paul Ratliff, whom she married in 2012. Siff gave birth to a daughter, Lucy.

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Paul Ratliff Net Worth 

Paul Ratliff has an estimated net worth of about $4 Million as of 2023. In the previous year, he had a net worth of about $3 Million.

Paul Ratliff has earned a substantial fortune as a psychologist and through some of the minor things he undertakes in addition to his psychology career.

His net worth is unknown because it fluctuates over time. Nonetheless, it is projected to be around $3 Million to more than $4 Million on an average

Paul Ratliff makes around $1 Million per year approximately. He currently has fairly good economics. This makes him one of the wealthiest men in the business.

He has made a reputation for himself over the years and is best known as the husband of famed American actress Maggie Siff.

So this is all you need to know about the husband of Maggie Siff. Thank you for reading this article about Paul Ratliff. Do add your thoughts and comments below!

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