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Maria Souza Profile Summary
NameMaria Souza
ProfessionWave Surfer, Cloth designer
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex-HusbandLaird Hamilton

Who is Maria Souza?

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Maria Souza is a big wave surfer and a relatively famous cloth designer.

She’s also quite popular as an ex-wife of American big wave surfer Laird Hamilton, who is a Co-inventor of Tow-in-surfing and scattered action sports model. They also have a daughter and they separate early.

And Now he married Gabrielle Reece.

Early Life of Maria Souza

There is not much data known about Maria’s early life.

When was she born, where was she born, and about her educational background, etc., she never shared the information of all this with any open outlet sources.

That’s why we are regretful that we can’t share all this information with you all. After all, still, there is silence on it.

Maria Souza Career

Maria used to accomplish gymnastics before being uncovered to surfing when she was 13 years old.

She has been committed to this job since then. She is the first woman to dive into the vicious surf of Peahi, Maui, widely known as Jaws.

And, She has been instructed in almost every style of surfing.

The lady also used to educate people on how to tow-in surf, foil surf, windsurf, kite-board, Hawaiian Canoe, tandem surf, and stand-up paddle.

However, instead of pursuing a skilled career in surfing, She views it as an artistic endeavor.

She was unwilling to partake in surfing events because he was tired of witnessing politics and the questionable luck of waves in organized Championships.

Maria is even credited with formulating the foil board, which helped surfers perform better on the ocean.

No doubt, Maria Souza, a multitalented woman

She is now specialized in stand-up paddling, SUP Downwind, SUP surfing, SUP yoga, SUP racing, and enormous wave surfing.

The meticulous woman is a physical and mental therapist, as well as an athlete’s trainer,

In promotion to surfing, yoga, and paddling. She also attended college for a marketing class and helped as a designer for an ocean wear business.

Maria Souza Personal Life

Despite having a promising job, Maria has struggled to organize her marital life. In 1992, she married Laird Hamilton. For three years, the pair admired their married life together.

Following that, they split up and divorced in 1995. She was scarcely seen with anybody after her first dead marriage.

There are no reports of her having a relationship with another guy. As a result, she chose not to unite again. Laird, Maria’s husband, was a famous surfer before he entered the modeling business.

And Laird made news in 1990 when he became the first surfer to contribute in a 360-degree loop while tied to his board.

Her spouse is supposed an all-time great surfer due to his regular surfing at 35 feet tall and a speed of 30 miles per hour.

Unsuccessfulness in marriage life

Although Maria has a prosperous career, she remained ineffective in handling her married life. She was married to Laird Hamilton in 1992.

The couple enjoyed their marital life together for three years. After that, they parted away and had their divorce in 1995.

Maria Souza’s ex-husband is a great surfer too.

Before arriving in the modeling world, Maria’s husband, Laird, was already an established surfer.

In 1990, Laird made inscriptions as the first surfer to compete in a 360-degree loop while strapped to his committee.

Her husband is heeded as a great surfer of all time because of his ordinary surfing at 35 feet tall and with a speed of 30 miles an hour.

But he takes surfing as an artistic work instead of having an experienced career in it.

Maria Souza’s ex-spouse’s intense diet and Fitness

Laird Hamilton talked about his diet. Laird stated that his diet is pretty diverse. He remembered that plants and animals are his love.

He conceded to having a lot of fats like coconut oil, olive oil, and avocados. And he admitted to having love with Mac and that Mac nuts and the stuff comprising high-fat content.

Though, He confronted himself with being a fat-adapted system.

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Maria Souza Net Worth

Regrettably, there is no precise information available about Maria Souza’s salary or net worth, Yet now.

Furthermore, Mari is quite excellent in her professional life. However, she must earn handsome money.

However, Her ex-husband Laird Hamilton’s estimated net worth as of 2022 is $12 million.

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Physical Appearance

She never shared any data about her physical appearance. There is no idea of her height, weight, and other bodily appearances.

So, this is Maria Souza in this article, Which is not in much detail but we served all her possible details, Yet she is known for them.

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