Mario Sandoval (born on 24 July 1991), was a Chilean midfielder for Curicó Unido in the Chilean Primera División.

However, the Houston Police Department is grappling with the mysterious disappearance of Sandoval, prompting an exhaustive search.

Stay tuned to this article for the latest updates on the case can be found as authorities spare no effort to unravel the mystery surrounding the missing footballer.

Profile Summary
NameMario Sandoval
Birth DateBorn on 24 July 1991
Birth Place Mexico
Zodiac SignLeo
Age38 years old At the time of his death
Net Worth$5 million
ProfessionChilean midfielder
Martial StatusUnknown

Who was Mario Sandoval Houston?

Mario Sandoval Houston Picture

Mario Sandoval Houston was a Chilean midfielder for Curicó Unido in the Chilean Primera División.

He was 42 years old when he missed out on his residence in the Los Angeles area.

The details surrounding this individual’s life and activities are not specified.

Early Life of Mario Sandoval Houston

Mario Sandoval, born on 24 July 1991 in Mexico and later moved to Los Angeles, was a Chilean professional footballer.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck when he went missing during a family swimming outing in the Los Angeles area.

Regrettably, he was later found dead. Specific details about his family, siblings, education, and early life remain undisclosed.

The circumstances surrounding his untimely death during the swimming incident have brought sorrow to those who knew him.

Mario Sandoval Houston Age

Mario Sandoval, born on 24 July 1991 in Los Angeles, USA, tragically passed away on July 15, 2019. As of 2023.

In addition, At the time of his death in 2019, he was 38 years old. His zodiac sign is Leo.

Mario Sandoval Houston Family

Mario was originally from Mexico, later he immigrated to the United States as a child and settled in Los Angeles.

Moreover, He dedicated himself to his work as a skilled mechanic. Sandoval, a loving husband and proud father of three, prioritized quality time with his family.

Revered for his strong work ethic, he earned respect in his community.

The sudden and tragic loss of Mario Sandoval has left a profound void for his family and friends, who will remember him for his caring nature and legacy of love, hard work, and devotion.

Mario Sandoval Houston’s Wife and Kids

Mario Sandoval’s personal life, including details about his wife or kids, remains undisclosed on the internet.

Although He is originally from Mexico, Sandoval had immigrated to the United States as a child.

Later, He resided in Los Angeles, where he worked as a dedicated mechanic. Sandoval was a loving husband and a proud father of three children.

The circumstances of his demise brought a spotlight to his life, with the public and media focusing on the unanswered questions surrounding the tragic incident.

Mario Sandoval Houston Missing

Mario Sandoval Houston’s missing got a bell at 5:41 p.m. on Saturday, authorities responded to a report of a missing male in the Lake Success area.

However, On July 15, 2019, 42-year-old Mario Sandoval of Los Angeles tragically drowned in Lake Success, Tulare County, California, while swimming with his family.

Moreover, The next day, Sandoval’s lifeless body was recovered from the lake.

Additionally, The cause of death was determined to be freshwater drowning, and no evidence of foul play emerged during the investigation, suggesting his death was a heartbreaking accident.

Mario Sandoval Houston Autopsy and Death

Mario Sandoval Houston Image

Mario Sandoval Houston’s autopsy results, disclosed on July 16, 2019, unequivocally state that Mario Sandoval’s demise was a result of drowning in a freshwater body.

Later, Investigations conducted by authorities found no signs of foul play or suspicious circumstances surrounding his passing.

Deputies reported the discovery of a male body in Lake Success, initiating a meticulous examination and subsequent autopsy.

However, The conclusive determination of drowning implies that Sandoval lost his life through submersion in the water.

Importantly, the investigation yielded no evidence of criminal activity or wrongdoing, underscoring that the incident was a tragic accident rather than an intentional act.

Hence, This information provides closure on the cause of Mario Sandoval’s untimely death, ruling out any criminal elements.

Mario Sandoval Houston Obituary

Mario Sandoval Houston’s untimely demise sent shockwaves through his neighborhood, leaving a community in mourning.

Moreover, Postmortem results revealed on July 16, 2019, disclosed that the Chilean footballer drowned in a body of fresh water.

The devastating news shattered those who knew him, creating an irreplaceable void in their hearts.

The detailed search by the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office led to the tragic discovery of Sandoval’s lifeless body submerged in Lake Success.

However, The circumstances surrounding his passing remained heart-wrenching, as he went missing during a family visit to the lake.

Despite exhaustive investigations, no evidence of foul play emerged, intensifying the sorrow for family and friends grappling with profound grief and lingering questions about the tragic loss of Houston Mario Sandoval.

Mario Sandoval Houston Facts to Know

  • Mario Sandoval was born on 24 July 1991.
  •  Mario was originally from Mexico.
  •  He immigrated to Los Angeles as a child.
  •  Mario used to work as a mechanic.
  •  He was a loving husband and caring father.
  •  On July 15, 2019, Mario Sandoval, drowned in Lake Success.
  •  Mario Sandoval Houston’s autopsy results were disclosed on July 16, 2019.

Final Thought

Mario Sandoval was a Chilean midfielder for Curicó Unido in the Chilean Primera División, On July 15, 2019, 42-year-old Mario Sandoval tragically drowned in Lake Success.

Autopsy results, disclosed on July 16, confirmed freshwater drowning with no signs of foul play, concluding a tragic accident.

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