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Who is Martie Allen? All About Spouse of Kristy McNichols

You might have seen several couples becoming famous after their marriage. But here we are talking about the famous Lesbians Martie Allen and Kristy McNichols.

They have created a craze in the media through their relationship. Let’s see their full story below and know about them completely.

Who is Martie Allen?

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Martie Allen is a well-known public figure who is best known for being the partner of American celebrity Kristy McNichol. The coupled are lesbians who fell in love in the early 1990s.

Martie is quite unpopular in the film industry, but her spouse Kristy is a well-celebrated actress and comedian of America.

She is best known for her appearance in the film Little Darlings, Empty Nest, and Family.

Besides these, Kristy has appeared in various films and TV series.

Early Life of Martie Allen

Martie Allen was born on 1 January 1960 in the United State of America. Not much information is available about her family as she is a private person.

It seems that Martie likes to keep her personal life far from media attention. In fact, she has not disclosed her educational background.

Martie is mainly known for her relationship with the retired actress and comedian Kristy McNichol.

She is of Irish and Lebanese ethnicity and grew up in Los Angeles. It has also come out that Kristy has a brother named Jimmy McNichol who was a child actor.

Martie Allen Career

Like her early life, she has also not revealed a lot about her career. However, it is well known that she has also an aspiration to pursue her career in the film industry.

But she failed to achieve a good position in this field, while her partner achieved a lot. Moreover, she failed to sustain herself as a television personality and did not stay long.

Thus, there is very little information is available about her appearance in films and TV shows.

On one side, she failed to achieve a good position in the film industry. On another side, Kristy was achieving a lot in her teens and early twenties.

The couple is very far from the media attention. They are even unavailable on social media platforms. It seems that they shy from being presented among the people.

This is also the reason why there is very little information available about them.

Martie Allen Married Kristy McNichols

Martie Allen and Kristy McNichols have been engaged in a relationship since 1991. The lesbian couple decided to tie the knot after dating few years.

Martie and Kristy organized the marriage in a very private ceremony.

Because of this, there is not much information available about this lesbian couple’s wedding.

While talking about their current situation, Martie and Kristy are in a very strong relationship and living their life happily.

They support each other from their strong end. The lesbian couple currently resides in the United State of America.

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Martie Allen Net Worth

Martie Allen estimated net worth is $400,000 as of the year 2022. This is just an estimation of her net worth as she has not disclosed it publicly.

Considering her career, we can take this amount as her total capital. However, we believe that her annual salary would be around $50,000 USD, making her 2021s net worth around $350,000 USD.

Because she wasn’t available in the film industry for a long time. Martie may be earned it through some secondary sources.

While talking about her partner, Kristy McNichols’s net worth. It comes around $1 million USD.

She had really a very great career which helped her to earn such a huge capital.

If we talk about her social media appearance, she will be seen rarely. She likes to stay away from the media and so far from the limelight.

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The Bottom Line

Martie Allen and Kristy McNichols have created a craze in the public from their marriage. Martie is only famous because of her relationship with Kristy.

However, she had also tried at a time but failed due to a lack of practice.

Anyway, the couple is not stabilized and enjoying their life happily.

I hope you loved reading the biography of Kristy McNichols’s partner Martie Allen. Share your feedback whatever you think about them.

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