Megan Denise (born on 2 December 1989) is an Instagram model, influencer, and dancer based out of Los Angeles, USA who has millions of followers on her social media.

Today, we are looking at his ex-girlfriend, Megan Denise.

Megan Denise Profile Summary
NameMegan Denise
Birth Date2 December 1989
Birth PlaceLos Angeles
Age34 Years old
Net Worth$1.5 Million
ProfessionMedia Influencer, Businesswomen
Marital Status Single
Ex Boyfriend Von Miller

Who is Megan Denise?

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Megan Denise is an Instagram model, influencer, and dancer based out of Los Angeles, USA.

She has acted in several films in the recent past. Many confuse her with famous 2000s actress Megan Fox, whose birth name is also Megan Denise.

Megan Denise dated Von Miller from 2017 to 2021.

She is 34 years old as of 2023.

Early Life of Megan Denise

Megan was born into a loving and supportive family. She used to work as a dancer in Girl Collection Club, a strip club in Los Angeles owned by former boxing champion Floyd Mayweather.

She is popular as an Instagram model but her fame shot up, post the dramatic breakup with Von Miller.

Not many details are indulged in about her early childhood and family members.

Megan Denise Qualifications

Other than being a social media influencer and businesswoman, she is a licensed medical aesthetician and a certified cryoskin specialist. She worked at Cherry Medical Aesthetics in Denver, Colorado.

Megan Denise Career

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Megan has taken up a role as an actress since 2010.

She has acted in projects like Bikini Mayhem (2019), Private Investigation, Typecasted Girl (2015), and Fates of Ambition.

She is also a model on Instagram and supports her lifestyle through modeling gigs.

Megan Denise Personal Life

Megan was allegedly in a relationship (before dating Von Miller) with Lil Yatchy.  However, we may never know whether this news is true or not.

Whenever asked, this allegation has been shrugged off as rumors, Megan has neither confirmed nor denied this.

Megan started dating Von Miller in 2017. They have had an on-and-off relationship since the beginning.

The couple became a news sensation when Megan announced that she was pregnant with his child and he responded in a threatening manner via personal text messages.

According to Megan, Von had said that “she was doing this for attention.” and that “he was praying for a miscarriage.”

The screenshots of the above-mentioned messages can be found on Megan’s social media accounts.

Megan had taken to her social media immediately to talk about the verbally abusive behavior of the father of her child.

They split but she kept the child and is now a mother of two children. Her son has been named Valor.

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Other facts about Megan Denise

She started her own clothing line in 2018 and promotes it on her Instagram account.
Her Instagram handle is @meganxdenise.

She is also known as Megan X in the Instagram community. She likes exercising and loves to dance and posts a lot of content about the same.

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Megan Denise Net Worth

Considering the fact that she is a successful model and her acting projects have performed well at the box office, it is no surprise that Megan is worth $1.5 million USD IN 2023.

One can only see the graph of finance going upwards since she has gained a lot of attention from the recent events in her personal life and that is good for her business.

The more people know, the more her business grows.

Megan Denise is a fine example of how a person’s will and determination to fight injustice is a rewarding experience.

What happened between her and her ex-boyfriend Von is a common occurrence, but Megan’s intolerance of such disrespect has hopefully, proven to be a shining example to a younger generation as a lesson of self-respect.

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