Melissa Brim is a lady which has been criticized many times from a very young age. She is among the peoples who grew up and shortly lost their hope.

But Melissa did something different from them by achieving great peaks in her life. She has an inspiring life story that can influence your future also.

So, begin this very inspirational biography of Melissa Brin and get inspired.

Melissa Brim Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Net Worth, Boyfriend Floyd Mayweather, Kids & More
NameMelissa Brim
Birth Date30 September 1975
Birth PlaceSt. Louis, Missouri, United States
Age45 Years Old
Height5'4'' feet
Net Worth$500,000 US Dollars
ParentsFather - James Brim
Mother - Tina Brim
SiblingsBrother - Bubba Brim
Marital StatusUnmarried
Ex-BoyfriendFloyd Mayweather
ChildrenSon - Deion Cromwell
Daughter - Iyanna Mayweather
ResidenceUnited State of America

Who is Melissa Brim?

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Melissa Brim is a very famous public figure, entrepreneur, and TV personality. She is widely known for being the ex-girlfriend of the famous professional boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Melissa had a very tough past as she became pregnant in her teenage. Despite this, she fought with her life and achieved everything she wanted.

She has been also appeared in HBO’s boxing documentary series ‘24/7’ which led her to gain more popularity. Let you see how Melissa did this all and how she completed her every goal.

Early Life of Melissa Brim

Melissa Brin was born on 30 September 1975 in St. Louis, Missouri, United State. Reportedly, Melissa’s father, James Brim, is a businessman while her mother, Tina Brim, serves unhealthy people as nurses.

She had a very tough childhood as she got pregnant in her teenage. Looking at this, she needed to drop out the school and lost her primary educations.

Melissa has also a brother name Bubba Brim. She was depressed totally after being pregnant and here her brother came and supported her a lot to get out of the stress.

Melissa Brim Career

Melissa considers herself a strong woman who started working since she was 16. Around this period, she became pregnant and fell into depression.

Anyhow, she able to take herself out of this worse situation and further looked for making her career only.

In fact, she dropped out of the high school where she was studying at that time.

When she felt better than the previous, she worked hard to make both ends meet. Most of the problems got solved when Floyd Mayweather Jr., as he used to help her at every stage.

He often surprised her by gifting fashionable items which made her interested in a fashion career.

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In 1999, Melissa started a job as a waitress at Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, she became pregnant with a daughter with Floyd and she went on leave.

Melissa again back to her job after she birthed her first child, a daughter. So far in 2008, she appeared on the HBO’s boxing documentary series ‘24/7’ which earned her huge fame.

Next year, she got licensed for cosmetology and massage therapy, and so she wanted to open a salon. With the help of Floyd, she set up the salon and names it ‘Devanna Love Boutique.

This might be hard for her doing the job as she couldn’t bypass the media attention as the mother of Floyd’s daughter. However, she is now referred to as an entrepreneur.

Melissa Brim and Floyd Controversies

Despite being the ex-girlfriend of Floyd Mayweather, Melissa had to face a bunch of controversies in her life. Although, Floyd has even suffered from several countries.

One of his greatest controversies came recently in 2020. It started when the popular brand ‘Gucci’ made a black sweater.

The black community considered it an insult for them and thought that Gucci has made it to tease their community. And thus, they started boycotting the product widely.

On this going controversy, Floyd and his current girlfriend refused to boycott the brand’s product.

Therefore, the black community started abusing him and his girlfriend. Even they were highly targeted on Instagram.

Melissa Brim and Ex-Boyfriend Floyd Mayweather

Melissa Brim is an unwedded woman who is still unmarried. Besides this, she is the ex-girlfriend of the professional boxer Floyd Mayweather. The couple first met in the late 1990s in a very different way.

One day, Melissa got the chance to encounter Floyd at the Las Vegas casino lounge where she was working as a waitress.

Melissa’s friend had told her that a rich man wanted to meet you. She was feared and cautious about his intentions.

However, she agreed to meet him and then gave him her telephone phone after a little chat.

At that time, Floyd had introduced himself as Shaheed but shortly he called her and reintroduced her with his real name.

Thereafter, the couple started hanging together and begins dating together. Melissa sometimes used to watch him for hours when he got busy in his training at the gym.

She had already a son during the time whose name is Deion Cromwell. The couple blessed with a daughter in 2000 and named Iyanna Mayweather.

Melissa stopped living and even talking with Floyd after an issue with his former girlfriend Josie Harris. Later, she got engaged with another man, but came back to Floyd when he apologized for certain unpleasant things, he did with her.

Melissa and Brim are now very close friends and co-parenting their child. He is now supporting her a lot by fulfilling her every demand.

Melissa Brim Net Worth

Melissa Brim estimated net worth is $500,000 US Dollars. She had several sources through which she used to add her wealth. While that would be the work of waitress or her appearances in the TV shows.

But today, Melissa is creating her wealth from her Salon business. From the business, she could also earn more income through advertisement and brand promotions.

At all, Melissa has enough net worth to spend her life happily by fulfilling all of her needs.

The Bottom Line

Melissa Brim is obviously famous for being the ex-girlfriend of the renowned boxer, Floyd Mayweather. However, she has her own image and fame that she has created after succeeding in the business.

And that’s why she referred an entrepreneur. There was also a time when she even can’t imagine her career. But she recovered from every problem’s effects and lead her life in the right way.

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