There is an actor hidden inside every human being. The only need is to polish your skills and if you find your mentors in your own house, how lucky is it? The same happened with Niamh Cusack.

She is a talented actor since a young age because she was born to a family with deep roots in performing arts. Her skills and talent got better day by day.

She has played a lot of roles during his career. Let’s get started to know about the great lady.

Profile Summary

  • Name: Niamh Cusack
  • Birth Date: 20 October 1959
  • Birthplace: Dalkey, County Dublin, Ireland
  • Age: 63 years
  • Profession: Actress
  • Years active: 1984_ present
  • Education: Trained as a professional flutist
  • Father: Cyril Cusack
  • Mother: Maureen Kiely
  • Sisters: Sinéad Cusack, Sorcha Cusack, Catherine Cusack ( half-sister)
  • Brothers: Pádraigcusack, Paul Cusack
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Husband: Finbar Lynch
  • Son: Calam Lynch
  • Nationality: Irish
  • Residence: London

Who is Niamh Cusack?

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Niamh Cusack is an Irish actress. She was born in a family that has a great acquaintance in performing arts. Cusack started her career as a performer at a young age.

She has worked for the two major companies of UK including “Royal Shakespeare Company” and “Royal National Theatre”. Since 1980 she has been part of major stage productions.

She has made several television appearances. She has done a long-running role of Dr.kate Rowan. This is a UK series “Heartbeat”. That was on air during 1992-1995.

She also worked as a radio vocalist. She has played a leading role in a film named “In Love with Alma Cogan”. That film was released on October 5, 2011.

Early Life of Niamh Cusack

Niamh Cusack was born in County Dublin. Her father is an Irish actor and her brothers are great producers. She has attended Guildhall School of music and drama.

Her education was bi-Lingual as she studied English and Irish too. Initially, she trained as a professional flute player.

She wins a scholarship to study at the “Royal Academy of Music”. Afterward, she starts working as a musician with “RTE National Symphony”.

Niamh Cusack Career

She left the school without completing his course because she got her first job as an actor at “Gate Theatre” in Dublin.

In their summer play, she performed the chief part. Niamh Cusack plays the role of “Irina SergeyevnaKulygina” in a play named “Three Sisters”.

After that, she plays the marvelous role of “Desdemona” in Shakespeare’s play Othello. She also had played the unforgettable role of “Juliet” in the play “Romeo and Juliet” written by Shakespeare.

In 1992, Niamh did one of the British TV series “Heartbeat”. This was a blockbuster from the ’90s.

 Niamh played the leading role of Dr. Kate Rowan. Niamh caught the great attention of the public through this series. Niamh leaves the show during the birth of her baby.

During his whole career, she has performed a number of super hit roles. Like “Nora Clitheroe” in “The Plough and The Stars” (1990), “Wodehpuse’sBoobie Wickham” in ITV series “Jeeves and Wooster” (1990-1993), “Grace Haslett” in “State of mind”, “Julie Flynn” in “Rhinoceros”, “Rosalind” in “As you like it”  (1992).

Then, she appeared as Beatrix Potter” in the TV series “The world of Peter Rabbit and Friends” (1992-1995), “Christine Fletcher” in “Always and everyone”, a British TV medical drama(1992-2002).

Further, “Flora” in “Indian Ink” (1995), “The Closer you get” (2000), “Portia” in “The Merchant of Venice” (2003).

The race didn’t stop here but goes very far. And by this moment, she had already gained a lot of popularity across the globe.

Talking about her further appearance, she appeared as “Emma Crackenthorpe” in “4:50 from Paddington” (2004), “SerafinaPekkala” in “His Dark Materials” (2004), “Allison Ellis” in “Crestfall” (2007), “Midsomer Murders” (2008), “A Touch of Frost” (2009), “Maggie” in “Dancing at Lughnasa” (2009), “Catherine Dickens” in “Andersen’s English” (2010).

In 2020 Niamh Cusack was scheduled to play a leading role in “Faith Healer”. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the play is still postponed.

Above mentioned characters are the most appreciated and most loved from her whole tenure.

Besides these Niamh played notable roles in films from (“Jenny Swanton” in “Paris by Night”) 1988 to (“Maeve” in “The Little People”) 2021.

Niamh received many awards for her incredible performances. She is the winner of “Irish Life Award and “Irish Post Award”.

Niamh was also nominated for “Irish Film and Television Awards IFTA 2004”, the “ awards 2012” and “BBC Audio drama award 2013”.

Niamh Cusack Personal Life

Niamh Cusack Actress

Niamh Cusack is the daughter of famous Irish actor Cyril Cusack. She has two sisters Sinead Cusack and Sorcha Cusack. Niamh has also one half-sister named Catherine Cusack.

She has two brothers Paul Cusack and Padraig Sucask.

Niamh Cusack is married to an actor Finbar Lynch. Niamh and Finbar met at the theatre production of “Three Sisters” in 1990. The couple had a beautiful son Calam Lynch.

Calam is also an actor. Niamh also runs the London Marathon for charity in East London.

Niamh Cusack Net Worth

Niamh Cusack has an estimated net worth is $5 million USD as of 2023.

The Bottom Line

The name of Niamh Cusack will always be written in golden words to represent the Irish industry. She is on the list of most hardworking and most sincere actresses in the film and drama industry.

She spends his whole life doing drama film and theatre. She is still alive and doing more projects. It’s an honor for us to discover the life of such personalities.

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